Year 2010 January to May

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LISA AND JOE - 1 May 2010

Jean and Brian looked after Lisa (6 years 8 months) and Joe (1 year 8 months) for the afternoon, while Danny and Karen went to the races at Goodwood.

What are you doing. Papa?


Jean giving Lisa a bit of a hair cut


Lisa on Papa's nature reserve


Lisa feeding the swans on the millpond


This is our favourite post

LOLA IN EMSWORTH - 30 April 2010

Mary, George and Lola stayed the night at Emsworth after their appointment at Southampton General Hospital, where Lola had a cathecter operation to investigate her heart condition. Lola was in great spirits

Lola having fun with her funny hat in the bath


Lola and her Daddy have breakast with Grandma


Full concentration


What you have to do when you cough while eating


Nail cutting time


Having a paddle in the sea at Emsworth


Wow! The water is lovely and warm!


Lola having fun with Papa, Grandma and Mummy on the seawall at Nore Barn, Emsworth


We had a very special gathering of all the family at 11 Bridge Road, Emsworth at Easter 2010 - all eight grand children, eight parents and two grand parents. Here are just a few of the photos from the day. Thanks to Mary for some of these.


The children (six of them, at least) had their lunch separately


The adults (plus Freddy and Joe) had theirs in more civilised fashion


The Easter bunny cutting the Easter cake


Freddy entertaining Iris


Finally, I managed to get all the kids together . . . or so I thought. But there's only seven!

Lily, Lisa, Lola, Nell, Freddy, Joe, Iris


Reggie was the missing lad, but we got him in this one of all eight!

Lily, Lisa, Lola, Nell, Freddy, Reggie and Iris sitting. Joe in front.


And then . . . all eighteen of the family (even me)

Standing: Peter, George, Karen, William holding Reggie

Sitting: Julia and Iris, Jean and Lily, Mary and Lola, Brian, Danny and Joe, Lisa, Rachel and Freddy

In front: Nell


The kids had an egg hunt in the garden


Nell helped Iris with her eggs


Jean and Brian met Mary, George and Lola at Middle Farm. Then went for lunch at The Ram. Finally, went back to Kingston.

Having fun at the farm


I'm the King of the Castle!


Lola introducing her Mum to a special game


Lola opening one of her 4th Birthday cards


Mary and Jean taking it easy in the refurbished summer house



David paid a visit to Emsworth on his way to staying with Helen and Gareth for a week in Bristol.

Nice slippers, Dave


Everyone tucks in


Brian with Lily and Iris


Nice one of Reggie and Uncle Danny

JEAN AND BRIAN TO COWES - 26-27 February 2010

Jean reading to Iris and Lily in the front room of Pete and Julia's house in Cowes


All wrapped up and ready for a walk to the park?


Brian with Iris in the playground of Northwood Park


Julia's evening meal on the Friday with sausages and lovely vegetables


We all went for a walk on saturday morning onto Mottistone Down. Pete can see two Buzzards in the sky.


On the way onto the down in sunny but chilly weather


We stopped for lunch in The Seven Cafe in Brighstone. Lily and Iris shared a meal of ham, eggs and chips


Julia and Iris having fun in Dimbola Lodge in Freshwater, now a museum dedicated to the work of Julia Barker Cameron


Finally, we watched the closing stages of the hedgelaying contest in Freshwater

LOLA IN EMSWORTH - 20 February 2010

Mary and Lola came over to Emsworth for the day. Danny, Karen, Lisa and Joe joined us in 11 Bridge Road and for a walk down to the beach.

I made that card specially for you, Grandma!


Lola, can I play?


Do you like my T-shirt, Grandma?


Lola on the beach looking for special stones


Lola having a clean up from her Mum on the beach


Lisa spent a very rainy day with Grandma to make a teddy.

Grandma and Lisa busy stuffing teddy


Lisa very pleased with her teddy


LISA COOKS DINNER - Sunday 14 February 2010

Jean and Brian were invited to dinner by Lisa for a special 'double decker' fish pie.


Here is Lisa busy preparing her 'double decker' fish pie


"Now, Daddy, the recipe says 20 minutes on Mark 5"


We all enjoy the lovely meal. Thanks Lisa (and Danny)


Meanwhile, Joe is more interested in books

A COLD DAY IN KINGSTON - Sunday 31 January 2010

Mary and George invited us over to Kingston for the day. Lola was lively and full of fun as usual. We went for a walk around the village, where we saw a fine display of Snowdrops in the church yard and inspected the new Kingston pavilion which is almost complete. Very impressive. Mary cooked us a fine lunch.

Queen Lola on her luxurious bed with a fine lace canopy


A face at the gate. "I can see you, Papa."


"I want to go on the swings"


"I'm on the big girl's swing"


A COLD DAY IN SOUTHSEA - Saturday 30 January 2010

Pete, Julia, Lily and Iris came over to Southsea from Ryde on the hovercraft just for the afternoon. Julia needed to go into the University Library. The rest of us went for a walk along the prom, through the fair ground to Old Portsmouth. It was very chilly, but the children were well wrapped up!

"That looks interesting, Grandma"


Lily is very adept on her no-pedals bike


Grandma explaining a new sculpture to Iris, but she is more interested in Papa


Lily and Grandma trying to keep warm on top of the Round Tower in Old Portsmouth


The amazing snowfall that we had in England in early January prompted the Fellows family into a frenzy of snowman building activity. It even snowed on the Isle of Wight!

Here are Pete with Lily and Iris with their snowman built in a local park in Cowes on the IOW


Here is a rather fine Pompey snowman from Will and the Amberley team


Here is a mini snowman from Amberley with Reggie in attendance


The Church Path team made two, the left one by Karen and Lisa and the right one by Danny


Finally, here is a huge one from Mary and George at Kingston, towering above little Lola