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YEAR 2017

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Will and family all arrive at about 12 noon after driving through hailstorms. Good to see them all, including Rachel, Freddy, Nell and Reggie. Jean had smashing lunch laid out on the table with flan, ham, salad, crisps, potatoes, etc which we all tucked into. Freddy liked his special vegan pie that Jean found in the Co-op. Freddy enjoyed having a tinkle on our piano, while Nell amused herself taking selfies! Later Pete and family appreciated Will's annual family calendar.

CHRISTMAS DINNER - 25 December 2017
Jean and I were invited round to Danny and Karen's for Christmas day. We arived just in time for present opening, which was not as hectic as it used to be with Joe having mainly disks for his games and Lisa books, etc.

Karen's dinner was very good with turkey and veg, followed by the usual consternation as I lit the Xmas pudding with brandy.

PRE CHRISTMAS IN COWES - 22 December 2017
We went over to Cowes for the day mainly to take Xmas presents for Pete and family. They have a fine Xmas tree.

We had a walk through the cemetery and then back for a hearty fish curry for lunch.


Lily gave us a short recital on her guitar

and a silly selfie with Papa

HOLIDAY BREAK - 13-16 September 2017
We decided to have a short break in Eastbourne to celebrate Jean's birthday, but the trip turned out to be unusually eventful. Our 20 year old Citroen ZX finally gave up on us when the brakes failed on the A27. We managed to make it to Lewes where Mary and George saved the day. George booked the car into his garage and Mary gave us a lift to our hotel in Eastbourne. Here is Jean having a relaxing drink in the hotel lounge. Phew. That was a close shave!

We had a very nice couple of days in Eastbourne. We went to the very impressive Ravilious exhibition, attended a couple of shows and had some good walks along the prom. Here we are on the pier - photo taken by a passerby.

We had a cup of tea in a 'posh' Victorian cafe on the pier with magnificent chandeliers.

This cafe is where Mary phoned us with the news that the garage had declared the Citroen a write off.
So sad after 20 reliable years. Here is a photo of the old car in better days outside our house in Bridge Road.

Mary gave us a lift back to Lewes where we had booked into the Premier Inn and
took us down to Brighton Marina for glass of vino on Mary and George's boat.

Lola showing off some pretty new shoes. George is not impressed.

We all went for a long walk on the path under the chalk cliffs where Lola did a 'Banksy'.

Finally, we had an excellent meal in the Prezzo Restruarant in the marina.

Thanks to George for his help with handling the old car and for taking us to a local sales site to look at new cars and also to Mary for lifts to and from Eastbourne and finally home to Emsworth.

ISLE OF WIGHT - 25-26 July 2017
Jean and I spent a couple of days staying with Pete and Julia and the girls in their home in Cowes. Julia and the girls met us at Ryde Pierhead on the Tuesday (Pete was working). The weather was fine and we enjoyed a stroll down Ryde prom.

We stopped near the fairground where we all had delicious Kelly's ice creams. They were so good!

Iris spent lots of 50ps trying to grab a cuddly toy with a crane in this machine but with total frustration.

Lily enjoyed her slide much more for far less!

We stopped at Quarr Abbey for lunch and did the woodland walk.

I persuaded the girls to have a selfie with me in it

Back home in Cowes, Jean and Pete went blackberry picking on the allotment

Pete and Julia served up their usual fine dinner

The girls decided to come back on the ferry with us to Portsmouth

We met up with Mary, George, Lola and Dinky the dog at Portsmouth Harbour station.

Lily and Iris spent the rest of the day with Lola and slept on their boat which was moored in Gosport Marina. The original plan was for George to drive the boat over to Cowes, but the weather was too rough. Pete and Julia went over the following day to collect them.

Jean and I were delighted to watch the Patina Schools Moving on Parade through the streets of Lewes. It was for all those children who will be moving on from primary school to seconday school. This included Lola. 15 schools took part in which each school adopted one country of the world and created costumes and floats to illustrate some of the wildlife of that country. Lola's school, Iford and Kingston Primary School had Madagascar where Lemurs and Moon Moths were the main focus.

Here is a photo of one of the schools passing down the main street.

Here is Lola (just in front of George) with her school display

Here is a link to short video on YouTube I took of the Kingston school passing . . .

Before the parade Jean and I walked through the beautiful Southover Gardens. Here is Jean rejoicing in the garden.

OIL PAINTING - 24 June 2017
Lisa and Joe came round to our place today to do some oil painting. Lisa had previously done an oil painting here, but this was Joe's first go. I set everything up on the table outside with canvas boards, oils, brushes, palettes, white spirit, aprons, rags, etc. The weather was just right, cloudy and warm. I joined them to make a threesome and we all had a fine time painting together.
Lisa and Joe were delighted with their efforts. Lisa did a dramatic sunset over the sea and Joe did a fiery sunrise over a football field. I did a painting based on the lyrics of Louis Armstrong's 'What a Wonderful World' - with trees of green, red roses too, skies of blue, clouds of white and the colours of the rainbow. I also tried to include friends shaking hands and baby in a pram, plus a girl doing gymnastics (Lisa) and a boy kicking a football (Joe). Real fun!

All three of us at work on our masterpieces

Lisa's sunset over the sea

Joe's football ground at sunrise

My 'What a Wonderful World'

ISLE OF WIGHT - 1-4 June, 2017
Jean and I had a few days staying with Pete, Julia, Lily and Iris in their house in Fellows Road. Cowes on the Isle of Wight. Here are a few photos showing some of things we got up to.

At home, we were pleased to have a look around the allotment. Here is Pete tending to his excellent crop of broad beans.

Iris picked some lovely sweet strawberries

Jean found herself a nice spot in the garden

On the Friday we all went along to a Bio Blitz in Parkhurst Forest. All the wildlife organisations on the island were represented. Pete had a stall for his 'Down to the Coast' Project.

Pete on his stall with Lily and Iris

Lily and Iris had Laurel Crowns made for them at one of the other stalls.

We all enjoyed a break for drinks and cakes

Lily and Iris found a dead Cockchafer which they showed to one of the experts

We went on a guided flower identification walk through the forest with Roger from the National Trust
We stopped at a pond to admire the dragonflies and look for newts

The next day Pete took us all over the have a look at Sandown Meadows - a wetland reserve on the East Yar flood plain. The family had a lie in the sun while I had a mooch around looking at the flowers, grasses and rushes.

We went down to Sandown beach where Lily and Iris had fun digging a large hole in the sand.

 On the Sunday Jean and I went over to Northwood Park with Lily and Iris where there was a summer fete with lots of stalls and music. We immediately headed for the refreshments stall for drinks and cakes. Very good!

The girls both had a go on various stalls, including this water gun which was great fun

And finally we could not come to Cowes without visiting the famous ice cream parlour in the town. Delicious!

FAMILY GATHERING - May 27-29, 2017
We had a nice family gathering at 11 Bridge Road for the Spring Bank Holiday weekend. Pete, Julia, Lily and Iris arrived from Cowes. Mary, George and Lola came from Brighton.

Nattering in the kitchen

Breakfast time

Then a second breakfast - brunch

Iris and Lola play with ball in the garden

Iris and Lola share secrets on the phone

Iris has a tinkle on Jean's piano - a present from Mary

Lily, Lola and Iris try their hand at oil painting

Lily was really proud of hers. Matisse like?

Iris did a very colourful one of the garden

Time to say goodbye

What a way to end the season. Everything was perfect. Pompey played well and scored 6 goals. The other results in the league all went for us, so we finished up as champions of Division 2 and promoted to Div 1 after four long tedious seasons in Div 2.
I can hardly belive it happened like that. There was a mass pitch invasion at the end of the game which I captured in video - see below. I went on the pitch at the end with Danny Joe, three generations!

Link to YouTube video on the pitch invasion at the end of the game . . .

Danny and Joe on the pitch

I joined them and got a fan to take the photo

The players celebrated on the balcony

Ardent Pompey fan Johnny Westwood stayed in the stand with his mates
He's the one in the hat blowing the bugle

Danny, Joe and I celebrated in the pub at the end

EASTER AT AMBERLEY - 14-16 April 2017
We had a very enjoyable gathering of some of the Fellows clan at Will and Rachel's place at Amberley over the Easter weekend. Jean and I came up with Pete, Julia and Iris from Emsworth, while Mary drove up from Brighton with Lola, Nell and Lily, all of whom had stayed in the boat overnight. The only ones that were not there were Danny who was away in Canada and Karen, Lisa and Joe who were spending Easter with her parents in Lyme Regis.

Reggie had just baked some bread when we arrived.

The girls had a play on the hammock swing

Will was a little disabled following the operation on his right shoulder and had to wear a sling. It was good to see Freddy again, who grows taller every time we see him, though maybe it is also us (Jean and Brian) getting smaller.

Freddy stirring the pot for dinner

Dinner is served

Rachel serving pudding

On the Saturday Will, Rachel, Nell and Reggie went walking in the hills, while the rest of us headed for Slimbridge WWT in two cars. The reserve is a massive site with a huge entrance hall, but once inside we all enjoyed some fine views of beautiful birds and other animals.

Lola and Lily feeding the Nene Geese

Mary had prepared a good picnic lunch for us all

I managed to enjoy myself too!

The Otters were particularly impressive

and we all loved the Harvest Mouse

Finally, we had a good view of Kingfishers near their nesting holes

We all met up at a cafe on the hill over looking Nailsworth

Easter Day was the time for chocolate eggs and Lily and Iris were the first on the scene

Rachel prepared a fine dinner for us all and for some of their friends
Mary helped out

Meanwhile the kids played in the garden. Iris on the trapeze.

and the egg hunt

Meanwhile, the adults chewed the cud

Pete dreaming of Tarzan

The kids sat down for their dinner first

Then the adults

After dinner the kids had a great water fight

Jean presented her homemade Easter cake

which Rachel cut and enjoyed by all

Lola and Lily had fun with the table tennis machine

Nell, Iris and Lola enjoying a film

Here is a YouTube link to Nell singing with her Ukelele accompanied by Lola and Iris . . .

JOE TAKES PHOTOS - 1 April 2017
I had a very enjoyable morning out in Emsworth with Joe who was taking photos for the annual. Maurice Broomfield Schools Photographic Competition. Lisa has entered this competition for the past two years and once got a highly commended award! Joe is hoping for something better! The prizes will be presented on 28th April, so fingers crossed!

Anyway, I lent Joe a small compact camera and told him to take whatever he fancied. We went through Brook Meadow, through the village and down to Slipper Millpond. Joe finished up with about 200 images from which he chose four to enter for the competition. I should add that Joe took all the photos himself with no assistance from me, apart from my pointing out a few possibilities on the way.

Here are the four photos Joe chose to submit for the competition. The chap working in the reeds is David Gattrell, the warden of Peter Pond. Joe took the piano player while we were having a drinks break in the Pastoral Centre.

Here is Joe snapping away on Brook Meadow and Peter Pond

VISIT TO LEWES - 23-24 March 2017
Jean and I paid a visit to Lewes mainly to attend what was to be our last Grandparents' Spring Tea at Kingston Primary School as Lola will be finishing there this year. It was an enjoyable occasion with all classes in the school putting on excellent shows. Lola's class played flutes and sang. After the show Lola acted as a tour guide around the school to us and several other grandparents.

In the evening we went to the Aqua Restruarant in Lewes where we all had good meals, but Lola's was particularly yum yum.

Next day Mary took us over to Brighton Marina to have a look at their new boat which will be their home for the next year at least.

George was waiting for us at the boat to help us over the threshold.

And we all had a cup of tea and coffee in their sitting room on their posh blue sofa.

SPINNAKER TOWER - 7 January 2017
It was a wet and miserable day, Joe had injured his shoulder playing football and Lisa was at a loose end, so I suggested a trip down to Gunwharf to go up the tower. They jumped at it. Heavy traffic all the way with car park 'Full' signs, but we got in and parked OK. We had our photos taken in the tower and had a print each. Up the tower it was dull and misty, so not great views, but interesting nevertheless.

Lisa and Joe were fascinated by the glass floor.

Lisa actually did a cartwheel! Has anyone else ever done that I wonder?

Finally, we had drinks and cakes in the cafe.

NEW YEAR'S DAY - 1 January 2017
We had a nice family gathering at Emsworth for New Year's Day. Just Pete, Julia and the girls were missing, though Jean and I had a pre Christmas trip over to the Isand with all the presents for them. Will, Rachel, Nell and Reggie arrived from Amberley in time for lunch of soups, bread, cheese, etc. Freddy and Emma were still in Thailand. Danny, Karen, Lisa and Joe came round the corner from Church path.

Finally, Mary and Lola arrived from Kingston leaving George at home looking after Dinky. After lunch, Karen decided to walk the kids up to the Hollybank Rec playground, but the heavens opened and they all got thoroughly soaked. Hence, Nell in her dressing gown!

For the evening meal we all went round to Danny's for one of his special chillis.
Lola kept us all highly entertained with jokes and stories!

For pudding we had trifle, lemon meringue pie and fruit salad that we had prepared.

Joe had a table to himself

The girls watched a film

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