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YEAR 2012 - August to December

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The whole Fellows family assembled at Will and Rachel's mansion in Amberley for the Christmas festivities. Despite the rain and wind and the coughs and colds of at least half the family, it was truly a wonderful occasion. Will cooked a splendid Christmas dinner with turkey and all the usual vegetables and trimmings followed by the traditional blazing pudding. All meals were served on their new oak table in the music room as the kitchen-diner extension was still under construction. Here are a few of my photos roughly in chronological order.

Here is a link to a video of the presents opening on YouTube . . .

Will and Rachel laid on thick pea soup and sushi for Christmas eve dinner. Note the oak table.

Reggie organised a pass-the-parcel game for Xmas eve - won by Lily

Christmas morning and Lola, Iris and Lisa enjoyed some dancing before the presents

Here is Joe in his new England shirt holding football. A star of the future?

This boy certainly has a fine kick

And he is pretty useful in goal - keeping out shots from Reggie, Freddy and Danny

Meanwhile, Freddy gave Lola and Iris instruction in the art of table tennis

What everyone had been waiting for. The presents!

So many presents and so much wrapping paper

Will and Rachel open their presents with Reggie. What's in that envelope?

Jean gets a snazzy cushion

Jean prepares the table for 19 people for Christmas dinner

Will serves the turkey with all the vegetables etc laid out. What a feast!

The girls take a bow after a dancing show

Will busy cooking pancakes non-stop for breakfast

The kids tucked in to pancakes and bagels for Boxing Day breakfast

Reggie mascot for the game (with black hat) walking out with Forest Green Rovers players and officials

Will treated us to posh seats and corporate facilities for the Forest Green Rovers game

Will cuts the Christmas cake.

The girls treated us to a concert. Lisa sang 'Holy Night' in three languages!

and Lola had her own nativity song. What a memory!

Kids snuggling down to watch TV after breakfast

Danny and Pete inspect the new kitchen-diner extension


Unfortunately, Jean and I were not able to go to Kingston for Lola's School Christmas Show. But Mary and George sent these few photos of our budding actress doing her stuff.

Lola in her costume as Mrs Tilly

Gord save our gracious Mrs Tilly

Did someone say 'A cup of tea?'

PETER'S GRADUATION - 11 December 2012

Jean and Brian attended Peter's graduation ceremony at the Assembly Rooms in Bath. After two years of part-time study and dissertations at the University of Bath, Peter collected his well deserved MSc in Conservation of Historic Gardens and Cultural Landscapes.

Pete all decked up in cap and gown with his proud Mum and Dad at Brocks Guest house.

Pete in relaxed mood waiting outside the Assembly Rooms in Bath

Pete collecting his certificate from the Dean

Video link . . .

LOLA AT LEWES - December 2012

Lola with her stall selling various Christmas goodies in competition with her mum?

Lola with a baby owl at Wyevales in Lewes

DANNY'S BIRTHDAY - 4 November 2012

Danny invited us for lunch out in the Stansted Pavillion Cafe for his birthday treat.

Afterwards Karen and Joe went on the train, while Danny and Lisa got lost in the maze (joking).

DANNY'S BONFIRE PARTY - 3 November 2012

Danny had his annual bonfire party with the usual bonanza of fireworks and sparklers (thanks Gareth). There were the regular super saucepans of chilli (hot and veggie for choice) very welcome on a cold but dry evening.

Gareth stoking the bonfire of Danny's old shed

The sparklers were in great demand

But the fireworks were the highlight - note Danny's spanking new shed

Everyone was captivated by the fireworks

The toasted marshmallows were a great hit


There was no particular reason for this one day family gathering. Will just fancied coming down to Emsworth with Reggie. Pete also fancied the trip. So Will picked up Pete, Lily and Iris at Southampton ferry from the Isle of Wight. Danny, Lisa and Joe joined us for lunch.

The kids line up for Grandma's special mixed fruit pie

Lily and Reggie inspect the car collection while Iris looks on

But this is what they all look forward to . . . the hidden treasures of the attic


After lunch we all went over Staunton Country Park. Conkers are quite hard to find this year

Iris pretends she is lady of the estate

We have been on an adventure with Grandma!

Reggie and Iris try their hand at mini-beast identification

Reggie took this photo

LOLA'S HEART CUSHION - 7 October 2012

Lola and her mum created this beautiful cushion - roughly heart-shaped!

BRIAN'S OAK TREE - 7 October 2012

On 4th March 2012, Brian and Jean were both invited to plant Oak trees on Brook Meadow to commemorate the Queen's Golden Jubilee. Both trees are doing well. Here is Brian standing proudly by his tree, almost overtopping him already.

LOLA AT HOME - 18 September 2012

Jean and I visited Kingston to look after Lola for the day while George went to London to collect Mary and her things from a show. We met Lola from school. She had a play in the playground before going home for tea and bed.

Lola demonstrating her tree climbing skills in the recreation ground

Lola and Grandma having a chat in the new kitchen - very smart

Grandma. Will you sing while I play the tune?

Jean's quilt in Lola's bedroom

LISA CANOEING - 6 September 2012

Lisa and her Dad went canoeing in Emsworth Harbour at Nore Barn on a fine September evening with a calm sea and an on shore breeze. It's not the first time Lisa had been in a canoe, but she had not gone this far. She and her dad ambled around the narrow channels off Conigar Point and had a snack while resting on the saltmarshes. Here is a snap I took as they were returning. For more pics see Danny's blog at . . .

JEAN ON BROOK MEADOW - 4 September 2012

Jean is not all that tall, but she was dwarfed by the huge Wild Angelica plants that grow on Brook Meadow.

BRIAN'S 76th BIRTHDAY - 12 August 2012 - Danny was the photographer

We all assembled at 11 Bridge Road for my 76th birthday. Hey folks I'm still here!

Jean put on a marvellous spread of food

Golly, girls. I shall need some help to blow this lot out!


A little celebration with Mary's sparkling vino

This is what we have all been waiting for


Jean and I had a wonderful surprise for our 50th wedding anniversary. I had no idea what was happening and Jean did not know much more. All 18 of us assembled for brunch at 23 Church Path, prepared by Karen. Lovely scones. Then we marched down to the millpond to board the solar powered boat, specially hired for our family, for a trip around Emsworth Harbour . This was a new experience for both of us! The kids really loved it. Finally, we headed off to the Queen Elisabeth Country Park where we had a great BBQ with food organised by Mary and drinks, Champagne and cake from Rachel and Will. The kids had a truly wonderful time playing in the woods. Here are a few snaps from the day. See Danny's blog for more.

Will, Julia and Pete went out for a run before the jamboree started

while Jean manicured Iris's fingernails

and Reggie demonstrated his super strength to Lily

Jean and I had some lovely personally made cards from the children, including this one from Lisa

and this very appropriate one from Freddy

Lola made sure her box of sweeties was ready for the boat trip

and they were much appreciated by all the children on the boat

and Iris enjoyed her lollypop

Chris, the skipper, gave us a safety talk. We had the boat to ourselves!

Ah . . . This is the life!

Lola and Nell look out for Seals, which Chris says are resident in the harbour.

"Is that where you used to go sailing, Dad?"

Nell pulls something very wierd out of her sweetie bag

Thanks to Chris for taking this great photo - and everyone is looking!

George and Will struggling with the BBQ in the country park

Meanwhile, all the children headed for the woods

Let's all go exploring, says Nell

"Now," says Nell, "I want you all to find something special"

Here is mine, says Lola

"Who wants to play hide and seek?" PS What would we do without Nell?

Joe found a good hiding place

and Lisa ... coming ...

Now, the kids are hungry and food is ready!

Everyone tucks in. What a feast.

The kids have a break for a spot of tree climbing. Is Lola communing with the tree gods.

The shelter provided a useful refuge when the rain started

Finally, Rachel produced a scrumptious cake with 50 candles (almost).

"Now make sure everyone gets a bit, Will"

Lola seems to fancy that other cake


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