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Enough of children, here is something for the chaps! This is the page for a nostalgic trip through our old cars. I have been rummaging through the family photos in the boxes upstairs and have turned up a few cars and other vehicles we used to drive in the old days. It is still incomplete, but here goes. I could not find any of Pete's cars and van, nor of Mary's early scooters.


Danny set the ball rolling with some nostalgic research into his previous cars and here they are (not the actual ones, of course)

Here are a few photos I dug out of the family photos boxes of Danny and his cars

Danny's Ford Fiesta in the drive of 26 Westbourne Avenue 1993 with JJ in the foreground

Danny and Mary to Manchester in a car Danny had while working for IBM - Sept 1988. See our yellow Metro in the drive.


Danny preparing to drive our red Escort to Manchester with Mary in - Sept 1989

This is the van that Danny and Karen drove back from Las Palmas in July 1991

Freddy going for a spin in Danny's MG - June 2002


Morris 8 Tourer - This was my very first car which I bought for £30 in bristol and I learned to drive in it. Thanks to Ron Clarke for being a great teacher. Note the running board! The retractable roof worked!

Here we are in Birmingham visiting my mother and sister Joan - 1961

This side was even better. Who needs a door handle?

Morris 8 EHT446 - This was my second car. What a splendid vehicle. I needed to impress my wife to be.

It had a sliding roof which actually blew off on our way to Torquay in 1964!

We stopped in this little village in Dorset - summer 1963

Morris Oxford Estate - LGX 602D

This was a great car which I had for some years in the 1970s. We used to drive to Poppit Sands in it with two kids in the back and two in the boot! Those were the days.

I can't find a photo, but Danny came across this link showing one like I used to drive. . . .

Will's voluminous memory came up with the registration of the Oxford - LGX602D.

Austin Maxis

After the Oxford I had a couple of Maxis, one green and the other a ghastly purple. Danny still has the registration plate from the green Maxi which was DOT650K.

Here is the green Maxi at Poppit Sands in August 1979, our last family holiday there.

Austin Metro KOT 634Y

My 'yellow peril' Metro in the snow at Westbourne Avenue - January 1987

Danny's new red Mark 1 Escort is in the background

Ford Escort - A874 RAR

After the Escort we had this equally 'perilious' red Escort, always a bother to start. The hair drier was a remedy.

Peter and I had a few days in Great Yarmouth in 1989

We had several journeys to Hull. This is Pete's first lodging in Ryde Street - 1989


This blue Maestro served me well for about 8 years until it was stolen from outside 11 Bridge Road in 1998.

In Tamworth where Danny had a teaching job at the college for a while.

The Maestro outside 11 Bridge Road while Pa was still living there - June 1996

My scooters

I had a Vespa scooter during my first year at the University of Bristol which I used to drive to and from Birmingham with a pile of luggage strapped to the back. A real nightmare of a thing. I don't have any photos of it.

But here is me on a scooter I borrowed to drive from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon in 1960

It was an automatic which I had never driven before. Quite an experience through the Arizona desert!


Vauxhall Viva

This is the only photo I could find of any of Will's cars while he was in Emsworth, but fairly typical. Remember that Lancia?

The Viva was probably the worst of the lot. Here it is being attended to in Colchester on the way to Essex University - Oct 1994


Pa's Mini was always part of the family and literally became so when Pa came to live in Emsworth.

This photo shows Will and Danny just about to drive it to Emsworth in January 1992