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YEAR 2014 - January to August

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QUARR ABBEY - 24 August 2014

Jean and Brian made an impromptu trip to the Isle of Wight today. Pete met us at the Fishbourne Ferry and we went to Quarr Abbey where Julia and the girls were waiting. We had a very good lunch in the garden of the cafe. Iris and Brian had bowls of chips which were wonderful! The others had soup and various sandwiches. Here we are at the end of the meal with Iris holding attention. Like Pete's beard?

After lunch we went into the Abbey church where Lily and Iris wanted to light candles. Brian explained that they should give a prayer for each candle. Iris gave hers to soldiers killed in war and Lily to Julia's mother.

We had a walk up the path towards Ryde.

Then back to the Abbey for a rest on a rather splendid new seat. That is a Fleabane flower that Lily is holding.

Jean and Brian looked after four of the grandchildren - Lisa, Joe, Lily and Iris - while their parents went off to William's 50th Birthday Party. We had a great time and the kids were fine. Here are a few snaps showing some of things we did. Our first visit was to Brook Meadow - Papa's Nature Reserve!

Here they are exploring the river on Brook Meadow

Lisa and Lily scaled the old Willow by the river easily

It was a bit difficult for little Joe. But give him another year!

They all collected one of the huge Butterbur leaves

On the seat with Papa. The one in the middle without a leaf.

Through Brook Meadow towards home

We found a dead Shrew on the meadow which they all wanted to touch

Home for Grandma's chocolate cake

Lisa made this beautiful nature picture (with a bit of help from Lily and Iris)
with material she had collected from Brook Meadow

Next day we trooped down to Flintstone's for ice creams - all had different flavours

'All good friends' on the millpond seawall

Watching a lad crabbing from the jetty

LOLA IN EMSWORTH - 28-29 June 2014

Lola and her mum spent the weekend in Emsworth during which Lola fulfilled two of her ambitions: to go canoeing and to fish and paddle in the River Ems on Brook Meadow.

Danny fixed up the canoeing experience for Lola in the harbour. She was amazingly good at it.

Lola was a bit adventurous in try to stand up, but did get there in the end

Lola inspects a crab found by Joe

Joe presents his crab

Brother and sister on the beach

Jean with the kids waiting for the food

Lola and Joe try fishing in the river on Brook Meadow

Fishing was no good, but paddling was much better

Joe fishes a bottle out of the river. What's Lola doing?

Lola tried fishing from a willow branch

Joe and Lola enjoyed using Butterbur leaves. Freddy will remember these

COWES - 25-28 May 2014

Jean and Brian spent a few days staying with Pete, Julia and the girls in their home in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. Here are pics of some of the things we got up to.

First, a view of their garden from an upstairs window

A rare shot of Brian with Lily and Iris in their garden

We all had a nice walk through the local cemetery

Lily with a buttercup

Lily getting off some energy in a nature reserve

Richard Grogan introducing Iris and Lily to Owl pellet dissection

Lily and Iris investigating bugs during a 'bio-blitz'

KINGSTON - 23 February 2014

Jean and Brian were invited to lunch at Rough Down, Kingston and very good it was too! Fish pie and green beans. Lola had her friend Freya to play.

Mary and George put up the egg-shaped bunting that Jean made for them

Mary reads an old bible book from her childhood

Lola and Freya put on a show using the new sofa bed as a stage

Lola and Freya have fun on the big swing

Lola and Freya cycling up The Street in Kingston

Mary and Jean striding up The Street

PETER CELEBRATES - 26 January 2014
Jean and Brian were invited to have lunch with Pete, Julia, Lily and Iris in La Strada cafe at Gunwharf to celebrate his new job as the project manager of the East Wight Landscape Partnership. After lunch we all went up the Spinnaker Tower where Lily and Iris had great fun on the glass floor.

Lunch in La Strada

Lily measuring the size of distant objects from the Spinnaker Tower

Iris says the cars are just this big

Shall we or shan't we?

Hold on tight, says Mum

We love it on here

NEW YEAR AT AMBERLEY - 31 Dec to 2 Jan 2014
The whole Fellows family clan gathered at Will and Rachel's mansion in Amberley for the New Year. It was truly a wonderful occasion and our thanks must go to our hosts. Unfortunately Lola was not very well when she arrived and was not able to take part in the children's activities. However, she was much better on New Year's Day and did get more involved. Here are a few of the photos I took - Danny has others on his blog.


Freddy was clearly pleased with this book for his present

We all received a copy of the now traditional Fellows Family calendar from Will.
Here are Karen, Danny and Joe enjoying the photos

The calendar featured on its cover a photo of Lily and Iris standing beside a freshly cleaned Fellows Road sign.


Nell (out of sight) conducted the children in her Christmas special - Iris, Lisa, Reggie, Joe and Lily

The show starred Joe and Reggie in a budding Morecombe and Wise act

Finally, Reggie and Nell entertained us with some carols.

Here are two links to short extracts of the show on YouTube . . .


Rachel and Will busy getting dinner ready in their splendid kitchen - with a good audience

George was a great help in the preparation of dinner

The kids tucked into their meal first

Reggie trying out his blow-lamp on the sweet

Julia and Peter competing on the stacking cups game.


The kids stayed up to watch the midnight fireworks from London


Reggie and Jean sharing their love of knitting

It was good to see Lola up on New Year's Day - here watching telly with Nell and Reggie

Freddy instructing Pete on how to use his phone like the smart kids do these days

The boys versus the girls must be no match. But who is winning?

Lily and Joe showing their table tennis skills while Iris is the ball girl

Nell giving a rapt audience instructions on how to make ice cream.
Nell persevered through many mishaps, like bags breaking, milk gone off and too much salt.

Julia and Jean trying out an old Beatles song

Everyone sitting down to New Year's Day dinner

A view of Will and Rachel's place showing the spanking new kitchen diner.

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