from May 2008 to July 2009

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All the Fellows family gathered in Emsworth for Danny's party - celebrating Karen's 40th Birthday - Kaz Fest!

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Here are all 18 of the clan for a group photo. Wow!


Five kids in a tub!

Danny's band entertained us at the party

Everyone loved Jean's cakes. All 150 went!

Karen cutting her birthday cake - a special made by Rachel

Danny with his drumming school

Everyone had a go at painting fishes

Iris and George got to know each other

Kids signing Karen's big KazFest card

On the Sunday all 18 of us went over to Brook Meadow for a picnic prepared by Mary and George


Iris riding a cock horse to . . .


Iris having fun with Lisa and Lily


Joe showing off his ball skills to Iris


Jean and Pete take a spin around the Millie


Look Lily. There's a Squirrel

ISLE OF WIGHT - 21 June 2009

Iris taking her first steps


Iris having a paddle on Gurnard beach


Julia and Jean taking it easy at Gurnard


Quenching our thirst at the Gurnard pub Can you spot Iris?

SOUTHSEA - 13 jUNE 2009

Jean and I met Pete, Julia and the children for a picnic in Southsea.


What a clever girl is Iris


All aboard Thomas with Lily in the driving seat


Iris and her milk jug game


ISLE OF WIGHT - 26 May 2009

Danny had the great idea of taking Freddy and Lisa ice-skating at Ryde on the Isle of Wight. Freddy was staying with us in Emsworth for a few dys at half-term. Jean and I decided to tag along for the trip (not to skate). We phoned Julia to see if she would like to join us at Ryde with Lily and Iris. Poor old Pete was working! After the skating we trooped along the prom to the fair ground.

Freddy had a huge lunch before going on the ice


All waiting to go on the ice


Lisa takes her first tentative steps on the ice


Freddy gives Lily a hand


Julia helping Lisa and Lily with their skates


Shall we go on the ice on our own this time?


Enjoying a delicious ice cream on Ryde front


Lisa and Lily try their hand at spinning tea cups


Now this is the sort of car I shall want to drive


Lisa helter-skeltering


Danny and Freddy in combat on the dodgems


LOLA AT STANSTED - 25 May 2009

We spent the Bank Holiday afternoon with Mary, George and Lola in Stansted, walking around the arboretum, birdwatching, going on the model train and playing hide and seek.

Lola with her Mum and Dad on the train at Stansted


Lola doing a bit of birdwatching in the arboretum with her Papa


Hide and seek


Here I am

MARY'S 40th BIRTHDAY - 23 April 2009

Jean and I went down to Kingston for Mary's 40th birthday. It was a lovely day and here are a few snaps I took (mostly of Lola).


Jean collected Lola from her preschool.


"Look what a nice quilt Grandma has made for my birthday"


A couple of cool dudes


Lola has seen the paddling pool


Meanwhile someone is getting hot and sticky


"I can make gingerbread, Grandma, just like Maisey"


Lunch at last - those sausages look pretty good


"Mummy, No. I want to blow out the candles"


LOLA IN KINGSTON - 29 March 2009

Jean and I went down to Kingston for the day. Here are a few snaps I took.

Lola having a swing in the local playground with her Mum and Grandma


Lola off to do a bit of gardening


Lola getting stuck into a bit of digging


Lola helping her Mum to plant potatoes




Grandma giving a hand with the potatoes


Jean and Brian spent the weekend at Cowes on the Isle of Wight at Peter and Julia's new residence (unfortunately only renting). Sunday was a beautiful day for much of which we were in the extensive garden with the children, Lily (three in July) and Iris 10 months).

Here is their house in Park Road, Cowes.


A view of the back garden - only half its length is shown here.


Lily and Iris taking it easy in the garden.


Iris has taken a liking to lager (or at least the bottle).


Lily and Iris having fun with their Papa.


What is Lily doing?


Iris sending a text message to her friend.

IRIS AND JOE - February 2009

Here are a few snaps of the two most recent additions to our family: Iris Gwen Fellows (aged 9 months) and Joe Frank Fellows (aged 5 months).



SNOWFALL IN ENGLAND - 2 February 2009

The country was in chaos today after what for us was a heavy over night snowfall - at least 12 inches in places. The heaviest for 18 years. Here are a few snaps of Emsworth and a couple from Mary in Kingston and from Will in Highgate.

OK, you Canada lot have a laugh!


Lola enjoying her first feel of snow in her pygamas in the garden at Kingston


Reggie with his snowman in the garden at Highgate


View from our bedroom window looking out over the garden after the snowfall



Peter and Julia spent the night at 11 Bridge Road in Emsworth with Lily and Iris on their way to their new home on the Isle of Wight. Here are a few snaps of Lily (aged 2 years and 6 months) and Iris (aged 9 months).



Peter and Julia spent a few days in Will and Rachel's house in Highgate after they left Emsworth, while W&R were in France. Here are a few snaps sent to me by Will of all the kids getting together.


Lily and Iris on the big bed with Freddy, Nell and Reggie in Highgate


Mary and George and Jean and I were invited to 23 Church Path for Christmas dinner. The dinner was expertly cooked by Karen and the turkey carved by Danny. Jean provided the Christmas pudding and Mary and George the "afters".

Peter and Julia were here for the New Year with Lily and Iris. We all gathered at 11 Bridge Road.


Lisa and Lola with the new doll's house that Lisa had for Christmas


Jean and Mary are all ready and waiting for their Christmas dinner


Danny taking the carving of the turkey very seriously


Lisa took part in her very first nativity play at Emsworth Primary School as a shepherd.

HIGHGATE - December 2008

Jean and I visited Highgate, mainly to see the Christmas show at Freddy and Nell's school. Both Freddy and Nell took part, with Freddy a narrator and Nell a flower. It was a fine show with a packed audience.


Freddy in group photo from the Christmas Show


Saturday was a wet and rainy day. Will bought a Christmas tree which he and the kids enjoyed decorating.


Pete is now working on the Isle of Wight in his new job as Team Leader for the HLF Funded "Through the Eye of the Needles" project. Peter is currently renting a holiday house in Yarmouth (The Savoy!) while Julia is in Manchester with Lily and Iris. They have their house up for sale, but no takers as yet.

Julia and the kids have been staying with Pete for the past two weeks, so Jean and Brian went over to the island for the day to visit them. Here are a few snaps from our visit.

All of us (but Jean who was taking the photo) on an afternoon walk from Yarmouth to Freshwater


Lily and Iris with their Grandma on the Isle of Wight

LOLA IN EMSWORTH - 26-29 November 2008

Lola stayed a couple of days with her Grandma and Papa in Emsworth while her Mum and Dad were busy at shows in Winchester (George) and London (Mary).

During this time Lola - aged 2 years 8 months met up with some of her cousins: Lisa - aged 5 years 1 month. Lily - aged 2 years 4 months. Iris - aged 7 months. Joe - aged 3 months.

Lola feeding the birds in the garden - 26.11.08

Lola meets her cousin Joe - 26.11.08

Karen reads a story to Lola and Joe - 26.11.08

Lola having fun in bed with Lily - 28.11.08

Iris and Joe getting acquainted in the big armchair - 28.11.08

Lola making gingerbread men with her Grandma - 28.11.08

Lola is pleased with her gingerbread men - 28.11.08

Lola prefers the buttons and eyes to the gingerbread man - 28.11.08

Lola and Lisa concentrating hard on getting seed for the birds in the garden - 26.11.08

JOE FRANK FELLOWS - 6 weeks old

Joe with his Grandma - 19.10.08

Joe with his sister and Dad - 19.10.08


Here is the latest of Mary's original designed tea towels. This one has a dual use; you can use it as a tea towel or make it into a toy cat. Smashing isn't it?

Mary's Pretty Kitty tea towel - 10.08

To see the whole range of and to order go to her web site at


Here are a few snaps, mainly of the kids, from a big family get together at 11 Bridge Road on Sunday 5th October. The original plan was for Mary and George to come over for Sunday lunch, but the event gradually escalated to the point where we had a total of 16 people here: Jean and Brian, Danny, Karen, Lisa and baby Joe, Mary, George and Lola, Will, Rachel, Freddy, Nell and Reggie, plus Helen and Gareth who came down from Bristol for the day. Phew! Jean and Mary did the cooking, a pudding was provided by Rachel. Baby Joe was a big attraction and everyone got a chance to hold him. He stood up to it all very well! A great day.

Nell, Lisa, Reggie and Lola sitting down to have lunch - 05.10.08

Lola with baby Joe - 05.10.08

Mary and Nell with baby Joe - 05.10.08

Nell holding Joe - 05.10.08

Reggie giving baby Joe a big hug - 05.10.08

Nell and Lisa playing snakes and ladders - 05.10.08

Bath time for Lola, Nell, Lisa and Reggie - 05.10.08

The only members of the Fellows family that were missing from the get together on 5th October were Pete and Julia from Manchester. However, they were down here the previous weekend with Lily and Iris. Here are a few snaps of the children from that visit.

Iris showing what a big girl she is with her Grandma - 01.10.08

Lily and Iris having fun with their Papa - 01.10.08

Lily and Iris on the floor together - 01.10.08

Here is a review of the ages of the 8 grandchildren

Freddy Samuel Fellows: born 1 May 1998 - aged 10 years 5 months

Nell Florence Fellows: born 16 March 2003 - aged 5 years 7 months

Lisa Ann Fellows: born 23 September 2003 - aged 5 years 1 month

Reggie Jones Fellows: born 21 January 2005 - aged 3 years 9 months.

Lola May George: born 22 March 2006 - aged 2 years 7 months

Lily Gwen Fellows: born 22 July 2006 - aged 2 years 3 months

Iris Isabel Fellows: born 8 May 2008 - aged 5 months

Joe Frank Fellows: born 7 September 2008 - aged 1 month


Jean and Brian had a week's holiday with Mary, George and Lola on the tiny island of St Agnes in the Isles of Scilly. Apart from the boat trip on Scillonian 111 from Penzance to St Mary's, the holiday was very enjoyable, though we might have wished for a bit more sunshine. We rented a chalet on Troy Town Farm where we enjoyed fresh farm produce! Here are a few snaps from the holiday.

Lola and her Grandma coming off the boat at St Agnes

Our first drink at the Turk's Head on St Anges

Walking through St Agnes street to our holiday chalet

Lola watching farmer Tim Hicks bring in the milk

Lola getting ready for a bit of birdwatching

Lola making sandcastles on the beach at St Agnes

Lola in the shell house on Tresco

Lola helping her Mum and Grandma to make cheese scones

Leaving our chalet at the end of our holiday

Capturing a welcome bit of sunshine before the boat leaves for Penzance


Lisa started at Emsworth Primary School this morning. Here she is returning from school with a jam tart that she had made. They never did that in my day!

Lisa coming home from her first day at school with a jam tart! - 08.09.08


Karen gave birth to Joe (8lb 14oz) at 4am on Sunday 7th September at St Richard's Hospital Chichester. Mother and child are doing well as shown in the following snaps that I took in the hospital ward with Joe less than one day old.

Joe Fellows born on Sunday 7th September 2008

Joe with his proud Dad - 07.09.08

Joe with his big sister - 07-07.09.08

Drinking a toast to little Joe in 11 Bridge Road - 07.09.08


Baby Iris on a visit to Emsworth - 08.08

Wide-eyed Iris on her back in Emsworth - 08.08

Iris and Lily with Jean in Emsworth - 08.08


Nell and Lisa having fun in Emsworth - 06.08.08

Nell blowing bubbles in the garden of 23 Church Path - 06.08.08

Lisa and Nell out on their scooters in Bridge Road, Emsworth - 06.08.08

Freddy showing off his juggling skills in the garden at 11 Bridge Road - 07.08.08

Reggie having fun in the garden of 11 Bridge Road - 07.08.08

Jean with her prize cauliflower in Bridge Road garden (thanks to Pete for the plant) - 06.08.08

Lola and Jean making jam tarts for Papa's birthday in Kingston - 12.08.08

Check out Danny's Big Chill film on YouTube....

JULY 2008

Karen opening her birthday presents in Emsworth - 30.06.08

Karen and Lisa going for a walk in good old English weather - 07.07.08

Lisa and Rebeca playing ball in the garden of 11 Bridge Road, Emsworth - 07.07.08

Lisa, Rebeca and Bronwen having lunch in the garden - 07.07.08

Lisa and Lola playing ball in the garden - 07.07.08

Lola and Rebeca playing together in the bedroom of 11 Bridge Road - 07.07.08

Lisa and Bronwen reading together in the bedroom - 07.07.08

The family feeding the swans on Emsworth Millpond - 07.07.08

Lola, Rebeca and Bronwen having fun in the bedroom - 07.07.08


About half of the Fellows family descended on Poppit Sands for a holiday in June, the earliest we have ever been. Mary, George and Lola and Pete, Julia, Lily and baby Iris (born May 8) stayed at the farmhouse on the hill where Will, Rachel and family were last year. Jean and Brian rented the appartment next to the Webley Hotel, as they did last year. We paid a visit to see Sian at her house in Pen Parc where Eileen is now living.

Lola on Poppit Sands building sand castles - 06.08


Lola venturing into the sea with her Mum - 06.08


Lola and Lily having fun in bed at the farmhouse - 06.08


Baby Iris (6 weeks old) on Jean's shawl - 06.08


We all had dinner together most evening's at the farmhouse - 06.08


We visited Sian's house where Auntie Eileen met the baby Iris and the other children - 06.08


Lily, Julia and Jean on a windy day at Mwnt (Pete was up the mount with Iris) - 06.08


Jean and Brian in the ruins of St Dogmael's Abbey - 06.08



After the Poppit holiday, we had a good family get-together with members of both the Fellows and the Stowe clans at Helen and Gareth's new house in Brislington, Bristol, where Jane and Dai were staying with their two children, Bronwen and Rebeca.

Helen with her pussy cat - 21.06.08

Bronwen trying to organise the little ones in the garden - 21.06.08

Lola and Reggie enjoying their ice creams - 21.06.08

Group photo outside Helen and Gareth's house (taken by Gareth) - 21.06.08


Will, Danny, Pete, Brian and Freddy went to the new Wembley stadium for the FA Cup Final. Pompey beat Cardiff City 1-0 to take the trophy for the first time since 1939. So we were there! Here are a few photos to prove it.

 Group photo outside Wembley stadium (taken by Rob Green) - 17.05.08


Freddy in Wembley stadium -17.05.08



After the Cup Final, Pete and Julia stayed a couple of days in Emsworth with Lily and baby Iris (born May 8). Here are a few photos taken in Emsworth.

Baby Iris with her proud Dad in Emsworth - 17.05.08


Lily with her Papa on Brook Meadow - 18.05.08


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