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YEAR 2013 - January to August

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Danny, Pete, Will, Reggie, Freddy and I attended a T20 evening international cricket match between England and Australia at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton. This was actually my birthday present from all the kids and what a great present it turned out to be. The weather was fine and the game was excellent with a world record innings of 156 for T20 games from Aussie Aaron Lynch,who hit an amazing 14 6s. Australia won in the end, but the result did not matter. Thanks to Danny for taking the photo. There are more photos on his blog.


George and Mary left Lola with us in Emsworth for a 'sleepover' and the following day I took Lola and Lisa for a walk through Brook Meadow, both armed with their cameras! I also took mine and here are a few snaps. They loved it.

They both had fun in the river with Lisa in her socks

They looked for fish and insects

Lola rescued a half drowned Comma butterfly from the river which Lisa photographed

We picked a couple of huge Butterbur leaves


Pete and Julia spent a weekend with us in Emsworth with Lily and Iris. Here are a few snaps.

Lily and Iris doing some colouring

We went for a walk through the tall grasses on Brook Meadow

We had lunch in Stansted cafe

Then off they go on the Stansted mini railway

KINGSTON - 9 June 2013

Jean and I were invited to a BBQ lunch by Mary and George at their cottage in Kingston, near Lewes. It was a fine, if rather chilly day, but the lunch was splendid. As can be seen in the photos we had some fun in the garden and Jean and I took Lola over to the playground.

I took this one of Mary in the tree house from the comfort of the summer house

Lola goes through the hoop

Now it's Mary's turn

Faster, Grandma, faster

I snapped this Azure Damselfly in the park

TUESDAY 28 May 2013

Jean and I had Lisa and Joe for the day, so we all went down to Gunwharf on the train. After lunch we went up the spinnaker tower where Lisa and Joe were fascinated by the glass floor.

Joe and Lisa 'walking the plank' over the glass floor in the Spinnaker Tower

Charlie, the resident magician, made Lisa a giraffe balloon

Joe was very pleased with his spinnaker tower model

Before we went, Lisa and Joe put on a puppet show for us. They take a bow.

MONDAY 27 May 2013

Will, Rachel and Nell paid us a visit on a sunny Bank Holiday. Freddy was at home and Reggie was at his Granddad's. After a spendid tea we had a walk through the beautiful Brook Meadow.

Will, Rachel and Jean on the north bridge over the River Ems

Rachel and Nell enjoying walking through the avenue of Cow Parsley

Nell marking the first flowering Southern Marsh Orchid of the year

Nell tries out 'Freddy's tree' on Brook Meadow

Nell measuring the height of the Meadow Foxtail grasses

ISLE OF WIGHT - 8 to 12 May 2013

Jean and I stayed a few days with Pete and Julia in their home in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. The weather was not too good, but we managed several excellent walks in local woodlands and cemetery. Jean walked Lily and Iris to school and we were also present for Iris's 5th birthday.

Jean all ready to walk Lily and Iris to school in the morning

Lily and Iris playing games on their laptops

Iris and Lily among the Bluebells in Walter's Copse

The girls collected some nice wild flowers in Northwood Cemetery

Iris opening a birthday card from Lisa

Iris had a special styling head from her Mum and Dad (not impressed)

Iris claiming the first piece of her 'caterpillar' birthday cake

Iris trying out her 'magic wand' present

Pete at work on his allotment

Here am I with the 19th Century cannon and carriage at Fort Victoria which was funded by Pete's project


Lisa entered into a local photographic competition for all local primary schools under the classification 'Nature and Water' . Lisa did not win the competition, but received 'highly commended' for her photo.

This was Lisa's entry 'Spotted Redshank at Nore Barn' - 26 January 2013

PS Although I was with Lisa at the time, and lent her my camera, I did not take the photo. Lisa took a number of other photos and chose this one (and another one) herself to enter for the competition. I did not edit it in any way. It was all her own work.

Here is Lisa receiving her certificate in Emsworth Community Centre

Lisa with her certificate

Lisa with some of the other prizewinners

Lisa and Grandma admiring the photos


Jean and I invited Lisa to accompany us on a trip to the Isle of Wight to see Pete, Julia and the girls.

Lisa was soon organising Lily and Iris in games

Then they laid out the train set in the girls' bedroom

Lunch time, but why are we waiting?

Here comes Pete with a mighty shepherd's pie

After lunch everyone (but me) went for a walk to the park - taken from the window

The girls were way ahead going through the allotments


About half the Fellows family gathered at 11 Bridge Road, Emsworth to celebrate Mothering Sunday for Jean - though Rachel and Karen are also mothers! Will, Rachel, Freddy, Nell and Reggie arrived from Amberley and Danny, Karen and Lisa and Joe just came round the corner from their place. It was great to see everyone and we had a lovely day. Will & Rachel brought a load of food with them which they cooked up and prepared for dinner; fish pie, lentil casserole, broad beans, carrots, etc. Danny and Karen provided the puddings which went down very well; strawberries and meringue, ice cream, and chocolate cake made by Karen. What a feast.

Nell and Lisa spent the afternoon rehearsing their show which they performed for everyone in the garden. It was freezing so we were all wrapped up. Will and Danny took the boys over to the park to get some energy off. The men and boys watched the FA Cup game Man U 2 Chelsea 2 which was very good. The children had pasta for their tea before making their way home to Amberley and Church Path respectively. What a great day. Almost as good as our 50th Wedding Anniversary.

We had much fun with Reggie's new remote controlled helicopter

Will and Freddy busy in the kitchen preparing lunch. Freddy has a new method of cutting carrots!

Meanwhile, Lisa and Nell played Downfall

Nell pondering her next move

Lisa and Nell discovered a big card for Jean's 39th birthday signed by all four children

The boys all loved the froggy game

Will and Karen serving lunch

Everyone tucking into lunch

Strawberries in March - How scrumptious!

Karen made a chocolate cake with candles for Nell's birthday

Nell blew out the candles one at a time - or tried to.

Finally, Nell and Lisa put on their show in the back garden - pretty chilly!

Lisa performed her twirly flags routine to a round of applause

. . . Here is a link to a video on YouTube featuring Reggie's helicopter . . .

LOLA'S SCHOOL SHOW - 6 March 2013

Jean and I were pleased to accept the invitation to attend the annual grandparents' Spring Party and Show at Kingston Primary School this afternoon. The children put on a good show with many fine performances on piano, violin, guitar, trumpet and bassoon. There were also special short plays from each of the year classes. Lola played a prominent part in her Willow class production about children's historic toys. She donned her granny wig which she had worn for the Christmas show and had a prominent speaking role in the play. Unfortunately, I missed getting photos of her on stage, but here is one of Lola departing with her class mates.

Lola also volunteered to do the percussion slot in the instrumental solos with a mystery tune on her 'jingle bells'.

At the end of the show the grandparents were escorted around the school by senior pupils and we were able to see Lola in her classroom.

LILY AND IRIS IN EMSWORTH - 23 February 2013

Pete and Julia spent a couple of days with us on their way back to the Isle of Wight from Kingston where they had been visiting Mary, George and Lola. Jean and I had the kids on Saturday while Pete and Julia went to Portsmouth. Here are a few snaps from the day.

Jean combed Lily's hair while the girls set about threading beads for necklaces


Lily was multi-tasking when making her necklace


Iris smiles for the camera!

The girls go through the family version of trump cards


Snack time with gingerbread men


Iris's man has nearly all gone


Well wrapped up in Emsworth Library


Back home to make (and taste) cakes with Grandma

PANCAKE DAY - 12 February 2013

Jean and I were invited round to 23 Church Path for pancakes. Karen prepared both savoury and sweet pancakes which Danny did a good job of cooking and tossing without dropping.

EMSWORTH GATHERING - 10 February 2013

Pete, Julia, Lily and Iris came over to Emsworth for the weekend.

Now everyone smile please


Lily and Iris liked playing on the stairs


Lily and Lisa having a quiet read


Jean reading to Lily


Jean laid on a fine lunch of spaghetti bolognaise which everyone enjoyed


Julia and Lily


I was very pleased to accompany Lisa to Nore Barn this afternoon to take some photos of the birds on the shore. Lisa is hoping to enter the Maurice Broomfield Photographic Competition for local schoolchildren, organised by the Slipper Millpond Association. This year's theme for the competition is 'Water and Wildlife' and there is certainly plenty of both on show at Nore Barn.

We arrived at about 13.30 with the tide falling. Plenty of Brent Geese and Black-headed Gulls were on the water and as the tide fell a couple of Black-tailed Godwits appeared along with the ever faithful Spotted Redshank. It was an exciting first ever harbour birdwatching experience for Lisa. She loved seeing the geese on the water and the elegant godwits. We had to chase around a bit after the Spotted Redshank which was unusually mobile, but managed to get reasonably close for Lisa to get some shots.

I had previously given Lisa instruction on how to use my 12x zoom Panasonic Lumix camera and she picked it up very quickly. I suggested she should take plenty of photos and then choose the best ones afterwards. Lisa took all the photos herself and improved as she went on. Her Spotted Redshanks were as good as any I have seen from far more experienced photographers. Hopefully, she will be inspired to return for more.

Here is a view of Nore Barn taken by Lisa

Here are a couple of Lisa's favourites.

Black-headed Gull preening

Spotted Redshank striding purposively

SNOWFALL IN ENGLAND - 18 January 2013

The snow had been well forecast and it came in force on the morning of Jan 18. Light at first then gradually heavier as the morning went on. I measured a depth of 15cm (4 1/4 inches) on our flat patio table, less than the 7 inches I recorded after the last heavy snowfall in early Dec 2010.

Here is our back garden during the snowfall

Jean made a start to walk to Brook Gardens for her craft group, but got no further than the end of the road.

Now, son, just watch me. This is how I used to go down the Cresta run

He's a chip off the old block

Lisa is also a budding snow star

Pete's snowman and his snowdog

Now, what exactly do you call this, young lady?

Will and Reggie in their igloo. Has Rachel finally thrown them out?

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