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YEAR 2012 - January to July

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ISLE OF WIGHT - Sunday 1 July 2012

Pete and Julia invited us to their house in Fellows Road, Cowes for the day. We went as foot passengers on the Fishbourne ferry and Pete met us at the ferry. The weather turned out to be fine and warm apart from a brisk SW wind. It was good to see the house again and the garden which is gradually filling up with children's play equipment. Lily and Iris were both in high spirits and full of fun!

Iris on the new slide and Lily on the swing in the garden

We all went over to the Cowes Primary School fete where Iris made a kite

After lunch we walked over to Northwood Cemetery. Lily loved the long grasses

and Papa found some nice flowers, like this Common Cow-wheat

Lily and Iris show Grandma their friends on their school's tea towel

Finally, here is a view of the house from the end of the garden

KAREN'S BIRTHDAY - 30 June 2012

Jean and I were invited round for lunch at 23 Church Path to celebrate Karen's birthday. Before lunch Lisa entertained us with her 'whirlies' show.

Now who is going to blow out the candles on Karen's birthday cake?


Here are a few photos taken during the flooding of the Westbrook Stream today. The rain was heavy and continuous all morning and much of the afternoon, which meant that the Westbrook Stream became a raging torrent. Here is it racing through the Bridge Road Wayside.

The stream quickly broke its banks and flooded the car park.

The flooding in the southern part of Bridge Road was not as bad as it was in Nov 2010, but the road had to be closed and sandbags issued. I believe some houses were flooded.

The flooding in Victoria Road where the Westbrook Stream flows under the road was much worse than last time. In fact, locals said they had never seen the stream as high. Several houses were flooded and the road closed.

Our garden which backs onto the stream progressively flooded during the day, but the house was not threatened.


Jean and Brian met Pete, Julia and the kids in Ryde. Jean had Pete's wallet which he left in Emsworth last time he was here.

They met us at the end of Ryde pier and we walked down to the esplanade.

Pete took us into his favourite cafe on the esplanade for hot chocolate and very special chocolates

Iris and Lily are the bathing belles of Ryde


Will, Rachel, Freddy, Nell and Reggie came down to Emsworth for the day. We were joined by Karen, Lisa and Joe. Danny was off on a cycling pub crawl to Chichester. See photos on Danny's blog . . .

The kids tucked into their lunch

followed by ice creams

The weather was not good, but Will was determined to get the canoes out. Here they are at Nore Barn

Reggie had a go in the canoe with Will

Freddy was OK on his own

Nell was a brave girl and decided to go for a swim. 'It's lovely in here'

LOLA IN EMSWORTH - 6 April 2012

Lola and her Mum spent the day with us in Emsworth on their way to see Peter and Julia and the girls on the Isle of Wight.

We went for a walk onto Brook Meadow to play Pooh sticks in the river

My stick keeps getting stuck

Papa. I can see a rare bird!

Lola tries to get to grips with Lisa's hoola-hoop

That's much better, Lola

And, finally, Lola and Lisa show off their skipping skills

LISA'S DINNER - 5 April 2012

Jean and I were invited to a special dinner of a triple-decked fish pie, cooked by Lisa and her dad.

Before dinner Lisa gave a short piano recital to get us in the mood!

and dinner was served

COWES - 2 April 2012

Jean and I had a day's outing to see Pete and Julia and the girls in their new home in Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

Here we are in their garden which is looking very good and flourishing

We had lunch in Cowes and all went for a walk along the prom. Lovely weather.

We had a sit down on the beach.

Iris loses her straw inside the bottle

The girls collected pebbles and sticks. Here is a nice one.

We had a look at the new allotment. Lily got to work right away!

This is a view of the house from the allotment

KINGSTON - 25 March 2012

Jean and I went over to see Mary, George and Lola at Kingston. They were all getting ready for Lola's 6th birthday party in the local village hall the next day.

We met them in Lewes and had lunch in Bill's cafe

Back at Kingston Lola showed us the two tiny chicks she had for her birthday

It was just like summer and Lola loved the paddling pool

Meanwhile, Mary was busy preparing for Lola's party with a bit of help from her Mum

AMBERLEY - 17 March 2012

Jean and I visited Will and Rachel in their 'new' house for the first time. And what a great house it is! The occasion was Nell's 9th birthday celebrations - her special Lady Gaga show. Danny, Karen, Lisa and Joe were also there.

Here are a few snaps from our visit. Many thanks to Will and Rachel for their hospitality and for letting us have their bedroom.

Lunch in the conservatory

The music room - that is Nells clarinet and Reggie's violin

The sitting room - easily takes a full sized table tennis table

And the view from the front bedroom

Contemplating the mansion

Nell, Reggie and Lisa all took part in a 1km run. Here is Reggie coming to the finishing line

Nell with her 9th birthday cake and friends in their Lady Ga-ga costumes

The finale of the Lady Ga-Ga show

Lisa taking a bow at the end of the show. She won a prize for the most improved dancer!

KEYNSHAM - 19 March 2012

On the way home Jean and I stopped for a nostalgic walk around Jean's home town.

Here is Number 2 Abbey Close where Jean was brought up. Looking very spruce too.

Jean and Brian outside Keynsham Baptist Church almost 50 years after we were married there

and here we are in the same place on August 13th 1962

Beautiful Stowe Family

David and Miyuki have produced a video on YouTube with a collection of Derek's old photos.

There is also one of David doing his manly stuff on his bike