YEAR 2010 - May to November

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Heavy rain over the past two days led to the Westbrook Stream flooding over into Bridge Road this morning. Cars were submerged and houses flooded. We have had floods before, but this was certainly the worst since we have been in this house. Fortunately, the water did not reach our end of the road, but our back garden was partially flooded.

There were dramatic scenes with Bridge Road and the main A259 closed. Police and fire engines were busy. People were being ferried in boats. Workers were desperately trying to clear the grill and culvert at St James Road. Many people thought the millpond sluice gates had not been opened in time. But the Environment Agency guy told me the sluice was open. The problem was the inability of the culvert under the road to take the huge volume of water coming down the stream.

The atmosphere in the town was quite amazing, everyone pulling together like war time. People were friendly and involved. I spoke to several people for the first time ever. The flooding was featured on both local TV channels this evening and no doubt in the local paper too. More heavy rain is forecast for Thursday!

Bridge Road looking south from our house. The flood is getting closer!


Looking up Bridge Road from the corner of St James Road. Just like a canal.


Several cars were totally submerged


Workers clearing the grill and culvert by St James Road.


Houses at the southern end of Bridge Road were flooded


The main A259 road was closed for a time as water cascaded across into the millpond


View up Bridge Road from the main road

DANNY'S BONFIRE PARTY - 6 November 2010

Danny had his traditional bonfire party with lots of friends and their children attending. How many years has he been having them? Apart from Danny's lot, I was the only member of the Fellows clan able to get there. For the bonfire Danny sacrificed all his old wood off-cuts that he had been storing up for years, just in case. They burnt very well. The fireworks were cracking and the traditional chilli quite splendid. I had seconds. Jean contributed her special chocolate cookies which went in a flash.





DANNY'S 45th BIRTHDAY - 4 November 2010

Jean and I were invited to celebrate Danny's 45th at 23 Church Path. Karen cooked a tasty dinner which was followed by an equally tasty chocolate birthday cake with 5 candles. Lisa and Joe were very excited.

A very special birthday cake

. . . and a very very big present

"Ooo. Daddy, a chu-chu."

LOLA IN KINGSTON - 28 October 2010

Jean and I were invited to lunch by Mary and George today. George cooked a splendid lunch, which Lola also enjoyed, now she is allowed 'just a little fat'. George cooked some scrumptious roast potatoes in special low fat MCT oil especially for Lola, but we all tucked into them. Lola certainly looked very well and thankfully is making a good recovery from her recent heart operation.

Lola having fun on her rocking horse in her bedroom

'I shall pick off your nose, Mummy'

'Grandma. Would you like some ice cream?'

Having a nice cup of tea in the tree house

George surveys his tree house creation

Lola goes for a bike ride in the playground


Will and Rachel took all three kids up the tough route to the top of Cader Idris. This is quite a scramble. Well, done to them all. I recall taking Will and Danny up that way in the summer of 1976. They came down the 'easy' route, ie rolled down I bet.


Our family has a history on Cader. Here is Will and Freddy on top in 2006


and Danny and Will in 1976 (with Dad behind the camera)


PETER'S 40TH BIRTHDAY - 23 October 2010

Jean and I went over to the Island for the day to take some presents for Peter's birthday. A special one, too!

Lily and Iris helping their old man blow out the candles

Lily and Iris having fun on some wobbly seats

Gee up Grandma

Peter explaining how Northwwood Park should be managed


David has been going through his Dad's slides and sent us this one of some young and fairly glamorous Stowes and Fellows on the start of their journey into married life. We think it was taken in Winterbourne Bristol where D&G first lived. About 1964 with Jean pregnant with William. Nice wall paper.



Jean and I visited Charleston Farmhouse in Sussex, just past Lewes, in fact. This is where the Bloomsbury group used to meet and live and get up to all sorts of unmentionable things. A fascinating place full of real things, not like most open houses.

Jean in front of the farm house

Brian in the luxurious garden

LOLA FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL - 30 September 2010

Just in case you missed Mary's photo on Facebook, here it is again with Lola in her school uniform ready for her first day at Kingston Primary School. She did not need her PE kit bag after all.

LOLA IN EMSWORTH - 26 September 2010

Mary and George popped into see us on their way back from a check-up for Lola at Southampton General Hospital. All was well, but Lola remains on her no fat diet. So Jean created a special cake for her with custard powder!

"Grandma, are you sure that cake is no fat?"

JOE'S 2nd BIRTHDAY - 7 September 2010

Jean and I were invited to Joe's 2nd birthday party. Joe was very excited, as was his sister Lisa. Here are a few snaps from the party.

Joe opening his presents with help from Grandma


Joe having fun with Lisa and the talking monkey


"Happy birthday, dear Joe, Happy birthday to you"


Joe with his amazing xylophone, made by his Dad from bits of copper tube


We were delighted to have a visit from Helen, Di, Jane, Bronwen and Rebeca before their return to Canada tomorrow. Karen, Lisa and Joe joined us, though Danny was away at band practice. It was a beautiful day and we spent a good time in the garden. We also went for a walk through Brook Meadow and round the millpond. Lovely to see them all after so long.

Lisa, Bronwen and Rebeca enjoyed playing with the farm in the garden


We all had a great game throwing a soft ball to each other in the garden


Out for a brisk walk after lunch


Lisa leading the way over the bridge onto Papa's meadow


Rebeca lost in the long grasses on Brook Meadow


We paid a visit to the local Co-op where Lisa and Rebeca has a rest by the vegetable racks


Helen leading the way down South Street to the ice cream shop


Everyone parading around the millpond with ice creams from Flinstone's


Di helpinmg Browen and Rebeca to choose shells from the beach


All aboard for a trip around the harbour!


All the kids (including Helen) on the seat by the millpond


And finally, the group photo. Standing: Jean, Brian and Di . Sitting: Helen, Rebeca, Lisa, Bronwen, Jane, Karen and Joe


Pete and Julia called in to our place in Bridge Road for a night on their way to Spain.

Julia admiring the new information board on Bridge Road Wayside Reserve


Lily and Iris make their way through Bridge Road car park


On their way to see Lisa and Joe


In the garden with Danny and Karen - note Danny's crutches


Off to sunny Spain from Emsworth station


AT FORT PURBROOK - 3 July 2010

Jean lost among the sweet-smelling Ladies Bedstraw at Fort Purbrook


Brian inspects the Rosebay Willowherb flowers


All celebrating Karen's 42nd birthday with good old Spanish fizz!

Happy birthday Karen


Peter talks about his work on the Isle of Wight (June 2010)

Link to video on YouTube . . .

ISLE OF WIGHT 20 -23 May 2010

Jean and I had a few days holiday on the IOW staying with Pete and Julia.

All of us outside the back door of Pete and Julia's place


Pete's shed in 61A Mill Hill Road


Jean telling Pete how to grow his veg


Sitting on the cliff overlooking Alum bay and The Needles


Brian on Headon Warren


We had a day out with Lily at Newtown


Story time on the meadow at Newtown Nature Reserve


This is where Pete works in Freshwater


Pete pretending to work in his office


Iris and Lily enjoyed the fish in the pond at Ventnot Botanic Garden


Iris botanising in Ventnor Botanic Gardens


Lily introducing her sister into the art of rock climbing

KINGSTON - 16 MAY 2010

Mary and George have a pair of ducks in the garden!


In the garden at Kingston


Mary cooked a scrumptious cake. Lola had the first piece!


After lunch we went for a walk through Knowlands Wood


I really can get right up this ladder, Grandma


Lola shows her skills at dancing in the forest


Is this what it was like when you were at school Grandma?


Brian admiring the great display of Bluebells


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