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YEAR 2018

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Christmas day with Danny and Karen - 25 December 2018
Hi there folks. Jean and I were invited round to Danny and Karen's for Xmas dinner prepared by Karen. Here is a few snaps of the festive occasion.

We arrived just in time for the opening of presents. Who has got the biggest pile?

Wow! Look what I have got - a super XBox One S

Guess where Lisa and Danny are going at Easter.

Danny gets a colourful abstract from Lisa

and Jean got a useful pair of loppers

Lisa has her own little Christmas tree upstairs

Karen and Jean checked the turkey which was really nicely done. Yummy

We all tucked into Karen's Xmas dinner which was excellent

Then we walked it off around the millpond
Photo taken by a kindly passer by

Pre-Christmas gathering in Emsworth- 22 December 2018
Pete, Julia and the girls came to our place for a night's stay on their way to London to meet up with Mary and Lola.

Jean laid on a nice lunch for us all.

Pete arrived later after watching Pompey with Danny and Joe

Day trip to Cowes - 14 October 2018
Jean and I had an enjoyable day trip to Cowes despite the inclement weather. When we arrived Lily and Iris were busy making, baking and icing gingerbread animals. We had a good lunch then had a walk around the allotments when the rain eased off. Thanks to Pete and Julia for a nice day.

We all sampled the biscuits which were crisp and tasty

The girls could not resist the icing

Lunch time with me using my remote control for the photo

After lunch Pete showed Jean and I around his allotments, including the poly tunnel

Finally a selfie which I asked Pete to take of us in the allotments.


Jean's 82nd birthday - 13 September 2018

Danny and family came round to our place for an Indian take-away which we all enjoyed.

This was followed by a birthday chocolate cake with candles.

EMSWORTH - 8 September 2018
Lily and Iris stayed with us while their parents went off to a posh wedding at a Cambridge College. They celebrated Grandma's Hawthorn tree (behind Iris) and Papa's new wheelbarrow display.

Later we had fun with some acrylic paints, cheaper than gouache and I can see why - not nearly as nice to use. I set everything up on the table outside. Iris painted a brown ceramic pig she bought in the charity shop bright pink - 'Pigs are pink' she says. Of course. Lily did a clock and sword painting while I did a messy countryside scene. The best bit was at the end when Iris introduced us to the gentle art of flicking paint onto the paper - much more in my line.

The girls discovered a pot of slime I had forgotten about in my room. Lisa came round and they discovered they could blow slime bubbles. Is that an original use of this addictive material?

EMSWORTH - 3 September 2018
Mary and Lola came over to Emsworth for the day. Lisa and Joe jined us for lunch.

Lola and Lisa still have their own art/colouring books at our place

After lunch, the three kids wanted to go to Brook Meadow for a paddle in the river and they loved it.

Lola and Lisa crossing the river without getting feet wet!

Joe took the plunge while the girls climbed on a favourite branch

Video clip of the kids have fun in the river. . . .

Then we had a look at the Oak tree that I planted in year 2012 which is now about three times our height. That's where my ashes will be scattered when I am dead, I told them. They seemed quite impressed with that!

Meanwhile, Jean and Mary dug out most of the plants from the left side of the garden where Jean planted her Hawthorn tree and put them into bags for Mary to take back with her for her garden in Kingston. Sad to see them all go, but Jean is keen to get on with her new layout for that area.

Now, just which ones have I got?

Jean is very proud of her new Hawthorn tree

Jean and I spent a very relaxing the day at Rough Down Kingston. The weather was much too hot to do anything, so we just stayed in and tried to keep cool. George was away working, poor chap. I measured 27C (80F).
It was so nice to see them all settled back in their old house after a year on the boat in Brighton Marina. Mary made a lovely fish pie with French beans for dinner which we had outside under the canopy - followed by grilled pineapple!! We spent an hour in the cool of Lola's bedroom chatting, though I dropped off to sleep! Lola had fun with a large blow-up Flamingo. We took home 6 freshly laid eggs while we brought her a picking of out home grown tomatoes.

Lola and Jean keeping cool in the sitting room

Mary serving up her lovely fish pie

Lola's new bedroom with her splendid Lego castle - all handmade by her!

The blow-up Flamingo had to be moved from the front to the back

There was hardly room for Lola and the Flamingo in the pool

Mary and Jean keeping cool in the garden

Lola collected 6 freshly laid eggs for us to take home

Courtesy of these ladies

COWES - Sunday 17 June 2018
Jean and I had a very pleasant day trip to the Isle of Wight courtesy of Mary and George who drove us over with Lola and Dinky the dog.

Pete showed us around his allotment including two rows of vines that he has recently acquired.
He's hoping to make wine from them

Taking it easy on Pete's seat

Jean and Julia admiring Pete's hard work

Pete, George and Brian posing on the allotment

Iris watering Pete's plants in the poly tunnel

Now just what is going on here

I was interested to see the old Fellows Road sign that Pete rescued from the tip

I climbed to the top of the house to see Iris's hamster
who has a nice cage with lots of activities

Video clip . . .

How sweet she is

Video clip . . .

Mary gave Julia some eggs laid by the chickens in her garden

They have a laugh over Lily's Father's day card

The girls have their lunch on the patio

Pete made a simply scrumptious summer pudding

Time to say cheerio to all in Fellows Road. A lovely day

FAMILY GATHERING in Emsworth - Monday May 28 - 2018
We had a lovely gathering of almost all the Fellows family on a beautiful May Bank Holiday. Freddy and Reggie were away engaged in 'educational activities' while George remained in Kingston to pack for their Venice holiday the next day. Here are a few snaps I took firstly at Nore Barn where everyone went canoeing and secondly at Danny's BBQ.

Relaxing in the sunshine at Nore Barn after canoeing to Fowley Island

Mary cleaning out her blow-up canoe in which Lola went to Fowley.

Pete having a paddle - he arrived later

The water looked so idyllically calm that I asked Danny if I could have a go in the canoe. He helped me in and paddled around with me for about 15 mins. Jean could not bear to watch so she came home with Mary. Danny and Will hauled me out of the canoe at the end, but the whole experience was so good. It must be over 30 years since I last canoed.

Julia arrived with Lily and Iris in time for Danny's BBQ.

Three lads at the BBQ

Everyone enjoying the grub

Rachel had to leave early with Nell, but left a delicious rhubarb cake for us to enjoy!

Back home Lily and Lola having fun with their phones

Lily explains the intricacies of the phone to Grandma

TO KINGSTON - Monday May 7 - 2018
Jean and I had a nice day in Kingston, returning to Mary and George's beautiful home. We got the train to Brighton where Mary and Lola met us. We drove to the Roebuck Inn at Laughton just outside Lewes. Jean and I had coffees while Mary had a soft drink and Lola a homemade ice cream.

Then we had a long walk through Laughton Common Wood with Dinky the dog scampering around.  

Masses of lovely Bluebells and my first Greater Stitchwort of the year.

Back home to Roughdown, Kingston. Mary served a splendid lunch on the patio outside, surrounded by the rolling downs and birdsong. I really enjoyed having a rest in my favourite summerhouse.

MARY'S TREAT - Saturday January 27 2018
This was the day of Mary's Christmas treat for the whole family - tickets at Chichester Festival Theatre for 'Jungle Book'. Everyone was present except for Jean who could not sit down due to sciatica from the plane journey from Canada and Freddy, who had more pressing engagements as a calcitrant adolescent! Present were Mary, George, Lola, Pete, Julia, Lily, Iris, Danny, Karen, Lisa, Joe, Will, Rachel, Nell, Reggie and me (Brian). Before the theatre show, Mary organised a spendid lunch for us all . Danny, Pete and Joe had gone to the football at Fratton Park but joined us later at the theatre.

Mary serving up Jean's apple pie to keen customers

Iris, Lola and Lily have theirs on the coffee table

The girls really enjoyed playing with my collection of fidget spinners and managed to get all 60 odd of them going at the same time on the big table - so pretty and colourful.

Here is a short video clip on YouTube of the spinners all going . . .

Iris balancing a mini spinner on her nose.

We all enjoyed a lively and colourful rendering of 'Jungle Book' at the theatre though I think we all missed the familiar Disney tunes. Everyone tucked into ice creams during the interval.

We assembled in the foyer at the end of the show with Joe was prominent as usual in his Pompey shirt. Everyone came back to Emsworth, except for Mary, George and Lola who returned to Lewes where they are house-sitting.

Next morning some of us went for a walk in park mainly to get some energy off the kids. They played on the skateboard park, where Joe and Reggie drove their remote control cars.

Here is a short video clip on YouTube of the skateboard activity . . .

They played basketball

Reggie, Lily, Joe and Iris had a bit of a rumble

Jean cooked eggs and bacon for Will and the kids, great smells from the kitchen.

A final goodbye as Joe, Danny, Pete, Lily, Iris and Julia left for home.
Thanks to Mary for organising such a great family get together.


GLENYS DIES - 20 January 2018
On January 12, we had a phone call from Helen to say that Glenys had been diagnosed with liver cancer and was in hospital in Pointe Claire. It proved to be terminal and Glenys was admitted into a local hospice for palliative care - she had refused chemotherapy, etc. Mary booked air tickets for herself and Jean to travel over to Canada on Jan 17. Jane, Helen and David were also present as well as Dai and Myuki. Glenys was treated very kindly in the hospice and was so happy to end her life in such a attractive and comfortable surroundings with the family around her. She died at 5am Canada time on Saturday, January 20. Here are a few photos of Glenys with the family taken on the day before she died.

I have created a special web page with a selection of photos of Glenys with Jean and other members of the family.

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