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Born: 21 September 1897, Edgbaston, Birmingham.
Died: 15 May 1989 aged 91 years, Emsworth, Hampshire.
Cremated at Chichester Crematorium. Ashes scattered on husband's grave in Quinton Cemetery.
Frank met Beatrice when he was about 16 and they became engaged 3 years later. Beatrice was one of seven daughters (Lucy, Amy, Daisy, Beatrice, Carrie ? and ?) and two sons (Grenville and ?) of Margaret and William Waplington. They were married on 28th March 1921 at St Chad's Church, Smethwick. Frank aged 22 worked as a clerk and lived at 157 Florence Road, Smethwick. His father was Samuel Fellows (deceased) a sewer man. Beatrice aged 23 worked as an optician and lived at 204 Selsey Road, Edgbaston.
Beatrice and her sister, Daisy were married at the same service.
 Here is their wedding photo showing Frank and Beatrice on the left and Daisy and her husband Bert Powell on the right.

Here is an old photo of Beatrice and Frank, probably in their early 30s.

JOAN FELLOWS 1922-1974

Joan, their daughter was born 15 months after the wedding on 8th May 1922. She died at the age of 52 after a stroke and was buried in Quinton Cemetery.
Here are a few black and white photos from an old Fellows family album dating back to the 1920s and 1930s, mainly showing Frank and Beatrice Fellows and their daughter Joan on family holidays. In the Bournemouth ones taken in 1932 Frank was 34, Beatrice was 35 and Joan 10 years old.

Frank and Beatrice with Baby Joan (about 2) in Blackpool in 1924


Beatrice (age 35) (centre) Frank (age 34) and Joan (age10) on the beach at Bournemouth in 1932
with unknown lady and child on the left of the photo


Frank (34) and Beatrice (35) on the beach at Bournemouth in 1932

 Joan and Beatrice on the beach at Bournemouth in 1932

 Joan and her mother walking together in Bournemouth in 1932


Joan (aged 10) showing off her pretty dress with her Father in Bournemouth in 1932

 Frank at Great Yarmouth in 1934 (aged 36)

Brian was born on 12th August 1936, 14 years after Joan. Probably a mistake, but a fortunate one as it happened, since the Fellows family, as we know it, would not have existed without it! The rest is recorded in this web site.
This is the earliest photo of Brian aged about 3 years.

For more biographical details of Brian see . . . Myself