YEAR 2011

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It was lovely to have everyone here in Emsworth for the annual get together of the Fellows clan, all 18 of us including 8 grandchildren. It was brilliant. I have tried to capture something of the sprit of the occasion with a few photos and a video clip.

Pete and Julia came over from the Isle of Wight with Lily and Iris, Will and Rachel were down from Amberley with Freddy, Nell and Reggie, Mary and George arrived from Kingston with Lola, and Danny and Karen came from just round the corner with Lisa and Joe.

Mary laid on a fine spread for lunch, while Jean prepared a range of puddings. The kids amused themselves in lots of ways as you will see from the photos. Jean ran a hunt the thimble for the youngsters and I organised a pass the parcel with 20 layers of paper! Reggie was the winner.

Thanks to Will and Rachel for the champagne

Happy New Year to you all

All tucking into Mary's lunch

Will and Pete having a chin wag over a mouthful of vino

The kids are ready and waiting for their favourite pudding


Queueing for second helpings

"When you are a man, you might have a motor bike like this one"

We're having fun, sitting on the back seat, huggin and a kissin . . . Where's Fred?

Meanwhile, Freddy was into the serious business of lego house construction

Lisa's family trump cards provoked much merriment and discussion of ratings

Freddy was particularly pleased with his top speed rating of 50 - The fastest in the family


Reggie was so proud of the toy he won on pass-the-parcel game

Now, let's have a photo of all the grand children. No messing about please.

Now, imagine you are the next King and Queen of England

Everyone was pleased to get the annual Fellows Family calender. Well done Will.

Shock horror! The kids set up their den in my study.

Finally, I got everyone together for the traditional group photo
Sorry about the quality, but the best I could muster with the weak flash

Julia and Iris on their way to Danny's place

and here we are, or at least some of us.

Finally, here is a link to a YouTube video clip of the kids having lunch and other activities on the day


Jean and I were invited to spend Christmas Day with Mary, George and Lola at their lovely home in Kingston, near Lewes. We were so pleased to see Lola, who had to spend a few days leading up to Christmas in hospital with a chest infection. But thankfully, she was well and greatly enjoyed opening her presents. George cooked a magnificent feast for dinner.

Lola in her new Christmas frock and her almost live cuddle bunny

This was one of two Disney Rapunzel dolls that Lola had for Christmas

Wow! Did Grandma really make that quilt all by herself.

George made a spicy soup for starters

and here is some of his main offering ... more to come!

Mary does the carving

and we all laugh when George lights the Christmas pudding


Jean and I were invited to attend the Kingston Primary School's nativity play. Lola was an angel in the infant's show called "A Special Kind of Present". Great singing with much verve and some drama stars of the future were on show. The children really enjoyed it as did the very enthusiastic audience.

COWES ISLE OF WIGHT - 26-27 November 2011

Jean and I went over to Island to spend the weekend with Pete, Julia, Lily and Iris. We stayed for the first time in their new house at 16 Fellows Road (renamed in their honour). Very spacious and comfortable, but lots of stairs (four floors) and a bathroom to fix up. But the garden is coming on nicely.

Hello everyone. This is where we live

and here is our new car

Let's have a tour of the house. This is our piano!

This is our best room. Mummy and Daddy call it their study

Here is Mummy hanging out the washing

Here is the garden where Daddy has two sheds and grows vegetables

This is our kitchen. What's for lunch Daddy?

and this is our bathroom with no bath and a window in the middle of the floor!

We walked through Walter's copse where scary tree monsters are about

Boo It was me all the time!

We found these fairy rings in the woods

Papa said, "What is the late November doing with the disturbance of the spring?"

Back home for lunch with fish pie, sausages and baked spuds

Papa also found these nasty Honey Fungi in Northwood Park. They eat trees!

Papa was really pleased to see this rare plant with black berries in the hedges - Wild Madder


Let's all go for a walk in Papa's meadow

It's Lily's favourite place

and its has some unexpected surprises

Lily also likes the mud on Emsworth shoreline

DANNY'S BONFIRE PARTY - 5 November 2011

All lined up waiting for the fireworks to begin

Geoff, Danny and David setting up the fireworks

Ohh . . . That's a pretty one

Wow .... there goes a rocket

Iris preferred a sparkler

Danny handing out Grandma's scrumptious chocolate brownies

Everyone enjoys toasting marsh mallows

LEWES BONFIRE PARADE - 5 November 2011

Will, Rachel and family attended the famous Lewes Bonfire Parade. Spot Mary and Lola.

Mary in rehearsal for the parade?

DANNY'S 46th BIRTHDAY - 4 November 2011

We celebrated with a bottle of bubbly that Danny had from Havant College for being such a great teacher!

We are all waiting for a bit of birthday cake

one two three ... blow


Will, Rachel, Freddy and Reggie at the 'Big Chill'

Nell has more than she can stomach!

Freddy in pensive mood at Fratton Park


LISA AND JOE GO SCARY - 31 October 2011

Lisa and Joe off to a Halloween party with their brave Mum


When it comes to beam exercises Beth Tweddle has nothing on Lisa!

Grandma shows her skills, but without the flip

Joe is very interested in his Mum's new smart phone


Mary and Lola visited us in Emsworth today from Kingston and stayed for lunch. We were joined by Lisa and Joe from round the corner.

Jean made some cakes which Lola enjoyed icing and decorating

Would you like one of my cakes?

Lola getting stuck into spaghetti bolognese with Joe and Lisa

PETER'S BIRTHDAY - 23 October 2011

We had a little family gathering at Gunwharf in Portsmouth to celebrate Peter's 41st birthday. Pete and Julia came over from the Isle of Wight with Lily and Iris and Danny, Lisa and Joe also joined us.

We assembled in the Strada cafe for lunch, mostly pizzas

Pete had a few pressies to open

The little ones had a go flying the planes

while Lisa braved being strapped into the giant trampoline

We walked back through Southsea to the hovercraft.

WILLIAM IN THE CLOUDS - September 2011

Willam has been taking a prominent part in some conferences recently on cloud computing, his special subject. Well done, Will. We are all very proud of him.

Here he is in Dublin along with the Ireland Prime Minister - the only ones with ties!

Here he is in Las Vegas giving a keynote speech on cloud computing - all on his own.

Link to report on Will's speech (thanks Rachel) . . .

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