from July to November 2009

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LOLA IN EMSWORTH - 4 November 2009

Lola out for a breezy walk around the millpond with her Dad and her Grandma and


LOLA AT OLYMPIA - November 2009

Here is Lola giving her Mum a helping hand on her stall at the Olympia show


DANNY'S 44th BIRTHDAY - 4 November 2009

Jean and I were invited round to share Danny's birthday meal, prepared by Karen.

Jean with Lisa and little Joe


Lisa helping her Dad to blow out the candles - poor old chap can't manage it these days!

JEAN'S 73RD BIRTHDAY - 13 September 2009

Following the excitement of the festival we had the extra excitement of Jean's birthday. To save Jean cooking the Sunday dinner on her birthday we all walked round to the King's Arms for a very good lunch in the garden. But she did bake her own birthday cake!

She needs no introduction . . . the birthday girl


Everyone in the garden of the King's Arms. Will brought along a pairs game for Freddy and Reggie


That was a good one!


Back home for Jean's homemade chocolate birthday cake with three candles


Will had brought Freddy, Nell and Reggie down from deepest Gloucestershire and Mary had come over from Kingston with Lola for the launch of Danny's mighty new rock band named H.L.C. (not sure what that stands for) featuring Jimmer (Rythmn Guitar and Vocals), Ralph (Lead Guitar), Gary (Bass) and Danny (Drums). They were appearing at the 'legendary' Glastonbrewery Festival which was held in the field behind the Sussex Brewery. It was a great show. The weather was fine. the band was great and the kids loved the bouncy castle, and all but Freddy had their faces painted.

Also check out Danny's blog for more pics . . .


Here is the to-be-famous HLC band in action


and here is some of the admiring audience wrapped up in the exerience


Here is a close up of Danny doing his stuff on the drums


Meanwhile the kids were having a romping time on the bouncy castle


Lola and Reggie having their faces painted with Nell waiting in the wings


Faces painted now it is feeding time


Mmmm .. this is an ace hot dog


Lola is in contemplative mood


Will instructs Reggie in the fine art of texting


LEWES - 8 September 2009

Jean and I went over to Lewes on the train, mainly to take George's birthday presents. While we were there we had a look at Mary's new studio and met George and Lola for lunch in Bill's cafe. Very nice it was too.


Here is Mary at work in her studio in the old Star Brewery at Lewes


Here is another view of Mary's studio


Lola amusing herself while waiting for lunch at Bill's


Lola explaining something to Jean


Wow! That looks smashing!


Everyone ready to tuck in at Bill's


Lola gets a special treat of a fairy cake from her waitress friend.


Mary asked me to take a few snaps of her for Facebook


JOE'S FIRST BIRTHDAY - 7 September 2009

Jean and I were invited to a little party for Joe's first birthday

Karen and Lisa help Joe to unwrap his presents


A nice birthday smile


Joe with his helicopter. Note Jean's lovely quilt on the floor


This hand held game was just what I wanted!


Daddy will you bring it closer so I can blow it out


LILY AND IRIS IN EMSWORTH - 6 September 2009

Peter and Julia arrive in Emsworth fresh from their cold and breezy camping holiday in France with Lily and Iris. They were pleased to sleep in a nice bed and be warm!

Lisa comes round to see Lily and Iris with her push chair


Lily practises cutting paper with scissors


Iris tries her hand at a spot of colouring


While Lisa ponders on what she will do next


Out for a stroll through Brook Meadow


Lily and Iris having a sit down in the meadow with their Papa



Off to new schools for their first day in Gloucestershire



Jean and Brian went over to Kingston to have lunch with Mary, George and Lola. It was a lovely day and Lola was very frisky, keeping her Grandma and her Papa on their toes. George cooked a BBQ and Mary made a scrumptious raspberry Pavlova.

Lola enjoying an ice lolly in the garden


Grandma helping Lola with her shoes


Can I have a paddle, Daddy?


Lola leading the way up The Street in Kingston


Mary and George tending to their luxuriant vegetable patch


Now, everybody say "cheese".


Mary's scrumptious raspberry Pavlova


I can't smell these flowers, Grandma.


Jean and I had a great two weeks holiday in Poppit Sands, West Wales, despite the weather! We were joined for the second week by Danny and Karen with Lisa, Nell and Joe. We were in our usual flat next to the Webley Hotel and Danny and Karen rented a chalet on the beach.  

Jean and Brian outside the flat next to the Webley Hotel


View of the Teifi Estuary from our flat - Canada Geese on the mudflats


All of us having lunch in the cafe on Poppit Sands


Lisa and Nell making their way to the beach after the rain


Who cares about the rain when we can dance on the beach


Joe also likes it on the beach


Nell demonstrates her mushroom pose on the rocks


While Lisa does a flying leap


Look Papa. Here is the plant you were looking for


Everyone tucking into Danny's BBQ at the chalet


Nell and Lisa demonstate their skipping skills


This caterpillar is tickling me, Grandma


Danny gets the girls into stone painting


Nell and Joe having a cuddle outside the chalet


A nice photo of Joe with his Grandma


Come on in Grandma the water is lovely!


Lisa and Nell show how to do it properly


Nell gives Lisa a ride in her sand car



The traditional fish and chips dinner outside the Netpool


Nell texting her Mum


Sian comes down to Poppit laden with gifts for the children (and a watch for herself)



Everyone for lunch in the flat on a rainy day


Sian and Jean at the Flat Rock Cafe in Gwbert


Jean and Brian on the dunes at Poppit Sands


Our last morning on the sands


Jean and I visited the home of Geoff and Pam Laurens near Newcastle Emlyn


We had a tour of their woodland


Jean outside Rose Cottage in Spittal where her Grandfather Williams lived as a boy


This is the school that Grandfather Williams attended in Spittal now closed