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YEAR 2015 - August to December

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CHRISTMAS IN EMSWORTH - 24-28 December 2015

We had a big Fellows family gathering in Emsworth for the Christmas celebrations. Pete Julia and the girls arrived on Christmas Eve. Pete, Julia and Jean set about preparing food for Christmas dinner. Pete brought a splendid 13lb turkey with him which he assured us had enjoyed a good life on the Isle of Wight.

Lily and Iris left a note for Santa by our electric fire with a glass of wine, a glass of milk, a mince pie, some biscuits and a carrot for the reindeer. We have no chimney, but that did not deter him. The food and drink were gone next morning with a note in reply. He also filled their stockings with goodies. What a good chap he is indeed.

The next morning we all went round to Danny's place for the grand opening of presents.
Here are the kids waiting for the off!

Lisa was delighted with her iTunes token for the iPad

Lisa and Lily took no time in trying out a game bought with the token

Joe was really chuffed with his ticket for the game at Manchester City the next day. Yipee!

Meanwhile, the adults also started wading through their presents

Here are two links to Dropbox videos of the present opening . . .

Joe and Lisa's best presents must be their new bikes

Here is a link to a dropbox video of Joe's first go on his new bike . . .

Iris showing off a new jumper - actually knitted by Pat Tull

We all trouped back to 11 Bridge Road for Christmas dinner
prepared by Pete and Julia (with a bit of help from Jean).

. . . and here it is. What a feast!

. . . and here is Jean's pudding - brandy fired as usual - along with a fine tiramasu created by Julia

On Boxing Day afternoon, we all went down to the Groundlings Theatre in Portsmouth for the panto 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. Danny and Joe had gone off to Manchester for the football. It was a delightful show with lots of audience involvement.

Here we are in the bar before the show

On Sunday 27th the rest of the family arrived with masses of presents, Mary, George and Lola from Kingston and Will, Rachel, Freddy, Nell (on crutches) and Reggie from Amberley.

We had supper with the traditional bubble and squeak with turkey, ham and Jean's special quiche

The kids really enjoyed their Pavolvas

Nell having a rest from the crutches

Here is a Dropbox link to Nell playing hide and seek up the stairs on her crutches!

Everyone gave a hand with the washing up, including Freddy

Later in the evening we got out 'The Grand Quiz Game' - 'Tell Me' with the spinning disk
Rachel was quizmaster. The family have played this old game for at least 50 years!

Meanwhile the little ones cuddled up with Dinkie the dog - it was very late!

Next morning Lily and Iris join Lola in her makeshift bed

And so to the second grand opening of presents

with lots of interest in Will's annual family Fellows calendar

Nell and Rachel discussing what to make from their New York recipe book

Link to Dropbox video of the second opening of presents . . .

Mary prepared a magnificent selection of curries for lunch

The kids all tucked into Mary's lunch with gusto - accompanied by Julia in the foreground

Hands up who wants a piece of Nell's choclate log

All that remained was to get everyone organised for the traditional family group photo

There are more photos and some videos on the following Dropbox folder if you want more
Go to . . .

SADLER'S WELLS - Sunday 19 December 2015
Jean and I travelled to London for our Christmas treat from Pete and Julia - a visit to Sadler's Wells to see the ballet 'Sleeping Beauty' - a special modern production with rave reviews. We met Pete, Julia, Lily and Iris at the Festival Hall where we had a snack and a drink.

Jean, Julia, Lily, Iris and I went to the theatre by taxi which the girls enjoyed greatly. See a short video of part of the taxi ride on the Dropbox link at . . .

There was no room for Pete in the taxi, so he travelled to the theatre by tube. Pete arrived and we waited for Rachel and Nell in the foyer, but did not see them.

So we went into the theatre and found our seats in the second tier.

We met up with Rachel and Nell in the interval. Nell was on her crutches.

Here we are in the foyer after the ballet which was excellent. A great outing. Thanks, Pete and Julia.

LISA HERE - 27 November 2015
Lisa's school had an inset day so she came round to her Grandma and Papa's for the morning bringing with her some homemade cookies to decorate for the Xmas festivities this evening in Emsworth.

Jean joined Lisa later at the table to write some Christmas cards

When Lisa had finished the cookie decoration, we went to Keydell Nurseries in Horndean where there is always a fine display of Christmas decorations and lights. Lisa loved the baubles and had great difficulty in deciding what to buy.

She finally decided as did Jean on hers.

Lisa and Papa surrounded by hundreds of Father Christmases

Jean and I went over to Bourne Leisure Centre to see Lisa take part in the Regional Vault and Beam Gymnastic Competition.

Here she is with her competitor's number - which she made herself!

Lisa did really well on the beam

and (much to her delight and surprise) won a bronze medal

For lots more photos and a video see Danny's blog . . .

DANNY'S 50th BIRTHDAY - 4 November 2015
Jean and I were invited round to 23 Church Path by Karen to help celebrate Danny's 50th birthday with a piece of her lovely chocolate cake. Is it really 50 years since the birth of our lad in Jean's parents's house in Keynsham? Seems like yesterday! Here are a few snaps of Danny opening his presents, but his big party is at the weekend when there will be chilli galore, a galaxy of entertainment and fireworks to take your breath away!

Match of the day is also 50

. . . real posh chocolates!

. . . and a life-changer. Now, who is going to play with that?

Come on, Dad, another half to go

LILY AND IRIS IN EMSWORTH - 24-25 October 2015
Pete and Julia came over for the weekend with Lily and Iris mainly for the Great South Run. On the Friday Jean and I looked after Joe whose school had an inset day. Here he is at Nore Barn - a promising birdwatcher!

On the Saturday Pete and Julia arrived with the girls. Jean had made him a chocolate birthday cake which he shared with the kids. I think Joe really enjoyed it.

 Peter cutting his chocolate birthday cake - a day late

On the Sunday, Pete and Julia went off early to take part in the Great South Run - 10 miles of it. Jean and I went down on the train with Lily and Iris to watch the race.

Waiting for the train on Emsworth Railway Station

The run was truly an amazing spectacle with masses of runners moving past in a continuous stream. We managed to see Pete and Julia as they went past, but they were too quick for a photo. However, here is a nice one of them in the garden with their medals for finishing the race. Both improved on their times from last year.

Julia and Pete with their finishers medals

JEAN'S 79th BIRTHDAY PARTY - Sunday 13 September 2015
We had a family get-together for Jean's birthday. George and Lola were first here; Mary could not make it as she had a show in London. Will, Freddy, Nell and Reggie arrived with a fish pie which Will cooked in the oven. Danny brought round two lasagnes. Nell had made a birthday cake and Lola contributed a plate of super cup cakes.

Jean opening presents surrounded by an admiring audience

Joe also had some presents to open - a spinning disk

Freddy and Will laying the table for lunch

Freddy preparing the garlic bread

Will dishing out the fish pie

The kids tuck in to Danny's lasagne

Everyone digging in

Nell presents her home-made birthday cake for Grandma

Grandma, you are almost there!

Nell serves up her cake while Reggie and Joe tuck into the cup cakes

Sorry, I almost forgot George and Dinky the dog

Nell borrowed my camera to take some photos in the garden. These were the best ones.

JOE'S FIRST FOOTBALL MATCH - Sunday 13 September 2015
This morning Joe played his first ever 'competitive' football match for Castle United Under 8s at the Rowlands Castle recreation ground against a visiting team of under 8s. It was a most enjoyable experience for all concerned. The manager was very complimentary about Joe's performance. Castle United won 2-1. Here are a few photos I took of the action.
See Danny's blog for more . . .

Castle United Under 8s

Team talk from the manager

Joe in action during the match

Joe calling for the ball up the right wing

Handshakes all round at the end of the game

LILY AND IRIS IN EMSWORTH - August 30 to September 2 - 2015
Pete and Julia arrived with Lily and Iris after their holiday in Corsica. The girls stayed with us for three days as they had inset days off from school, but Pete and Julia had to go back to work. Joe was still here when they arrived so we got the old Monopoly set out of the loft and set it up to play. I acted as the banker. I have not played it for about 30 years at least, but the kids knew how to play. We did not finish so, we continued in the morning when this photo was taken. Joe ran out clear winner - he is a demon!

What do you want for Park Lane?

On the Monday Jean and I went over to the Emsworth Show where Lily and iris were fascinated by the raptor displays.

Lily with a Little Owl - look at those eyes!

Iris with a much larger, but sleepier, Tawny Owl

On the Tuesday, with Lily and Iris, we collected Lisa and Joe from Karen's and walked along Bridgefoot Path

The children stopped to read the interpretation board - finding my name on it!

Into Flintstone's where the kids all had ice creams and Jean and I had coffees.

Then the kids played on the beach throwing stones into the water. Jolly good fun.

On the Wednesday, Lily and Iris started the day with heaps of pancakes.

Then I took the girls over to Brook Meadow where they had fun climbing on a fallen tree over the river

But their greatest thrill was to have their photo taken with Martin Cull in front of his bright red tractor
Martin was just about to start the annual cutting of the grassland

We all went into the Moka Cafe where the girls had hot chocolate with marshmallows and cakes

and then home to play games on the iPad

JOE AT STANSTED - Sunday August 30 - 2015
Jean and I looked after Joe for the day while Danny and Karen went to a festival in Southsea. We decided to go to Stansted for coffee and cakes. Joe has a play on the new playground. Whee . . .

We walked through the arboretum to the trains where I ha a go on the train with Joe - twice!

We walk to our favoutite seats at the top of the arboretum.

On the way back we stopped for Joe to inspect the Monkey Puzzle tree. Very sharp!

BRIAN'S 79th BIRTHDAY -12 August 2015
Danny, Karen, Lisa and Joe came round to help me celebrate my 79th birthday. Jean had made a scrumptious chocolate sponge which was much enjoyed by all. Here I am having a go at blowing out the candles, though I had a lot of assistance from the wind. In fact, the wind blew them all out before I could try, much to the amusement of everyone present!

Most of the Fellows clan were present at the 40th birthday party of Gareth in Bristol. Helen and Gareth laid on a great feast which lasted virtually all day - and the next, so I am told. Mary, George and Lola were the only exceptions as they had an important Brownie meeting to attend in Lewes, plus, of course, Freddy who was in New York. Here are a selection of the photos I took during the day of the party which was I am sure, all will agree, a 'roaring success'! Thanks, Helen and Gareth. Brilliant.

Here is the food table before everyone dived in

The hostess with Ash, Darren and Gareth

Helen with Peter and other guests. Note the 'grass carpet'

Helen greets Danny, Lisa, Karen and Joe

Joe, Lily and Iris having fun on the revolving chair

Cake! That's what the kids had been waiting for

The Sushi also came up to expectations

Meanwhile, Gareth slaved away at the BBQ

The party quickly spilled over into the garden

The children decided to do some exploring

. . . and had great fun playing ball in the driveway outside

and finally here are the Fellows and Stowes for a group photo

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