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YEAR 2013 - September to December

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Jean and I were invited round to Danny and Karen's for Christmas dinner expertly prepared by Karen followed by Jean's pudding and then the traditional present opening. Helen and Gareth were also there. Here are a few snaps from the day.

Pulling crackers before the meal

Cheers to Karen, the cook

Danny cutting the pudding made by Jean and fired by me!

Joe looked good in his Man City shirt (pygama top actually)

Jean with her WI book

and Danny's Nutella tower

Best present of all is yet to be revealed. What can it be?


DANNY'S BONFIRE PARTY - 9 November 2013

There was a good turn out of family and friends for the annual bonfire party at 23 Church Path. Danny cooked his ever popular chillis of varying hotnesses and organised a fine display of fireworks.

The kids loved the sparklers

and everyone loved the fireworks - ooooh

Finally, a nostalgic chat around the bonfire

LOLA RIDES IN EMSWORTH - 3 November 2013

Mary, George and Lola came over for the day and Lola brought her bike which she can now ride very proficiently indeed.

Here she is demonstrating her skills on the lads' skateboard park in the local park.

Lola also helped Danny to light the candles on his birthday cake (a day early)

ANOTHER VISIT TO COWES - 25 October 2013

Jean and I went over to the island for the second time in a week, this time to look after Lily and Iris as their school had an inset day. Julia was at school and Pete had a meeting in London. Lisa who was also off school for the day, came with us.

On the car ferry to Fishbourne passing Southsea beach

Pete cooked Lisa pancakes which were good. Note Bob the owl.

They spent some time assembling 13 jigsaws

Lunch time for fairies in the kitchen

Come fly with me!

VISIT TO COWES - 20 October 2013

Jean and I went over to the island for the day to take Peter's birthday presents for Wednesday. The rain stopped, so we went for a nice walk in the morning through the allotments where we were amazed at the amount of work Pete and Julia had done on the new section of allotment. We returned for Pete's carrot soup followed by a splendid fish pie and spinach.

Iris and Lily enjoyed blowing bubbles in the garden


Here is a view of the new allotment. The posts and wires are for vines

Pete explaining to Jean what he will be planting

Pete, Julia and the girls walking through Northwood Park

Lily and Iris with the newly cleaned road sign


MARY'S NEW SHOP IN LEWES - 12 October 2013

Jean and I went over to Lewes for the first day of the opening of Mary's new ceramics and sweet shop in the Needlemaker's in Lewes. A big venture for Mary, but what a beautiful shop with all her old and new products on show plus a selection of scrumptious sweets. Lola was also there. Mary will be helped in the shop by Alice. There were plenty of customers while we were there.

The entrance to the shop is via the Needlemaker's outside cafe

Can you spot Lola peeping under the counter?

One of Mary's wonderful displays

The sweet display which Jean and I could not resist sampling!

Corner display


Jean celebrated her 77th birthday by blowing out the candles (all four of them in one go) on a delicious chocolate cake made by Karen. Lisa and Joe were on hand to share it with her. Very good it was too.

Will came down to Emsworth on Saturday Sept 14 with Freddy, Nell and Reggie with a great fish pie for Sunday lunch which Desperate Dan would have enjoyed. They all stayed the night at Danny and Karen's. On the Sunday morning Will, Freddy and Reggie joined in the regular kids football practice in the park from 10-11am. Here they are limbering up under the watchful eyes of coach Simon Oiler. Note the Gareth Bale look-alike showing his ball skills in the background.

Now it's time for something a bit different, lads.

Back at home Joe and Reggie got down to constructing the marble race game

Nell and Lisa spent much of Sunday afternoon rehearsing a show for Grandma's birthday.
Here they are performing it in the garden

The show ends with a final flourish!

Finally, Freddy pats his uncle Danny on the head with a "hallo titch"!

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