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(Brian's Father)

1898 Dec 4 - born - 19 Salisbury Road Smethwick
Samuel Frank (always known as Frank) was the only son of Samuel and Eliza Fellows. The family home was in Salisbury Road, off Cape Hill, Smethwick. The grandparents lived in Frome, Somerset. Frank went to school in Smethwick and was awarded medals for perfect attendance: bronze for 3 years, silver for 5 years and gold for 7 years.

Frank left school at 13 years of age and went to work at Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds, the screwmakers on Cape Hill, Smethwick, at first in a warehouse and then in the offices. Frank was particularly keen on carpentry, especially carving wooden ornaments and making pieces of furniture. We still have a grandmother clock that he made - actually Danny has it now.

The First World War
In 1916 Frank joined the army in the First World War at the age of 17 years. British Army WWI Service Records, 1914-1920 indicates that Frank joined up on 13 May 1916. He was in the 1st Battalion East Lancashire Regiment (usually referred to as the 1st Lancs Fusiliers) who were in the 4th Division in France in 1916.

Frank aged 17 in uniform

This regiment was stationed at the most northern part of the Somme front near Serre when the big offensive started on 1st July 1916. Men of the East Lancs went "over the top", but few reached the enemy front-line. They were heavily machine-gunned in 'no-mansland' and casualties were very high. It may have been in this battle that Frank was injured and lost his leg.
When Frank returned to Birmingham, his home street, Salisbury Road, was decorated to welcome his return from the war and a collection was made for him. He was fitted with an artificial leg, but had considerable difficulty getting used to it. See Mary's school project which records her interviews with Beatrice.

See William's video of Peter and himself 'going over the top' at The Somme as Frank must have done in 1916.
YouTube link to video . . .

War Medals
Frank and his father Samuel Fellows both received medals from the First World War with inscriptions around the edges. One set of two medals belonged to Frank Fellows (S.F.Fellows on the medals). The other set of three medals belonged to his father, Samuel Fellows (S.Fellows on the medals).

Here are Frank's medals with the inscription 31196 Pte S.F.Fellows E. LAN. R

 Here are Samuel's medals with the inscription: 37838 Pte S.Fellows R.A.M.C

 Here is a copy of Frank's medal card from the National Archives

and here is Samuel's medal card

 There is another round pin-on type medal shown below with "For King and Empire Services Rendered" with the number B 49176 on the back. This is as yet unidentified.

Frank and Beatrice
1919 Frank aged 20 became engaged to Beatrice.
1921- March 28th - Frank aged 22 and Beatrice aged 23 were married in St Chad's Church Smethwick.

Frank and Beatrice - Wedding photo.
Eliza Fellows (Frank's mother) on far left.
Grenville Waplington (Beatrice's brother) standing on right.
Beatrice's mother on far right.

Beatrice and her sister, Daisy were married at the same service.
Frank and Beatrice on the left and Daisy and her husband Bert Powell on the right.

Marriage certificate . . .
Frank was clerk (at GKN) and Beatrice was optician
Samuel Fellows father (deceased) was described as a sewer man
Frank's residence was 157 Florence Road, Smethwick - PHOTO
. . . ?? not 19 Salisbury Road where he had lived with his mother.
. . . ?? Did Frank move out of 19 Salisbury Road after the death of his father Samuel in 1916.
Beatrice's residence was 204 Selsey Road Edgbaston.
Frank and Beatrice must both have moved into the family home at 19 Salisbury Road to live with Eliza (Frank's mother).

157 Florence Road (green door) in 2015

Beatrice recalls going with Frank to see his grandfather Samuel in Frome until he died in 1929
See Mary's project. Did they go to Samuel's funeral?

1922 - 8th May - Joan born
1936 - 12 August - Brian born

1942 - 12 April - Frank died aged 43.
Buried Quinton Cemetery, Birmingham.

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