YEAR 2011 January to July

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KAREN'S BIRTHDAY - 2 July 2011

Here is Karen opening some of her presents with her Mum and Dad watching

Jean made a nice birthday cake for Karen


We looked after Lily and Iris for a couple of days while Pete and Julia moved into their new house on the Isle of Wight.

They loved going over to Brook Meadow and running through the long grasses

They also picked some flowers

and had a rest with Papa

Lisa showing Lily how to balance on a narrow bar - like at gymnastics


Enough of children, at long last, here is something for the chaps!

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Jean and I went along to the annual Emsworth Primary School Summer Fete. Lisa is a second year pupil at the school and Karen was a key person in organising the fete. The weather was kind and everything seemed to go well.

Jean got up at 6am this morning to bake 100 scones which were served at the fete with cream and jam!

Lisa took part in some races. this one was a relay, though she got a bit left behind.

Lisa was more at home with the ball run

Here are the troops having lunch. The BBQ-ed beef burgers were very good!

LOLA IN EMSWORTH - 30 May 2011

Mary and Lola taking photos of the orchids on Brook Meadow

Lola collecting wild flowers on Brook Meadow

Grandma, do you like butter?

Lisa and Joe feeding the birds in Bridge Road garden


Here are a few of the snaps from our holiday on the Isle of Wight in early May. Jean and I rented a chalet at the Gurnard Pines holiday village. This was really close to where Pete and Julia live in Cowes, so we were able to see a good deal of Pete and Julia and Lily and Iris. Sorry there are no photos of Julia, but she was working hard all the week.

This was the chalet we rented, very nice too on the edge of woodland

Iris and Lily playing outside the Gurnard chalet

We had a Red Squirrel for breakfast every morning!

This was the May Day Festival in Yarmouth which Pete helped to organise

Having a stroll through Mill Copse in Yarmouth

Jean and I visited Osborne House

Now, that would make some good rhubarb crumble

We had a nice picnic in a meadow on Newtown Nature Reserve

Pete giving the kids some tree climbing practice

Daddy, Papa says little people live in there

Pete took me over to see the heathland restoration at Bouldner that he is funding

where we saw this Pale Dog-violet - a really rare plant!

Having coffee in the reception of Pete's office

Jean and I had a tour of this splendid house in Fellows Road (yes) which Pete and Julia want!

EASTER AT KINGSTON - 24 April 2011

All the Fellows family gathered at the home of Mary, George and Lola for a great birthday party for Mary, with splendid weather, fine food, excellent games and brilliant company. Present were Jean and Brian from Emsworth, Will, Rachel, Freddy, Nell and Reggie from Amberley, Danny, Karen, Lisa and Joe from Emsworth, Peter, Julia, Lily and Iris from the Isle of Wight and Glenys from Canada and Helen and Gareth from Bristol, plus Owen from next door. I took lots of photos and a few videos. Selecting what to include here was very hard. But here we go.

The house and garden before the party - taken from the tree house

George supervising the girls

George getting stuck into the BBQ

Mother and youngest son take it easy

Now, come on Freddy. Where did you hide the girls?

Dad, do chocolate chicks really come out of here?

Jean and Brian taking a swing with little Iris

Are you really hoping to become King of the Isle of Wight?

Sisters, sisters. There were never such devoted sisters!

Everyone sits down for lunch under the canopy

What we have all been waiting for - Mary's Pavlova

Helen, Glenys and Gareth leave for home (Bristol)

Nell and Lisa put on a show

The mandatory family group photo. Turn around Iris.

Lily and Lola went picking wild flowers


Lily concentrating hard . . .

while Iris checks her text messages

Iris discovers ants

Posing for a picture on papa's nature reserve

Dandelions are having a great year


We had lunch in the Aspex Gallery

Iris and Lily doing a Sherlock Holmes

Wow. Up we go. Into the sky!

Yum. That is so good


Will, Rachel, Freddy, Nell and Reggie all stayed with us in Bridge Raod


Nell having her hair done

Serious business this lego

Meanwhile, Freddy takes it easy

Lisa, Reggie and Nell discussing their lives

Everyone relaxing in the garden

Nell and Lisa collecting flowers on Brook Maedow

Their beautiful live picture of Brook Meadow

Acrobats in action in the playground

We all went round for a BBQ at Danny and Karen's

and had the traditional bonfire


Pete and Julia popped into Emsworth with Lily and Iris on their way to Lola's birthday party in Kingston

Iris having her hair done in preparation for Lola's party

Lily pondering the mysteries of magnetism

Lily and Iris all ready in their party frocks

LOLA'S 5TH BIRTHDAY - 22 March 2011

Lola getting a ride to the playground before the meal.

Lola getting up an appetite on the climbing frame

and finally Lola's sweet with a candle

. LOLA AT SCHOOL - 10 March 2011

Jean and I were invited to a Grandparents Easter Tea at Kingston and Iford School. All grandparents were greeted at the door with a posy of fresh flowers. We went into the hall where all the classes performed shows, including Lola's reception class. There was also a number of individual performances on piano, guitar and violin. It was all very enjoyable and the children did very well.

Lola and her classmates in 'Goldilocks'


Afterwards, Lola showed us around her classroom with great enthusiasm. We also met Lola's teacher, Miss Roberts. Finally, all grandparents returned to the hall for a cup of tea and a piece of cake.

Lola in her classroom

Meanwhile, back home at Roughdown, George was busy making a special Easter Bonnet for Lola. An amazing construction! Lola collected an egg laid by the ducks.

George putting the finishing touches to Lola's bonnet

Not sure if Lola is all that keen on the bonnet!

Lola with a duck egg laid today

LOLA AT HOME IN KINGSTON - 23 February 2011

Jean and I were invited to lunch by Mary and George at their house in Kingston and what a splendid feast it was. Lola was in fine form and is looking well following her prolonged stay in hospital. She is now off her special no fat diet and is allowed to eat what she likes. Here are a few snaps from the day.

PS - Mary and George popped in to Emsworth on Sunday 27 Feb on their way back from a weekend on the Isle of Wight with Pete, Julia, Lily and Iris. Lola had a nasty fall in Ryde which left her with a big lump on her forehead and a bleeding nose. Fortunately, she seemed none the worse for her mishap.

Jean and Mary enjoy a coffee on the new sofa!


Lola concentrating on her drawing


Lola entertaining me in her bedroom


Despite the nasty weather we managed to get out with Lola on her new tricycle


Lola having fun with her Mum and Grandma on Kingston Green

ISLE OF WIGHT - 20 February 2011

Jean and I had a day trip over to the Island to meet Pete and Julia and the Lily and Iris. We went as foot passengers on the car ferry to Fishbourne, which was a very pleasant journey. We walked up the coastal path to Quarr Abbey, which was quite different from when we were here last. The Abbey has had lottery money to open it up to the public and it was interesting to walk round. Pete was interested in an orchard of old apple trees. They had a small cafe and I wished we had stopped there for lunch, as we had a very poor lunch at the Fishbourne Inn.

Quarr Abbey in the background

Iris and Lily taking it easy

Lily making friends with the local pony

Before Pete and Julia arrived, Jean and I had an excllent view of a Red Squirrel in a garden immediately opposite the Fishbourne Inn pub. This was the first Red Squirrel either of us had seen in the island. The others saw what was probably the same Squirrel a couple of hours later. Red Squirrels (unlike Grey Squirrels which came from North America) are now rare in Britain and are restricted to the Isle of Wight, Brownsea Island and Scotland.

LOLA'S CUSHION - 14 February 2011

Here is Lola with the pretty cushion that Jean made for her, with a patchwork house with flowers.


Here is Joe trying out his tricycle with Jean and Lisa in attendance.

This is one of several photos I took of Lisa's toys in Emsworth playground. Here they are climbing up the climbing frame. The photos illustrated Lisa's exciting 'Midnight Adventure' story in which her toys went of on a spree.

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