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YEAR 2016 - January to July

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Lily and Iris stayed with us in Emsworth for a few days. One day we went to Fishbourne Roman Palace. We were just in time for a talk and walk from a guide showing us the various mosiacs.

Into the garden where Lily and Jean admired the Anacantha plants

Lily chatting to the gardener (not a real person!)

Lily and Iris try their hand at weaving

Lily tried on this Roman dress. Very nice too.

New recruits for the Roman army

Lily and Iris stayed with us in Emsworth while their Mum and Dad went to London for a couple of days. Here are a few photos from visits we made to Emsworth Recreation Ground, Brook Meadow and Portsdown Hill.

A leisurely stroll in the park

The girls tried out their skills on the skateboard slopes.

Iris enjoyed doing cartwheels

Gee-up horsey

Lily and Iris enjoyed playing Pooh sticks from the bridge on Brook Meadow

Jean and Lily reading the information board on Brook Meadow

We explored some of the wilder areas of Brook Meadow

Lily and Iris collected various items from Brook Meadow for their collage

Here is the finished collage - now on the wall of my office.

We all had a great time on Portsdown Hill among the wild flowers

Fine views over Portsmouth and the Solent. We could even see the Isle of Wight

And finally, Lily took this one

ISLE OF  WIGHT - MAY 17-22 2016
Jean and I spent a few days on the island staying with Pete and Julia. Here are a few pics from our very enjoyable break.

Julia cooked a spicy rice and meat dinner with hot rocket from the garden

Jean and I had lunch in Newport Minster next to an old font discovered in a local garden

Lily giving her Grandma a helping hand up the garden

Jean and I visited Ventnor Botanical Gardens. Jean inspecting fruit on cactii

They still have these Wall Lizards despite change in ownership

Jean in Whippingham Church which has lots of Royal connexions

An essential stop at our favourite ice cream parlour in Cowes

Yes, that is me holding onto the girls on Cowes prom

Pete and I went looking for Toothwort in Eaglehead Copse

Look what Pete spotted - young Lond-eared Owl

We all had lunch in Browns in Sandown - amazing place!

We had a 18 hole round of golf during which Lily got a hole in one!

We actually had some sunshine! Blackie the cat in the background

Finally, lunch in Quarr Abbey cafe

IRIS 8th BIRTHDAY - 8 MAY 2016
Pete, Julia and the girls stayed the night at Emsworth before heading off to London Zoo for Iris's 8th Birthday treat.

An orange birthday cake for breakfast

Off to the zoo

All members of the family were represented at Freddy's 18th birthday celebrations at Will and Rachel's place at Amberley. But sorry, I could not assemble them all for a group photo.

It was also good to see Gareth, though Helen could not make it

Nell showed us her chicken

The kids all enjoyed climbing into Will's new tree house - well constructed

and they jumped around on the trampoline

Freddy opening the first of his presents with a rapt audience

Freddy and Emma consider two mystery packages

Sweets galore!

We all tuck into a magnificent lunch - great fish pie

Mary preparing the special strawberry birthday cake

Pudding time

Here is a lnk to a short video singing 'Happy Birthday' on You Tube (not terribly good quality) . . .

JOE ON BROOK MEADOW - 29 April 2016
I was delighted to have the company of Joe for a walk on Brook Meadow. He brought his camera with him and was constantly taking photos of wildlife despite the handicap of the splint on his left wrist.

Joe doing a jig on the meadow!

Joe admiring Pendulous Sedge

Lining up some birds on Peter Pond

Great to finish with hot chocolate and cookie at the Moka cafe

JOE - a mascot at Fratton park - 16 April 2016
Today was the long awaited day when Joe would be a mascot at Fratton Park for the key Division 2 game against Plymouth. Here are a few photos that I took. It was good to see William and Reggie there as well as Pete from the Isle of Wight.

Family group before the game - note the famous Harry Harris on the left!

Joe in the substitutes' dug out with his dad - waiting for the call?

Mascots lining up to wait for the players

Mascots on their lap of honour around the pitch - cheered by the fans!

Joe warming up for the game with Pompey players

Reggie provided homemade cookies for half time refreshment

JOE'S FIRST TROPHY - 6 April 2016

A very happy Joe Fellows with his Player of the Season Pompey Community Football trophy held aloft in true football fashion and a medal around his neck.

LILY AND IRIS IN EMSWORTH - 27-28 March 2016

We had a visit from Pete, Julia, Lily and Iris over the Easter weekend. They arrived on Easter Sunday. Julia went off to see her sister in London while Pete and the girls stayed the night. That was the night of the bad storm with winds of 105mph at the Needles. Our roof was leaking into the back room and Pete had to put a bucket under the drips when he got in late. The next day Pete went for a run and the girls got busy on their tablets. Here is Lily on my iPad.

and Iris absorbed on her tablet while Jean brush her hair

Pete and I managed to drag the girls away from their games for a walk through Brook Meadow. Lily and Iris were interested in the signcases which I maintain with news and photos of the conservation work and wildlife.

On the way down the raised gravel path by the river we stopped to admire the hedge laying that had been done by the group to restrict access onto the river banks. Peter explained to the girls that it had been done with dead wood.

However, Iris was delighted to find a twig of Willow from one of the posts that clearly was not dead.

Finally, we all tucked into the lamb curry that Pete had cooked with the left overs from the previous night. Very good it was too with rice and bubble and squeak. The girls had something on toast.

Jean and I went over to Kingston today for the annual Spring Tea and concert organised by the Primary School for grand parents. It was a very enjoyable occasion. Each class gave a special show and Lola's class performed an excellent rendering of 'Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones' (of which I have a video clip). Afterwards we had a tour of the various classrooms under the guidance of one of the pupils (Poppy) and then came back for tea and cakes which were delicious. After the show we went back to Rough Down where we had a piece of Lola's special dog bone birthday cake with a cup of tea.

Lola at work in her classroom

 Lola and Jean walking back home from school

Lola's current passion for Lego Friends

Lola's completed Lego Friends in her bedroom

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