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FRIDAY JUNE 7 - 2019

Brook Meadow at Pallant
Yesterday, I took part in a special art day at the Pallant Gallery in which all gallery volunteers were invited to submit a work of art for display for one day only. Frankly, I am no artist, I cannot draw or paint or anything like that, so for my contribution I decided to create a photo montage of work, activities and wildlife on Brook Meadow. The event went very well and my montage picture was politely received by gallery staff and other volunteers, though it did seem a bit out of place among many real works of art. But this is a first for Brook Meadow to appear in the Pallant Gallery.

It was really good to see Jennifer Rye and Lesley Harris, my colleagues from the Brook Meadow Conservation Group, at the exhibition particularly as they were both featured in the montage. I think they liked it though they were a bit biased!

Jennifer was pleased to meet up with Alex whom she knew as a teacher in Emsworth
Alex now works for the Pallant Gallery as a community education officer

The event took place in Room 11 in the gallery
with works of art on the walls by famous artists

The show was organised by Leo seen here serving refreshments

Leo prides himself on his cakes and biscuits!

Here is a volunteer's display with two Ivon Hitchens paintings on the wall behind. You can see what the opposition was like!
Incidentally, Hitchens will be the next exhibition at the gallery. I'm looking forward to that!

Leo and curator Louise discussing the displays. Nice one on the easel behind Louise!

But this was my favourite volunteer painting. A lovely watercolour with grasses, plants, hills, birds, etc.
It was inspired by the Edward Thomas poem 'Adlestrop'.
Who is the artist I wonder?

PS - There is lots more information about Brook Meadow and the conservation group on our web site
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