January - August 2007

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23 CHURCH PATH EMPTY - 23 August 2007

Jean and I had a last rather nostaligic look around 23 Church Path before the new tenant moved in. The contract cleaning lady had done a really good job. Never seen the place looking so clean! Here are a few snaps of the place.

23 Church Path from the back - 23.08.07

23 Church Path from the front - 23.08.07

23 Church Path the front room - 23.08.07

23 Church Path the kitchen - 23.08.07


Danny, Karen and Lisa left Heathrow for The Seychelles where Danny has a teaching job at The International School for 2 years. Karen will be employed as Librarian at the school and Lisa will attend nursery school. Jean and Brian looked after Lisa for a few days prior to departure to allow Danny and Karen to clear their house at 23 Church Path, which will be let while they are away. Peter drove us from Emsworth to the airport to say cheerio to Danny and Karen. Julia and Lily also arrived at the airport from where Peter drove Danny's Peugot car (which he has bought from danny) back to Manchester.

Lisa having a little dance on the way to the park in Emsworth - 19.08.07

Lisa showing off her skills in the playground at Emsworth - 19.08.07

Lisa being helped by her Papa in the playground - 19.08.07

Lisa and Jean coming back from the park in Emsworth - 19.08.07

Danny and Karen arrive at Heathrow with their mountain of luggage - 19.08.07

Group photo in the Departures area of Heathrow - 19.08.07

We all met in the Pizza Express for a meal before the flight - 19.08.07

Lily is almost walking - 19.08.07

Lisa playing with her Grandma's beads at Heathrow - 19.08.07

Lisa gives her Papa a hug before she leaves for Seychelles - 19.08.07

FAMILY HOLIDAY AT POPPIT SANDS - 28 July - 4 August 2007

About half of the Fellows clan assembled at Poppit Sands for a great family holiday. Despite the recent awful weather the rain held off for the whole week and the sun shone.

Danny, Karen, Lisa and Nell, George, Mary and Lola stayed in a chalet overlooking the beach, while Jean and Brian luxuriated in a spacious self-contained flat at the Webley Hotel about half a mile down the road.

Nell and Lisa had a great time playing together on the beach and Lola had her first bathe in the sea, and loved it!

We had BBQs and fish and chips galore. Here is a selection of the snaps I took of the family.

Nell and Lisa enjoyed dancing on the beach - 07.07

The family outside the chalet on the beach - 07.07

Lola with her Grandma - 07.07

Lisa leading the family through the dunes - 07.07

It was a very chilly evening for the BBQ on the beach - 07.07

Everyone enjoying fish and chips outside the Netpool - 07.07

Nell and Lisa having fun with Lola on the beach - 07.07

Nell and Lisa help Danny with the BBQ - 07.07

Lisa and Nell in a hurry - 07.07

Nell and Lisa in fairy costumes on the beach - 07.07

Lola having fun in the sand - 07.07

Having a picnic at the Farm Park at Gwbert (I got in this one!) - 07.07

We saw at least two Grey Seals from the cliffs at Gwbert. Here is one. - 08.07

Lisa and Nell at the end of a tractor ride at the Farm Park - 07.07

We found Auntie Eileen looking very good indeed at 90 years of age - 08.07

Outside Pembroke House with Glynis and Sian - 08.07

There was a shower, but Lola preferred the sink - 08.07

Lola took a fancy to the scrumptious bread from the water mill in St Dogmaels - 08.07

Everyone enjoying fish and chips again, this time in the Webley flat - 08.07

As well chasing around after the rest of the family with my camera at the ready, I also found time to watch the birds on the Teifi estuary from the Webley and expore the wonderful display of wild flowers on the dunes and saltmarshes.

If you want to see what I did then go to my wildlife web site and scroll down to JULY 28 - AUGUST 4. . .

FREDDY IN EMSWORTH - 22-25 July 2007

Freddy spent an enjoyable few days with his Grandma and Papa in Emsworth. The weather was mixed, but we managed to pack in quite a lot. He played football and tennis (the first I had played for about 25 years!), he had a picnic on Hayling beach and went to the funfair and he saw the latest Harry Potter film (my first ever). He also ate very well and had some lengthy lie-ins in the morning.

Freddy and I had some nature walks around Brook Meadow and on Thorney Island, during which Freddy displayed a great enthusiasm for all aspects wildlife. A budding David Attenborough! Freddy was particularly adept at spotting small insects, which I would have been completely unaware of had he not been with me. He was also keen to make a contribution to wildlife by distributing seeds.

Details of our wildlife observations can be found on my wildlife web site at - scroll down to July 24 and July 25.

Here are a few photos from the visit.

Freddy climbing his favourite tree on Brook Meadow - 24.07.07

One of several Grasshoppers which Freddy spotted on Brook Meadow - 24.07.07

A "Thigh Beetle" which Freddy saw on Brook Meadow - 24.07.07


Freddy on Hayling beach with can of ginger beer - 24.07.07

Freddy with Grandma and Papa having a picnic on Hayling Beach - 24.07.07

Jean having a paddle in the sea at Hayling - 24.07.07

Freddy and Grandma playing crazy golf at Hayling Funfair - 24.07.07


Freddy picking blackberries on Thorney Island - 25.07.07

Freddy running with a handful of Blackberries on Thorney - 25.07.07

Freddy laying out blackberries on the ground as food for birds - 25.07.07

A Bloody-nosed Beetle that Freddy spotted on Thorney Island - 25.07.07

Freddy with a Mayweed plant for Grandma's garden - 25.07.07


Jean and Brian looked after Lola in Kingston for a day and night while Mary and George had abreak. Mary and George walked over the Downs to Alfriston where they stayed the night, returning next morning. Jean and I had a fine time with Lola and she was a very good girl. Here are a few snaps of the day.

Lola having her dinner with her Grandma - 15.07.07

Lola climbing on the frame in the local playground - 15.07.07

Lola having a story with her grandma - 15.07.07

Lola standing up - 15.07.07

Lola having fun in the paddling pool - 15.07.07

Lola on the swing in the garden with her Mum and Grandma - 15.07.07


Here is a very small selection of the snaps from a great family get together in Emsworth. The festivities were mainly focused on Danny and Karen's "leaving party", but we also celebrated Karen's birthday. All six grandchildren were there with their parents, plus Helen and Gareth from Bristol and even Glenys from Canada.

Lily on the deckchair . . .Nell with Lily . . . Karen reading to Nell and Lisa . . . Freddy playing with Lily

Karen having fun with Reggie . . . Julia with Reggie . . . Nell and Lisa crayoning with Lily joining in

Lola with Lily . . . Nell and Lisa in the party outfits . . . Karen's birthday cake (made by Rachel)

Rachel and Helen chatting . . . Jean and Glenys chatting with Peter . . . Reggie boy

Danny and Gareth at the party . . . Jean and Helen chatting at the party . . . Mary busy cooking lunch in Bridge Road

Freddy enjoying his cake . . . Bath time . . . Helen with Lily . . . The family group at Bridge Road

Lisa giving out biscuits . . . Mary and Lola with Peter and Lily . . .Papa relaxing with Nell and Reggie

In the garden of 11 Bridge Road . . .


Lola with her Grandma - Kingston - 19.05.07

Lola and her Grandma looking at flowers - 19.05.07

Lola with her Papa - Kingston - 19.05.07

Lola and Papa - 19.05.07

Lola at tea-time with her Grandma - 19.05.07

Lola collecting wild flowers for her Mum - 19.05.07

VISIT TO MANCHESTER - May 4 - 8 2007

Jean and Brian spent a very pleasant few days with Pete and Julia and little Lily at their new home in Whalley Range, Manchester during which we had a few trips around the area. Here is a selection of the many snaps I took.

Lily the pink! - 03.05.07

Lily with her Grandma - 03.05.07

Jean and Julia looking for frogs in the garden pond - 03.05.07

Lily in her pram - 04.05.07

Jean and Peter walking in Alexandra Park with a huge Black Poplar tree nearby - 04.05.07

Peter and Julia's back garden in Manchester - 04.05.07

Lily having a swing in the park - 05.05.07

Peter inspecting one of Antony Gormley's sculptures on Crosby beach - 05.05.07

The back of Peter and Julia's house - 05.05.07

Lily dancing on the table in the back garden - 07.05.07

Lily having fun with her Papa - 07.05.07

Julia, Peter and Brian on Alderley Edge - 07.05.07

Having a picnic in the woodland at Alderney Edge - 07.05.07

Peter's garage-cum-workshop in Manchester - 07.05.07

FREDDY IN EMSWORTH April 9 - 12 2007

Wednesday April 11

Freddy had a relatively "quiet day" . We got Danny out of bed this morning to play football in the park. This afternoon was spent in the garden where Freddy was in artistic mood. He did an abstract painting and a drawing of a space rocket with the earth and planets. Then he constructed a tent for himself. This evening Danny took him rock climbing at a local activity centre.

Freddy painting in the garden - 10.04.07

Freddy making his space rocket picture in the garden - 10.04.07

Tuesday April 10

Freddy and I did some birdwatching in the harbour this morning with Freddy making his list of observations. He is really keen. He even made me take the scope. We found a Greenshank and some Redshank among lots of other birds. We had a drink in the Pastoral Centre then popped into see Danny on the way home.

Grandma made Freddy work for his lunch (fried bacon and egg) - mowing the grass!

Freddy at work in the garden - 10.04.07

After lunch we all went down to Hayling Funfair where Freddy had a great time (and we did too).

Freddy showing his skill on the dodgems at Hayling Funfair - 10.04.07

Freddy won a bouncing toy on one of the stalls which, for some reason known only to him, he named "Mr Brrr".

Freddy with "Mr Brrr" on Hayling Beach - 10.04.07

From Hayling we went to Chichester for the film "Mr Bean Goes on Holiday", which we all enjoyed immensely.

Enjoying a drink in Chichester before "Mr Bean's Holiday" - 10.04.07

This evening Freddy was allowed to stay up to watch Man U thrash Roma 7-1.

Monday April 9

This morning Freddy and I walked around Brook Meadow with his new binoculars. He was excllent company and keen to see things and even keener write them down in my note book. A good omen for future wildlife recording! I did not push him too hard, but we saw lots of nice things as shown on the list below. We met local naturalist Ralph Hollins who was just passing through the meadow on his bike who stopped for a chat. Our best sighting was a superb Peacock butterfly which Freddy though was "mind-blowing" when looked at through his extreme close-focusing bins.

Freddy closely inspecting a Crack Willow on Brook Meadow - 09.04.07

Peacock butterfly admired by Freddy on Brook Meadow - 09.04.07

Freddy's list of observations: Pond skater, Starling, moth, Dandelion, hover fly, Woodpigeon, Creeping Buttercup (first for Brook Meadow this year), Meadow Foxtail, Lesser Celandine, Great Tit, Bramble, 2 Peacock butterflies, Carrion Crow, Field Horsetail, White Dead-nettle, Bumblebee, Chiffchaff, Magpie, Small White, Red Dead-nettle, Blackbird, Wren, ivy, 2 Moorhen on river, Bluebell.

We had a quick look at Peter Pond where the Mute Swan was on her nest. We added Coot and Black-headed Gull to the list. On the way home we saw Blackbird and Collared Dove in Bridge Road car park. We watched lots of tiny fish swimming down the Westbrook Stream which Freddy thought could be tadpoles (but I think not). A really great morning with lovely company.

In the afternoon Freddy was inspired to create what he called a "junk meadow"., ie his version of Brook Meadow, using bits and pieces of discarded cardboard and paper. He spend virtually all afternoon in the garden making the meadow with a bit of assistance from his Grandma and Papa, but mostly his own work. It had river, pond, paths, trees, grasses, and even a gasholder! Freddy also installed several "See this" messages. I took some photos of the creative processa nd the finished product, which Freddy thought we should send to the RSPB though I was not so sure they would appreciate them.

Freddy creating his "junk meadow" in the garden - 09.04.07

Freddy with his "junk-meadow" in the garden - 09.04.07

The completed "junk meadow" - 09.04.07


Peter, Julia and little Lily visited us in Emsworth over the Easter holiday. The weather was fine and we spent a good deal of the time playing in the garden. Here are a few snaps from the stay.

Lily and Lisa playing in the garden at Emsworth - 06.04.07

Lily and Lisa having fun in the garden - 06.04.07

Lily playing with the pegs - 07.04.07


I received this splendid photo from Pete, looking handsome and resplendent in Hussars uniform, in company with the rest of the North West Heritage Lottery Fund team based in Manchester. Pete tells me the photo was taken during a "team building" couple of days at Whitby.

The Victorian North West HLF Team - 03.07


Lola celebrated her first birthday on Thursday 22 March with a small party with some of her young friends. On Saturday 24 March Mary and George organised a birthday lunch at their house in Kingston for members of both the Fellows and the George sides of family: Jean and Brian, Danny, Karen and Lisa, Peter and Shelia, Wally, Beenie, Woo and Marcus. Mary and Woo cooked a lovely lunch, including a scrumptious salmon pie, followed by Mary's special "Guinnness" birthday cake.
Here is a selection from the many photos I took during the day.

Happy Birthday Lola

Lola with her Auntie Beenie - 24.03.07

Mary preparing lunch in kitchen - 24.03.07

Mary and Woo preparing lunch - 24.03.07

Woo preparing her lovely salmon "pie" for lunch - 24.03.07

Lola having fun with her Uncle Danny - 24.03.07

Wally and karen in deep conversation - 24.03.07

Woo and Marcus taking it easy - 24.03.07

Lola opening her presents with help from Lisa - 24.03.07

Lola enjoying the quilt made by her Grandma - 24.03.07

Lola and Mary with the birthday cake - 24.03.07

Lola enjoying the birthday cake with help from her Dad - 24.03.07


We had a big family gathering of the Fellows clan at 11 Bridge Road, Emsworth. Will brought Freddy, Nell and Reggie down on Friday (Rachel was away in USA) and they stayed with us for the weekend. Mary, George and Lola popped in on their way to stay with friends at Petersfield. Peter, Julia and Lily made a long detour from their holiday in Wales and stayed at Danny and Karen's place. Danny, Karen and Lisa popped in from round the corner to join in with the eating and jollity. Here are a few snaps from the weekend.

Nell and Lisa have fun with Danny . . . All the family (but for Mary, George and Lola) . . . Julia receives a present for Lily

Nell and Reggie in the kitchen . . . Freddy with Lily . . . Nell with Lily . . . Lola and Nell

Will and Reggie with Lola . . . Nell acts shy with Will and Brian . . . Nell and Reggie with their dad

Lola and Papa in Emsworth . . . Lola happy in Emsworth


Jean and Brian went down to Kingston to look after Lola for the day while George went to Birmingham to collect Mary and her things from the show at the NEC. Here are a few snaps from the day, during which we had a walk down to the Wyevale Garden Centre for a cup of tea. Lola is now "crawling" on her bottom, in much the same way as her Mum did many years ago. By the way, Mary, I have a video of this significant event (ie Lola's not yours).

Lola "crawling" on her bottom - 08.02.07

Where are you Grandma? - 08.02.07

In the Garden Centre at Kingston - 08.02.07

Having a cup of tea with Grandma and Papa in the cafe - 08.02.07

Lola having fun with Grandma at dinner time - 08.02.07


Snow fell in many areas of the country in early February, a significant event these days, though sadly not on the south coast. There was a good fall in London and Rachel captured the scene in her back garden.

Freddy frolicking in the snow in Highgate - 08.02.07

Nell with her little snowman - 08.02.07


Nell stayed with her Grandma and Papa in Emsworth for 4 days at the beginning of January while the rest of the family were on a skiing holiday in France. Nell was a bit too young for the slopes and too old for the creche! But she had a lovely time with us in Emsworth where she spent a good deal of time in the company of Lisa and Karen. We did not do anything particularly exciting, but Nell and Lisa enjoyed playing together, and particularly making the gingerbread houses. We went to the Staunton Country Park to see the farm animals where we all had lunch (not with the animals!). We also visited the local park and playground where Nell had plenty of practice riding her new bicycle. Here are a few snaps from her stay here.

Video of Nell and Lisa dancing the "puppet dance" in Emsworth - January 2007

Nell and Lisa making the gingerbread houses with help from Karen and Grandma - 02.01.07

The gingerbread houses completed - 02.01.07

Lunchtime at Grandma's house - 02.01.07

Nell and Lisa in the Emsworth playground - 02.01.07

Making a tinsel picture with Grandma - 02.01.07

Nell having breakfast with Grandma - 03.01.07

Feeding the Lamas at Staunton Country Park - 03.01.07

Nell and Lisa facing up to a frisky goat at Staunton Country Park - 03.01.07

Nell on slide in Staunton playgground - 03.01.07

Having fun in the play house at Staunton Country Park - 03.01.07

Lunch time at Staunton Country Park with special wildlife lunch boxes - 03.01.07

Video on You Tube with Jean and Nell singing together.