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LOLA NEWS - September 2011

Lola loses her first tooth!

and has her hair cut

LISA'S 8th BIRTHDAY - 23 September 2011

Jean and I went round for a little celebration after the end of Lisa's 'Hello Kitty' party.

Lisa mesmerisd by the candles

Lisa protects her button collection from her little brother

Hello Kitty!

Lisa introduced to her Junior Dictionary

LILY AND IRIS IN EMSWORTH - 17-18 September 2011

Lily and Iris came to stay with us for a couple of days and overnight. Peter and Julia went over to stay at Mary and George's place in Kingston to celebrate Julia's birthday. Mary and George were staying with Will and Rachel at Amberley.

The kids had great fun in the new playground in Hollybank Recreation ground

"Hang on tight Iris, here we go . . . "

Lisa showing off her skills on the new zip wire

"Can you make one as long as this, Lisa?"

Four kids tucking into sausages and beans. Just like old times!

"Grandma's tomatoes are just . . . mmmm . . . ". Iris is not so sure.

"Bet you cannot find me"

Jean digging up some Sunflowers with an admiring audience

Lily and Iris inspect the Perennial Verbenas for their garden

Lily and Iris playing chase in the garden

JEAN'S BIRTHDAY WITH LOLA - Tuesday 13 September 2011

Jean celebrated her 75th birthday in Kingston with Lola. Jean and I looked after Lola while George went to London to collect Mary from her Top Drawer show.

We met Lola from school and she had a play in local playground with her friend Lizzie

"Come on, Grandma. It is quite safe"

Lola was very pleased with her daisy chain

Lola demonstrates her skill with the hoola-hoop

Birthday tea with Lola

"One two three blow"

Bedtime story


JOE'S THIRD BIRTHDAY - Wednesday 7 September 2011

Passing 11 Bridge Road on the way to Lisa's school with Joe clutching his Fireman Sam engine

Lisa's first day of her new term. Note her posh new coat, tights and shoes!

The remains of the cake after Joe's tea party. Just enough for Grandma and Papa.

What a big blow for a little boy

Joe, now look. The people have to go inside the bus.

LISA AND JOE ON PAPA'S MEADOW - Saturday 27 August 2011

Lisa and Joe love going over to Brook Meadow which is a fine nature playground for children and a place to pick wild flowers.

Lisa with her posy of wild flowers

Joe enjoys birdwatching on the meadow. There's a Buzzard!

Lisa admiring a fine crop of Wild Carrot flowers

Now, Joe you must stand still for Papa to take your picture

Lisa also loves playing with the new garage and the cars


A good proportion of the Fellows family decended on Emsworth this weekend. Mary, George and Lola stayed with us on the Saturday night and went to Paulton's Park to meet their friends on the Sunday. Will came with Freddy and Reggie, having been to Fratton Park to see Pompey lose 1-0 to Brighton. Rachel and Nell arrived later. They all stayed at Danny and Karen's on Saturday. Finally, Pete and Julia came over just for the Sunday from the Isle of Wight with Lily and Iris. Phew! Most of us went for a walk through my beautiful Brook Meadow which is where most of the photos were taken.

On the bridge over the River Ems near the entrance to Brook Meadow

Freddy and Reggie decided to test the river water. Cold!

Reggie and Lily collected wild flowers which abound on the meadow

Will caught a frog to Reggie's delight

Now, handle it carefully, Reggie

Freddy having fun with Lily

Pete and Will lead the way to the pub past Peter Pond

A welcome light refreshment at the Lord Raglan overlooking Slipper Millpond

BRIAN'S 75TH BIRTHDAY - 12 August 2011

We had a small birthday tea to celebrate my 75th 'wind turned age' with Danny, Karen, Lisa and Joe. All the usual fun and games, such as pass the parcel and musical bumps, of course.


Jean made me a chocolate birthday cake with 5 candles, which (shock horror) I needed the help of Lisa and Joe to blow out!

Joe waiting his turn for cake


Mary, George and Lola, Karen, Lisa and Joe and Jean and myself all trouped along to the field behind the Sussex Brewery for the annual Glastonbrewery Festival at which Red Sky were the starring band - with Jimmer doing the vocals, Ralph on guitar and Danny on drums. I particularly liked their final number (writtten by Ralph) 'I want to be Angus Young' .

Here they are in action

Lisa and Lola were practising some of their dance steps

There were plenty of things for the kids along with food and drink. Lisa gave me some of her candy floss which I have not tasted since the kids were little (over 30 years ago).

How did you enjoy the music Joe? What music, Dad?

POPPIT SANDS - 30 July to 6 August 2011

Here are a few snaps from our family holiday in good old Poppit Sands. There are lots more on Danny's blog.

Here is a link to some photos of wildlife around Poppit Sands . . . Wildlife of Poppit Sands

Jean and I stayed in the flat at the Webley Hotel for the fourth year. Danny and Karen rented the white chalet on the beach. Meanwhile, Pete camped on the fiield behind the caravans with Lily and Iris. Julia was at her Open University summer school in Bath. The weather was generally not too bad. Pete had a couple of rainy nights when the rain hammered down on his tent, but we managed plenty of sessions on the beach.

It is amazing to think that Jean first came to Poppit visiting her aunt and uncle in 1953 and I was here staying in the YHA hostel in 1959. Then we had a series of five yearly holidays with all the kids in the 1970s and now we are back again with the grand children.

Danny brought his new canoe and Joe was a 'natural' as soon as he sat in it!

We all spent plenty of time exploring the rock pools. Joe's first encounter with seaweed?

Lisa found the sandy beach the ideal place for practising her gymnastics

Pete erecting his tent on a sloping field with 'our' cottage in the background

We all gathered in the Webley Hotel for a meal on our first night

Pete also brought his canoe and had a practice paddle with Danny to the old lifeboat hut

Papa. Are you watching?

Iris with her very own sand castle, though she liked knocking them down best!

Lily made some great sand castles, though she had to keep an eye on her little sister

We had our traditional smashing fish and chip dinner outside The Netpool

We all agreed that Bowen's was the best fish and chip shop in the world

That's right Lily, you need to throw the tiny fish back

Jean and I had coffee in the refurbished cafe while Iris had her favourite sandwiches

Jean's M25 in the sand with her own version of the Hindhead tunnel

Karen prepared a fine picnic on the beach for us all

Danny and Pete bringing in their canoes after their epic trip down the River Teifi

All enjoying one of Danny's BBQs outside the chalet

Gosh, even Iris thought that burger was tops - One for the album!

The kids spent endless hours just playing on this wonderful beach. Who needs Mallorca?

We had a surprise visit from Sian, Glynis and Mike

Papa, have you got this one?

Now, I wonder what happens if . . . ?

We found a couple of old photos of Poppit from the 1930s. Note the absence of dunes in front of the chalets

This just shows the roof of 'our pink cottage' and they even had camping in the field

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