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YEAR 2016. August to December

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CLOSING OF MARY'S SHOP - December 2016

At the end of the year Mary closed her shop in the Needlemakers in Lewes for good. All went well, with help from Peter, George and others, to move the stuff to her new studio nearby.

The shop still going in full swing before Christmas

And then the final closing down sale.

CHRISTMAS DAY - 25 December 2016
Danny and Karen invited Jean and me for Christmas day. We opened the presents and then had a splendid turkey roast with all the veg to go with it cooked by Karen.

Joe and Lisa waiting to open the presents

Danny opened a bottle of Champagne to celebrate

Lunch prepared

Happy Christmas everyone!

The Xmas pudding was lit

Danny and Joe playing on Joe's special present

Finally, here are Iris and Lily with the new family Fellows calender for 2017 created as usual with great skill by William. The first one was for 2006. Does any one still have that one? I have everyone one except for the first.

CHRISTMAS EVE - 24 December 2016
Danny and Karen invited Jean and me for Christmas Eve lunch in Flintstone's cafe in Emsworth, a place we all know well and love for its friendly atmosphere and good food.

PS Pete bought a new car. He says the girls 'dig it'.

ISLE OF WIGHT - 21-23 December 2016
Jean and I spent a couple of days over on the Island to see Pete, Julia and the girls and to take the Christmas presents. We were interested to see 16 Fellows Road newly painted blue and white (almost Pompey colours!).

This is a view of the back of the house and garden

I went over to the allotment with Pete and Iris

We had a walk down to Cowes beach where Pete and the girls
skimmed stones over the calm sea

Pete took us over to have a look at Branston Farm
where his new 'Down to the Coast' project offices are located

Yes, it is a real farm with cattle, pigs, goats, etc

and sheep. Pete's office block is the white building at the back

We all had a walk along the prom at Sandown

and went onto the beach to look for dinosaur bones!

Pete got a selfie of us all

On the final morning we had a walk through the cemetery.

We found a new memorial to people killed in air raids in Cowes during the 2nd World War
They included Harold Fellows whose grave is elsewhere

Here we are resting near the natural burial ground

Jean and I visited Mary, George and Lola at Kingston to take their Christmas presents and have a last look at Mary's shop in Lewes before she moves out in the New Year.

Lola and her friend Louis ensconced in their 'den playing Minecraft

George cooked up a fine dinner which we all enjoyed

Inside of Mary's shop, crammed with beautiful and fascinating things

DANNY'S 51st BIRTHDAY - 4 November 2016
We gathered at 23 Church Path for Danny's birthday celebration. Karen cooked a really nice dinner of duck with sweet sauce, rice and beans, followed by chocolate cake with candles.

and opens presents . . . Hmmm

GREAT SOUTH RUN - PETER'S 46th BIRTHDAY - 23 October 2016
Pete and Julia took part in the Great South Run in Portsmouth. Jean, Lily, Iris and I went down to watch, though the runners go past in such huge numbers and at such speed that this is always difficult. We did see them go past, but I did not get a photo.

Waiting on Emsworth Station for the train to Portsmouth

Waiting for the runners

Pete finishes with a medal

Proud runners

When Pete and Julia got back from Portsmouth Danny, Karen, Lisa and Joe came round to watch him open his presents. Mary's was the most mysterious one, stored in the shed at her request. The huge box contained a selection of eastern vegetables, fruits, spices, etc.

He also had a coffee making machine and a spade

Jean made a lovely cake with candles and we sang Happy Birthday and all had a piece.
Pete took the remainder home with him.

We had a gathering of the Fellows clan at Will and Rachel's place at Amberley to attend the Saturday evening performance of 'Grease' at Dursley Theatre starring our own Nell as Frenchie. It was a lively and thoroughly enjoyable show by the youth section of the theatre and we all commended Nell on her performance. Here are a few photos taken over the weekend. Thanks to Will and Rachel for their hospitality.

Will and Rachel prepared an excellent selection of food for dinner

followed by a delicious Pavlova

Lisa had a ride around the kitchen on their new folding bike

while others watched Rocky the tortoise in wrapped admiration

Wating for the show in Dursley Theatre

Thanks to Bridget for sneaking this photo of Nell on stage

Will and Rachel gave up their bedroom for us with this wonderful view. Is that Will running?

The star of the show relaxing at breakfast

A selfie using my new remote control

Will took us all for a walk over the common before Sunday lunch

Will and Reggie had to rescue the football from the cattle

Lunch for 20 of us in the Black Horse pub

Jean and I enjoyed our meal too

Back at the house the kids worked off some energy

80th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION - 4 September 2016
The Fellows family and friends gathered at Marwell Zoo to celebrate the 80th birthdays of Jean and Brian (aka Mum and Dad, Grandma and Papa). Brian had already had his 80th on August 12th and Jean's was still to come on September 13th, but who cares about dates. It was a great day out for no less than 21 members of the family and friends.
We spent the day going round the zoo and seeing some of the magnificent animals. Then at 5pm we all went into the Marwell Hotel right next door for the celebration dinner. A special thanks to Mary for organising the meal so splendidly. We all sat around one table and the food and service were excellent. Seven place mats were designed by each of the grandchildren and Lisa made place labels for each person. A lovely idea and we shall cherish them.
It was truly a wonderful day, the weather was fine and the kids all enjoyed themsleves. Here are a few photos I took during the day which explains why I am the only person not represented! Shucks! That is the destiny of the photographer.

The family arrived at the zoo at 12 noon. Here are the early arrivals in the car park

We all had picnics that we brought with us

Lola handing round the box of Celebration chocolates which were very popular

Jean gave each of the children £10 spending money. Lisa looks shocked!

Grandma getting a hug from Freddy. Good to see Emma too!

We walked around the Zoo in small groups

The Giraffes were the biggest attraction.

but the Tiger ran them a close second

The kids worked off their excess energy on the playgrounds

Having a break for a cup of tea

At 5pm we went over to the hotel for drinks before dinner

Jean with her lovely Oak chopping board. Maybe George would like one of those?

From the bar we all trouped into the dining room for dinner

Jean gets a hug from her eldest grandchild

The birthday cakes made by Nell were a great surprise

Finally, here are the table mats designed by the grandchildren . . .

. . . and the place name labels from our family artist, Lisa
There is one missing! He must have taken his home.

I did not get any photos of the dinner itself, though I did go round everyone at the table to do a video. The video is now on YouTube which you can see on the following link . . .

CANOES AT NORE BARN - 14 August 2016
Mary and Lola came over for the weekend. On Sunday Danny took the canoes down to Nore Barn just in time for high water and the kids had a lovely time as shown in the photos. Mary prepared a BBQ picnic on the beach.

Mary and Lola showing their paddling skills

Joe went one step further, as he often does!

Lisa meanwhile enjoyed the water


HAYLING FAIR - 9 August 2016
After his previous visit on Thursday, Joe wanted to return to the fairground on Hayling Island. So Danny, Joe and I set off together. When we got there the fair was not open, but the amusement arcade was and Joe really loved that as much as the fair itself!

Joe was a demon on the roulette wheel - three jackpots!

He could not believe it!

Joe's first target was the roller coaster. Danny braved it too!

HAYLING FAIR - 4 August 2016
Jean and I took Lisa and Joe down to Hayling Fair this morning. We all loved it!

Joe had two goes on the dodgems, once with me once on his own.
Just like Freddy used to.

He also went on this car which he was not impressed with

Lisa had a go at pilotting this pesky plane.

They both loved the helter skelter and had several goes.

With lunch in mind we caught the train along to Eastoke.

Lisa was pleased to discover a carriage with her name.

At Eastoke we tucked into delicious fish and chips sitting outside the Coastguard Cafe.
Her best ever fish and chipos, says Lisa!

Back to the fair on the train where Joe and I went on this incredible roller coaster!

It was dead scary, but I survived.
This photo was taken by the fair ground during the ride.

Finally, Jean and Lisa have a quiet ice cream overlooking a windy sea.

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