YEAR 2010 - December

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CHRISTMAS IN EMSWORTH - 25-27 December 2010

December 25 - All the Fellows family gathered in Emsworth for the festivities. Pete, Julia, Lily and Iris came over from the Isle of Wight on Christmas Eve and stayed at Danny's. On Christmas Day, Karen cooked a splendid turkey roast with all the trimmings for us, which was followed by the traditional blazing Christmas pudding. Here are some photos from Christmas day.

Julia made some very tasty chocolate truffles which we had after lunch on Christmas Day

We all opened our presents while we waited for the turkey to be cooked

Iris gets her present from under the tree

Lily showing her balancing skill

Danny and Pete intent on the new game called Pucket

Yes, Lisa. Shall I start carving?

Joe with one of his presents at the dinner table

We wondered why the children were so quiet after dinner

DECEMBER 27 - The rest of the family arrived on the Monday. Mary, George and Lola from Kingston and Will, Rachel, Freddy Nell and Reggie from Amberley. Helen and Glenys also joined us from Bristol. Glenys is over from Canada for a couple of weeks. We all gathered at 11 Bridge Road for a great lunch prepared by Jean.

Lunch time in 11 Bridge Road

Lola demonstrating her new 'thunder machine'

Freddy has a rapt audience for story time: Lola, Lily, Iris, Nell and Lisa

Reggie prefers to read on his own

Freddy and Lola having fun

Danny and the kids getting rid of some energy in the garden. Lola is feeding the birds.

Now, keep still Nell while I make you look pretty

Freddy constructing his 'amazing clock' with a bit of help from his Papa

Finally, I managed to get the whole family together for a group photo (including Helen and Glenys)

SNOW IN EMSWORTH - 2 December 2010

We have had a very heavy snowfall in the South of England which left everything covered by 7 inches of snow. Probably small fry by Canadian standards no doubt, but exceptional here in the South of England.

Bridge Road looking south

The bungalow with my car covered in snow

Jean in the garden feeding the birds

Joe deep in snow in Church Path

Lisa and Joe cleaning the snow off someone's car

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