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YEAR 2019 January to July

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JULY 2019

28 July 2019 - Visit from Rebeca and friend Alex

21 July 2019 - Staunton Park Gardens

25 July 2019 - Flintstone's

JUNE 2019

26 May 2019 - 15 June 2019

Brian with the Havant Wildlife Group on visit to Brook Meadow

MAY 2019

In the garden at Emsworth

26 May 2019 - Joe learns to sail

JEAN and BRIAN - 12 May 2019

The small Oak sapling that Jean planted on the Seagull Lane patch on Brook Meadow in 2012 is now a substantial tree and looking very healthy. Jean insisted on hiding behind the tree for a photo!

Here is a shot of me almost hidden among a luxuriant growth of Cow Parsley on the Bridge Road Wayside

Jean has been longing to have a wooden garden armchair to go in the space near her new trees, so this week she bought one from Emsworth Hardware. Today, they delivered the chair ready made up which was good as I would not have fancied doing it. Here is Jean having her first sit in the chair admiring her pink flowering Hawthorn.

Jean was so delighted with the new chair that she phoned to shop to order another one! I collected it in the car.
Here we are having a cup of tea sitting in the chairs on this sunny afternoon. Very nice too!

This year the Maurice Broomfield Schools Photography Competition attracted a record entry with 35 pupils from six local schools submitting a total of 126 photos. I am delighted to say that Joe was the overall winner in the local wildlife category with his 'Ladybird on Nettles' photo. He also had two photos highly commended. He actually won the same competition two years ago, though did not enter last year. Chairman of the judging panel Jeff Thatcher assured me that the judging was done completely anonomously!

The prize giving took place today in the Emsworth Community Centre at 4pm with a good attendance of parents, teachers and children. The photos will continue to be on display in the Community Centre during the Arts Weekend Trail.

Here are the overall winning photos in the two categories.

Joe with his prize winning Ladybird photo

Joe receiving his award from the judge (including a princely £30)

There is more about Joe's photographic session on Brook Meadow below - see 26 April

JOE'S TEAM WINS CUP - 28 April 2019
Jean and I went down to Portsmouth to watch the Cup Final between Joe's team, Castle United and another local team called 'Infinity'. We watched the game with Danny and Karen and lots of other parents. It was a really good game with both teams playing exceptionally well, but Castle were too good and won 2-0. Joe played most of the game and did some good defending and took free kicks and corners. I took photos of the game and of the presentation. Here are just a few . . .

After the game we went down to Old Portsmouth for lunch in The Bridge Inn - very good.

Jean and Karen warmed themselves on the Hot Walls

Today the Coal Exchange football team, which Danny formed way back in 1996, played their last ever game. This was in the Hampshire Cup Final at Wicor Recreation Ground. Today, Danny was there as an official 'official'. Joe and I watched from the side. It was a tense exciting game played in strong winds. Coal Exchange fought hard and were unlucky to lose 4-1 in the end. Though they did win on penalties - they scored theirs, but the opposition missed two!

Here is the penalty that the Coalie scored, but sadly it was not enough

The final team photo including Danny and Joe

Here is Danny with James and Pat who took over the management of club after Danny retired.

Amazingly, today's final game was played on the exact pitch that the Coalie's first ever game happened in 1996. So, a full circle. Here is that first ever team with Danny's annotations.

MARY'S 50th BIRTHDAY IN KINGSTON - 20 April 2019
All 18 of the family Fellows clan managed to get together to celebrate Mary's 50th birthday on April 20th - a little earlier than her actual birthday on the 23rd. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm and lunch was served on the terrace in the garden! Mary prepared lunch and George baked a cake.
In the afternoon Mary arranged for us all to go to watch Lewes Football Club play Bishops Stortford which was an excellent idea. Even those who did not particularly like football enjoyed sitting in the sun. Danny missed the lunch, but arrived at half time having driven down from Yeovil where he had band practice last night.
Thanks to Will for suggesting it in the first place and to Mary for organising such a nice occasion. Here are a few of my snaps from a really lovely day.

We admired Mary's new garden studio and the run for the tortoise

Dinky likes having her tummy tickled!

Kids helping themselves to grub

Lisa and Rachel pondering the variety of cheeses

George and the birthday girl

Freddy keeping cool

Remember 50 years ago in Northlands?

Mary huffed and puffed and . . .

Iris was first in the queue for cake

Who did not see the joke?

I had a lovely chat with Freddy in the summer house

The kids joined Freddy on the grass for this group photo

Enjoying the game.

Danny just made it to see some goals. Lewes lost 3-1.

Go to YouTube video clip of the birthday lunch . . .

About 2 weeks ago, Joe and I went out together for the morning for him to take photos for this year's Maurice Broomfield Schools Photography Competition. He borrowed my Sony camera as he has done before, but apart from that I left him to take what he fancied. He took over 150 images in the morning which we whittled down to just 15 when we got home. From these Joe chose four to enter the competition; two for each category: local nature and a subject of your choice.
See my report with photos of Joe at work in the blog entry for April 8th.

Well, this year the competition attracted a record entry with 35 pupils from six local schools submitting a total of 126 photos and Joe was the overall winner in the local nature category with his 'Ladybird on Nettles' photo. Joe also had two other photos highly commended - 'swan on the nest' and 'reinforcing the river bank'. Wow! Joe certainly has the eye for a good photo. He won the same competition two years ago, though did not enter last year. The prize giving will take place in the Emsworth Community Centre at 4pm on Friday 3 May. Here are Joe's award winning photos.

The overall winning photo in the local nature category

Highly commended

Highly commended

Joe the photographer - 8 April 2019
I went out with Joe this morning for him to take photos to enter the annual Maurice Broomfield Schools Photographic Competition which he won a couple of years ago. He borrowed my Sony point and shoot camera which he has used successfully in the past. We started in Palmer's Road car park and had a look at the Swan on its nest on Peter Pond before cutting back through Brook Meadow. Joe was continuously snapping as well as clambering up a few trees on the way. He loved it as did I. It was a good morning all round. Back home for cheese on toast. Here are a few of the photos I took of Joe at work.

That's a pretty flower

Waiting for Water Voles?

Now, that's a fine camera position

Joe getting a better angle on the south bridge

Joe contemplating the 600 plus Butterbur flowers

I had to hold the camera while Joe scrambled up this tree

A favourite spot over the river for generations of kids

Finally, a snap of the interpretation board

Joe's photos
When we got home I downloaded Joe's photos onto the computer. Then we had a fine time going through the 150 images that Joe took during the morning, finally whittling them down to 15 possibles for the competition. There are two categories, wildlife and nature and anything of your choice. Here is a selection of Joe's photos that I particularly liked, though the final selection of which to enter for the competition will be his.

A really beautiful Lesser Celandine

The swan on her nest in trhe reeds on Peter Pond

A nicely composed picture across Peter Pond

Workman hammering a post to reinforce the river bank

Chap emptying rubbish in factory on Seagull Lane

Joe the artist
After lunch I got the oil paints out with two canvas boards and Joe and I undulged ourselves in some glorious painting on the table outside. Joe did a bold and colourful painting (which even Van Gogh might have been pleased with). My effort was in contrast rather pale and timid. But we both enjoyed ourselves. It was great fun, if not great art. Here are our efforts on the windowsill outside, with Joe's on the right and mine on the left.

Pompey win the cup - Sunday 31 March 2019
All three sons (Will, Danny and Pete) and all three grandsons (Freddy, Reggie and Joe) - all avid Pompey fans, like myself - went up to Wembley today. They saw a memorable game in which Pompey came from behind to win the Check-a-Trade cup on penalties against Sunderland.

I was not well enough to go, but thoroughly enjoyed watching it on Sky.

40,000 fans from each club created a wonderful atmosphere.

Well done lads and now for promotion!

Day Trip to the Isle of Wight - 17 March 2019
Jean and I had a very enjoyable day on the Island at the home of Pete, Julia, Liley and Iris. Their new kitchen is looking very smart and they are making good use of it already.

It is not completely finished and they are planning an awning outside.

Pete and Julia cooked us dinner with roast chicken with a variety of veg and some great roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings!

Lily looked very smart in one of Mary's aprons

While Iris had a lovely quilt that Jean had made by hand

The garden and allotments from the house. What a view!

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