December 2009

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CHRISTMAS IN AMBERLEY - 25-26 December 2009

William and Rachel organised a family Christmas gathering in their new home at Grove Lodge in Amberley, Gloucestershire.


Will shows his Dad around the estate


Karen, Joe (in pram), Lisa (behind), Nell, Mary and Lola ready for a walk on Minchinhampton Common on Christmas morning


Gently does it on the icy road to the common


On top of the common overlooking Nailsworth. Freddy on his bike.


Karen, Lisa and Danny on a snow covered common


Will busy carving the 19 pound turkey for Christmas dinner


Merry Christmas to you all!


Nell and Lola look through the photo album while Freddy watches TV


Will gives out the presents from under the tree


Freddy gets his FF t-shirt



George thinks this is a guitar, but its really a fork!


Danny and Joe look at the 2010 Fellow Family Calendar from Will


Jean shows off her necklace


Reggie is delighted with his violin


Freddy gives Brian a game on his new table tennis table


Mary shows Lola the silver glitter balls


Lola and Nell having one of their shows

PETE AND JULIA IN COWES - 6 December 2009

We visited Pete and Julia and Lily and Iris in their new home in Mill Hill Road, Cowes on the Isle of Wight.


Here is their sitting room. The dining room and kitchen is through the door


Lily in her fireman's hat


We walked through Cowes and found a shop selling Mary's tea towels


Lily with her Papa in Northwood Park


A magnificient Turkey Oak in Northwood Park


We had Sunday lunch in The Folly Inn in East Cowes