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YEAR 2014 - September to December

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Hallo folks. Here are a few photos from our family Christmas. A very enjoyable and successful occasion. We managed to get all 18 members of the Fellows clan together yet again which was a great achievement.

A pre-Christmas lunch at Stansted cafe with mulled wine

Jean and I were invited over to Cowes by Peter and Julia to spend Chrismas Day with them.

Here is Iris playing one of her pieces on the piano for us

Before lunch on Christmas Day we enjoyed a walk in the sunshine in the cemetery

Father and daughter walking in the cemetery

At last it's time for the presents

Lily and Iris teach Jean how to play Dobble. They are too good!

Christmas dinner with turkey and just about every vegetable you can think of

On Boxing Day the lads went down to Fratton Park for Pompey v Wimbledon. We lost!

Reggie and Joe get their programmes outside the ground

We were all happy before the game started!

Later that evening the girls put on a show for us at Danny and Karen's place

This is the first of two family group photos

Another round of present opening

The following day everyone trouped round to 11 Bridge Road for lunch

Kids enjoyed their ice creams

Here is the second family group photo - a better one

We went to see Cinderella panto at the Groundlings theatre in Portsmouth
The kids all sat on one table

The adults table. Note the coats as it was chilly in there!

A very nervous Lisa was invited on stage to sing with Buttons

but she was brilliant!

Pete and Julia cooked a fine Spanish stew for dinner

The traditional family calendar from Will was much appreciated as always

. . . and not to forget the new addition to the family Dinky the dog going for a walk

FRATTON PARK - 22 November 2014
I can't remember the last time I went to Fratton Park to see Pompey play. However, when Danny said the seat next to them was free I just fancied going. And what a good decision it was. It was a great game, end to end excitement and to top it all Pompey won 3-0 against Morecombe. I am so pleased I went. I would have hated to have missed that one. I will have to go more often!

Joe and Papa in Row E before the game

The teams come onto the pitch at the start of the game

All of us - photo kindly taken by a lady in the row behind

Pompey players applauding the fans at the end of the game

LOLA'S NEW DOG - 16 November 2014
Mary and Lola paid us a visit on the Sunday for lunch. They brought with them their new female dog which they have named Dinky. It's a cross breed with a poodle called a 'Snoodle'. It's only small and rather pretty. She had a good wander around our house and garden and Lola even gave it a foot bath!

LILY AND IRIS - 15 November 2014
Peter, Lily and Iris popped in briefly to see us on their way to London. The girls were lively as usual. They had a little play with some new toys that are the current craze apparently.

Pete with the girls outside 11 Bridge Road

GREAT SOUTH RUN - 26 October 2014
Peter and Julia took part in the Great South Run today. This is an annual 10 mile run through the streets of Portsmouth which attracted over 25,000 entries! Pete and Julia stayed overnight with us in Emsworth with the girls so they could make an early start. We went down to Portsmouth Harbour on the train with Lily and Iris where we met Karen and Lisa. We watched an astonishing mass of runners pass by in waves along the road, and finally spotted first Pete and then Julia. Both got a well deserved medal at the end of the run and were pleased with their times: Pete 1 hour 28 mins and Julia 1 hour 31 mins.

Karen, Jean, Lisa, Lily and Iris looking out for Pete and Julia

Here comes Pete, but I missed getting a photo of Julia as she went past too quickly!

We celebrated their great run with a snack in the dockyard


Here are a few photos from the regular Sunday morning kids football practice in Emsworth Recreation Ground. The sessions which must have been going for a couple of years, are organised by Danny and friend Simon as a semi-serious fun football skills pactice for youngsters. It is such a great idea and the kids really love it - as do the parents. I think the photos were taken during the kids vs parents game which I think ended up 6-6.

Who's got the ball?

Simon's pass is intercepted by Joe

Come on, Ref. That was a good goal!

What a great strike!

LEWES - 11 October 2014

Jean and Brian went over to Lewes where we paid a short visit to Mary's new shop - 'not just a sweet shop'! The new shop was in the same building as the old one, but had an outside door to the street and an outlook. It was packed with colourful and attractive goods, mostly made by Mary herself. Mary drove us out to Glyndebourne for my special birthday treat - 'La Traviata'. It was a great experience.

Mary's shop from the outside. A very wet day!

Mary's shop from the inside - what a transformation!

Mary's studio area

Mary with Dani in the studio

Lola posing with the necklace made by Barbara our neighbour

Here we are outside Glynndebourne house. Note: I have a tie on!

AMBERLEY - 26-28 September 2014
Jean and Brian were invited to spend the weekend at the home of Will and Rachel at Amberley in Gloucestershire. Will very kindly drove us to and from Emsworth. They also vacated their bedroom for us which was very generous of them.

Here is the house showing the new pathway and kitchen-diner extension at the side

We spent Saturday morning in Stroud market which is really quite exceptional for fruit and vegetables and a whole range of food products. In the afternoon, Will, Freddy, Reggie and Brian went over to see Forest Green Rovers. Sadly they lost 2-1 to top of the table Barnet to a last minute goal, but it was a good exciting game. Jean stayed home to bake cakes with Nell.

Nell entertained us at various times with her gymnastics exercises

Jean helped Reggie with his homework

On Sunday we all went over to Cirencester College (where Freddy is now a student) for the 10km race with Freddy and Rachel taking part. The race went through the magnificent Bathhurst estate. We watched the leading runners come through the woods, including Freddy, who finished in a very creditable 40 mins 22 secs, 37th out of about 500 that started the race.

Here Freddy is getting some encouragement from Nell

Here are Freddy's race statistics for the geeks among us

Here is Rachel finishing in a good time too - below her target of 50 mins

Well done both, though Freddy really really would have liked to get under 40 mins.

Nell was not going to be left out of the limelight!

Freddy discussing the race with Grandma.

On Sunday afternoon Will took us over to the Lypiatt estate which is normally closed to the public, but was open today for the 'Five Valleys Walk'. Here is Lypiatt House with some of the sculptures of Lynn Chadwick whose family owns the estate.

Now, which one is not a Chadwick creation?

OAKS ON BROOK MEADOW - 21 September 2014
Following the recent clearance of the Seagull Lane patch by the Brook Meadow Conservation Group, Jean and Brian were able to inspect the two Oak saplings that they planted as part of the Jubilee planting on Brook Meadow in March 2012. Previously the trees had been largely hidden among the burgeoning vegetation. Both trees had been donated to Brook Meadow by the local WI. The tree Brian planted was already well established in a pot before planting. Jean's tree was just a whip, apparently grown from an acorn from a Royal estate. We were pleased to see that both trees were progressing well. Although still small, Jean's tree looks particularly healthy.

BEM AWARDS CEREMONY - Winchester 3 September 2014
Jean and Brian attended the ceremony for the award of Brian's British Empire Medal for 'Contribution to nature conservation in Hampshire'. It took place at Serle's House in Winchester. There were five other people there to receive BEM awards, including a a 91 year old boxing coach from Portsmouth! The medals were presented by Dame Mary Fagan who was representing the Queen (as she kept telling us). She gave a little speech before each presentation and a photographer took photos. It was almost like talking to the Queen! Refreshments were served at the end of the ceremony.

Dame Mary Fagan congratulating Brian on the award of the medal

A group photo of all six people receiving awards with Dame Mary Fagan and two army cadets

Jean and Brian immediately after the presentation

SINGLETON - 7 September 2014

Jean and Brian spent a nice afternoon at Singleton with Mary and Lola. George was doing a longbow course as a birthday present. We weren't allowed onto the field where George was doing his stuff, but watched from a distance.

Brian managed to get a bit closer for this photo. Can you pick out George?

While George was arrowing, we went around the museum.
Here we are having a go at putting together a rather complicated joint
that used to be used in timber building construction.

Lola had a go at hoop-la despite her broken arm!

We all had a nice picnic on the grass with George

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