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YEAR 2015 - January to July

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Jane, Dai, Bronwen and Rebeca, all the way from Canada, came to Emsworth for a day and how good it was to see them again. Golly, how the girls had grown. Mary also arrived from Lewes in her smart car. Jean had a great lunch prepared and we all sat in the garden which was nice and warm. Rebeca reminded me a lot of Lola for her bubbly humour. Danny and Karen popped in later with Lisa and Joe after school.

Bronwen and Rebeca having lunch on the patio

Lunch in the shade of the old cherry tree

Everyone turning out to see Mary start up her smart car

Group photo (including me) taken by our neighbour

AMBERLEY - 15 July 2015

Jean and I paid a one-day 'flying visit' to Amberley - thanks to a lift there and back by the indefatigable William. We went mainly to see Nell's school show 'Lorax' in which Nell played the part of Grammy Norma, an old lady with a walking stick. The show was brilliant and so was Nell! I did not have my camera at the show so no pictures alas, but Rachel prepared a great fish pie for our dinner followed by a delicious summer pudding decorated with birthday candles.

Rachel's surprise was hearing about the price of wild flower seeds from Will's catalogue

Reggie kindly gave us a short recital on his violin and very good he was too


Jean and I were invited over to Kingston for Sunday lunch with Mary, George and Lola. Lola had her friend, Louis also staying. The big excitement for the children was the new plunge pool erected by George in the garden which Lola and Louis had great fun in. Jean and I had not brought our swimmers!

Lola and Louis sleeping it off in the summer house

LOOKING AFTER LILY AND IRIS - 30 June to 3 July 2015

Jean and I went over to the Isle of Wight to look after Lily and Iris as Julia was away on a school trip in Spain and Pete had to attend a conference in Winchester. The girls were really good and did not need a great deal of 'looking after', though the weather was rather hot while we were there!

How's this for you Iris? Oh, no! Not spag bol yet again!

Lily was adept at watering the plants on the allotment and picking the fruit!

Snakes and ladders before school

Off to school with Grandma

Iris having her toe nails painted. Lily had hers done too!

All ready for Brownies


Pete, Lily and Iris stayed for a night with us in Emsworth on their way home from camping with Danny and Joe. On the Monday we went for a walk through Brook Meadow. Pete and Iris rested at the north bridge for a moment looking for fish. The river has a good quantity of Brown Trout.

The girls really enjoyed walking through the tall grasses on the north meadow and (as they always do) asked me to cut off a couple of Butterbur 'umbrellas' for them to hold. These large leaves are so much loved by all children.

We also had a look at the orchids where the girls particularly liked the Bee Orchids and actually found a couple of new ones that I had not previously recorded. They have sharper eyes than me. Here they are with the top of one Bee Orchid that I inadvertantly snapped off while trying to clear away an entanglement of bindweed. At least, my clumsiness gave them the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the flower at close quarters.

On the way back we called in at the town millpond to see the swan family with their 5 very healthy cygnets.

Jean and I looked after Lisa and Joe for the morning as the school was closed for an inset day. The weather was fine so we had a walk through Brook Meadow.

Lisa and Joe loved walking through the tall grasses on the meadow
"Taller than me" says Joe

I showed them the orchids, but their favourite was the buttercups

Jean and I spent a nice weekend at Camber Sands Holiday resort with Mary, George and Lola. Thanks to Mary for booking us separate but spacious caravans on this site near the shore. The weather was not too good while we were there, being windy, wet and stormy at times, but we all enjoyed the stay.

On Saturday we all went into Rye for the morning.
Here are Mary and Jean on one of the picturesque cobbled streets

Mary, Lola and Jean climbed up the church tower, while George and I stayed below
Note Jean hanging onto the parapet, just in case

On Saturday afternoon we went onto the beach at Camber. Very very windy!

Dinky enjoyed racing around the sands

Lola digging a hole in the sand while Brian acts the fool for the camera

I went onto the dunes to escape the wind. They were marvellous and went on for miles.

I had an unexpected find of Houndstongue - a rare plant

Lola came over to our caravan on a wet Sunday morning
We played Connect - for money - and Lola won £9

Well the big day finally arrived. Jean has been thinking about it for months, particularly about what to wear, and particularly on her head! In the end she borrowed a hat from her friend Pat Tull and it looked good, though it did get a bit blown around in the wind. The day was fantastic. The weather was kind, but for the wind, and the garden party was excellent, particularly the food! We had a fairly distant view of the Queen and the Royal Family, though we did not really expect anything more. We were very small fry. Before the party started we were able to have a walk right round the large garden and lake which was lovely.
We really appreciated Mary meeting us at Victoria Station and her carrying our bits and pieces that we could not take into the Palace. It said specifically on our instructions that no photography was allowed in the Palace grounds, so I did not take my camera in and all our photos were taken by Mary outside. As it happened, everyone was taking photos inside with their phones, but we did not have one!

Mary did a recce before we arrived and found a Brown's Restaurant
that would be suitable for us to have lunch and get changed

Here we are waiting in a fairly long queue to go through security.
Jean's hat getting blown about.

A nice one of Jean with her hat in place

and, of course, I had my own hat to keep the sun off

Waiting to go in watched closely by armed police

Joe had a little fall while skiing down the slopes at Chamonix which resulted in his having a plaster cast on his left leg. It was not broken, but ligaments had ben damaged. Today, he had the plaster removed!
Karen brought him round to our place for the morning and we had a very slow walk round the millpond. We stopped at Flintstone's for lunch where Joe ordered beans on toast with bacon and egg. He loved it.
In the afternoon I drove Karen and Joe over to St Richard's hospital fracture clinic for Joe to have the cast removed. The appointment was 2.30 and they went in on time and were out by 3pm which was most impressive for a hospital.

Hobbling down Bridge Road with Papa and Multi

We all stopped to enjoy the Cuckooflowers on the wayside

Joe back home with the cast gone!

Will and family arrived from Brighton. They left Nell at Kingston with Mary and Lola. They were followed closely by Pete and family who had been staying at Amberley. We all tucked into Jean's lunch comprising ham-quiche, sausages, salad, crisps, bread, etc. We all sat outside in the warm sunshine. It was great to see many of the family together again, particularly those from Amberley who we don't get to see too often these days. Gosh, Freddy is so tall!

Reggie loves the farm

HOT CROSS BUNS - 2 April 2015
We had our traditional hot cross buns a day earlier than usual as Pete and Julia and the girls called in on their way to London. Danny came round to enjoy the feast with Lisa and Joe. Note Iris on the stairs.

Julia showing the girls photos on her phone.

After the buns, Danny, Lisa, Joe, Jean and I went down to the dockyard for the historic ships. Here are Lisa and Joe showing off their mountaineering skills.

We had hoped to go to the submarine at Gosport, but we missed the boat, so we went on The Warrior instead which we all enjoyed, as you can see.

Mary, George and Lola (plus Dinky the dog) paid us a visit on their way back from an appointment at Southampton General Hospital. The hospital news was good with Lola declared in good health. Today we walked down to The Deck for lunch going through Brook Meadow where I took a few photos.

Here we are on the north bridge with Lola looking for the Pike that I told her about

Lola showing off her glamour T-shirt with Dinky just visible behind

Lola could not resist climbing on her favourite tree over the river

JEAN'S LAST DAY - 23 March 2015
After 21 years of voluntary service at the Emsworth Pastoral Centre serving coffee, Jean finally decided to call it a day. Here she is on the last lap with fellow helper June.

LOLA AT SCHOOL - 18 March 2015
Jean and I were invited to the annual Grandparents' Spring Tea Party at Kingston Primary School. After the show, we were invited to go round the various classes. Here is Lola in her class with one of the iPads that the children now use to do their sums!

KIDS FOOTBALL - 15 March 2015

RED NOSE DAY - 13-14 March 2015

LOLA'S BEDROOM - 9 March 2015

KIDS FOOTBALL - 4 January 2015

IRIS and LILY with their pony - 15 March 2015

IRIS THE TEENAGER (to come) - 2 January 2015

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