August 2007 to April 2008
in reverse chronological order

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Danny, Karen and Lisa back in England - March - April 2008

Danny, Karen and Lisa arrived back in England from the Seychelles on 16 March. They all stayed with us in 11 Bridge Road for a few days during which Karen got her baby checked out and Danny attended job interviews. Karen's baby is due on 1st Sept by which time they will all be back home in 23 Church Path.

Danny returned to the Seychelles on 21 March for a week while Karen and Lisa went down to Lyme Regis to stay with Karen's Mum and Dad until Danny returned to England.

Lisa wrapping up warm (in Nell's old coat!) to brave the English winter weather - 17.03.08

Lisa and her Grandma setting out for a spot of shopping - 17.03.08

Lisa getting acquainted with the Emsworth playground again - 17.03.08

Lisa having her tiny pigtails prepared by Grandma - 21.03.08

Wow! What a great tower that is - 21.03.08

Lisa has a nice cuddle from her Daddy before he returns to Seychelles - 21.03.08

After Danny got back on 31 March, he Karen and Lisa stayed in Emsworth with us until they all left for the Seychelles on April 6 (after Danny had attended the FA Cup Semi-final at Wembley). Here are a few snaps from their stay, including a nice trip to Stansted (Lisa's favourite cafe).

Tea and cakes in Stansted cafe garden - 31.03.08

Lisa watching children in Stansted playground - 31.03.08

Family group on the seat in Stansted Arboretum - 31.03.08

Another version of the family on the Stansted seat - 31.03.08

Lisa in determined mood on the slide at Stansted - 31.03.08

Lisa and family strolling through Stansted Arboretum - 31.03.08

On the day they left we experienced a snowfall the likes of which we had not seen for many years.

The view from our bedroom window after the snowfall - 06.04.08

Danny making a snowman with Lisa in the back garden of 11 Bridge Road, Emsworth - 06.04.08

Lisa, Danny and Karen with the completed snowman - 06.04.08

Danny and Karen folicking in the snow in the garden - 06.04.08

Lola's 2nd Birthday - 22 March 2008

Members of both sides of the family assembled at Rough Down, Kingston to celebrate the second birthday of Lola May George. On George's side were his two sisters, Beenie and Woo with their children Jessica and Marcus, George's Dad, Peter and his wife Sheila, along with George's step-Dad, Wally. On Mary's side were Jean and Brian, Rachel, Nell and Reggie, later to be joined by Will and Freddy, and Helen and Gareth. Neighbours Helen and Owen also joined the fray with their two young children.

Here are a few photos taken on the day, including present opening, egg hunting in the garden and a scrumptious birthday tea.

Lola admiring Nell's bunny hat - 22.03.08

Lola's new birthday shoes - 22.03.08

Lola in reflective mood on her birthday - 22.03.08

Lola showing her birthday card to big bear - 22.03.08

Some of the guests at Lola's birthday - 22.03.08

A wheelbarrow for Lola! - 22.03.08

Lola with her birthday crown - 22.03.08

The birthday girl - 22.03.08

Jessica helping Lola and Reggie to find eggs - 22.03.08

"Cool" Reggie leading the egg hunt - 22.03.08

Lola finds an egg in the garden - 22.03.08

Lola in pensive mood by the garden shed - 22.03.08

Nell and Lola at the tea table - 22.03.08

All the kids together - 22.03.08

Wally was a big hit with Reggie - 22.03.08

Freddy strumming Lola's new guitar - 22.03.08

Lights out to blow out the candles - 22.03.08

Nell's 5th Birthday - 16 March 2008

Here are a few photos taken by Will during Nell's 5th birthday.

Nell the birthday girl - 16.03.08

Nell and Reggie painting - 16.03.08

Nell and Reggie painting - 16.03.08

Nell in her "bunny outfit - 16.03.08

Lola has a visit from her Grandma and Papa in Kingston - 24 February 2008

Just before Jean and Brian arrived at Mary and George's house in Kingston, near Lewes, Lola had a little accident when she went head-over-heels down a step in the garden on her push tricycle. She had a big bump and her head and her nose and lip were very bloody. Her Mum and Dad were worried, but Lola is a tough little cookie and came through the whole episode smiling, as can be seen on the following snaps taken during the day.

Lola in her bedroom after her little accident - 24.02.08

Jean and George discussing important matters in Lola's bedroom - 24.02.08

Lola looking happy despite her bloody nose - 24.02.08

Lola on the slide in the garden with her Grandma - 24.02.08

Lola with Grandma inspecting her Mummy's vegetable patch - 24.02.08

Lola sets off from the summer house with a beakerful of seeds for the birds - 24.02.08

Lola feeds the birds - 24.02.08

Lola taking her Mummy and Grandma for a walk along The Street in Kingston - 24.02.08

Lola patiently waiting for her lunch in the garden - 24.02.08

All of us having lunch in the garden on a warm February day - 24.02.08

Lola swinging with her Papa - 24.02.08

Freddy in Emsworth in Emsworth: 16-18 February 2008

Freddy spent a few days with us in Emsworth during his half term holiday, before going down to Warsash to spend the rest of the week with his other grand parents. We did some wildlife watching in Brook Meadow and visited HMS Victory.

Freddy admiring the Cherry Plum blossom on Brook Meadow - 18.02.08

Freddy climbing his favourite tree on Brook Meadow - 18.02.08

Freddy on a visit to HMS Victory in Portsmouth - 18.02.08

Freddy and Papa on the deck of the Victory - 18.02.08

Freddy on the gundeck of the Victory - 18.02.08

Freddy inspecting the "cat-o-nine-tails" on the Victory - 18.02.08

Freddy the sailor boy - 18.02.08

Freddy wanted to create a web site so we set the following one up for him on my Tiscali account.

Lola and Lily in Emsworth: 9-10 February 2008

Peter and Julia with little Lily spent the weekend with us at Emsworth. We were also joined by Mary, George and Lola for a day and night. Lola and Lily got along very nicely, playing together and communicating in their own way.

Lola and Lily coming back from walk along Bridge Road with Mary and Jean - 09.02.08

Lola with her Grandma - 09.02.08

Lola and Lily through the front window of 11 Bridge Road - 09.02.08

Lily being coaxed with food by her Mum and Dad - 09.02.08

Lola and Lily climbing on Grandma's chair - 09.02.08

Lola wanting what Lily has - 09.02.08

Lily and Lola inspecting Grandma's washing machine - 09.02.08

Lily and Lola having fun on the table with Grandma - 09.02.08

Out for a walk along Western parade, Emsworth - 10.02.08

Lily and Lola holding hands in pushchairs - 10.02.08

Group photo on Hayling beach - 10.02.08

Lola at home - 26 December 2007

Lola having fun with a pretend hat - 26.12.07

Lola going for a walk from home with her Grandma - 26.12.07

Lola and family in the churchyard at Kingston - 26.12.07

Lola playing her new recorder that she had for Christmas - 26.12.07

Lola on her new scooter - 26.12.07

Lola in Emsworth 22-23 December 2007

Lola having fun at breakfast in Emsworth - 22.12.07

Lola walking around Emsworth Millpond with her Mum and Dad and Grandma - 23.12.07

Lola with a happy smile - 23.12.07

Family get-together in Highgate - 9 December 2007

Will organised a pre-Christmas get-together at 23 Claremont Road for all the Fellows clan (with the exception of Danny, Karen and Lisa who unfortunately could not make it from the Seychelles). Mary, George and Lola arrived first from Kingston, followed by Jean and Brian from Emsworth and finally Peter, Julia and Lily arrived after a long 6-hour drive from Manchester. We had a fine meal prepared by Rachel on Saturday evening and we all stayed overnight. Will cooked pancakes for breakfast on Sunday morning and for lunch we had bagels, cream cheese and smoked salmon (see video link below). High living! The weather was dreadful so we could not get out, but we all had a great time.

Pancakes for breakfast at Highgate - 09.12.07

Lily goes for a spin in her smart car - 09.12.07

Nell gives Lily some help with her bike - 09.12.07

Lola fancies a go on Lily's bike in the garden - 09.12.07

George, Mary and Jean with Nell and Lola - 09.12.07

Lola riding on her ladybird bike - 09.12.07

Lola enjoying her cream cheese and bagel for lunch - 09.12.07

Link to a You Tube video clip of lunch time . . .

Lola in Emsworth - 21-22 November 2007

Mary and George stayed a night with us in Emsworth on the way to a hospital appointment at Southhampton General for Lola to have a heart scan. Here are a few snaps of the little girl who was looking so healthy and happy. The scan at the hospital went very well, with Lola not needing a sedative.

Lola feeding the Swans on Emsworth Millpond - 21.11.07

Lola beaming for the camera during breakfast - 22.11.07

Lola enjoying one of her Grandma's chocolate biscuits - 22.11.07

Lola leading her Papa a merry dance in the garden - 22.11.07

During her stay with us Lola walked right round the millpond at Emsworth. Here is a link to a short very poor quality video on You Tube showing the little girl towards the end of the walk.

Lola in Kingston - 4 November 2007

Lola was in great spirits when Jean and I spent a day in Kingston. She was walking everywhere with no bum-shuffling and was always happy and smiling. Here are a few snaps from the day, including a lovely sequence in which Lola puts her Dad's wrist splint on her own arm.

Lola walking in the garden of her home in Kingston - 04.11.07

Lola walking up the garden path in Kingston - 04.11.07

Lola at the garden gate in Kingston - 04.11.07

Lola having fun with her Grandma in Kingston - 04.11.07

Lola wants to try her Daddy's wrist splint - 04.11.07

Lola shows her Grandma where the splint goes on - 04.11.07

Lola pointing to the splint she wants - 04.11.07

Grandma helping Lola to put on the splint - 04.11.07

Lola with her Daddy's splint on her wrist - 04.11.07

Lola adjusting the splint on her wrist - 04.11.07

Jean helped Mary and George with some gardening - 04.11.07

Family in Emsworth - 27-28 October 2007

 Will brought Freddy , Nell and Reggie down to Emsworth for the weekend. Freddy and I went birdwatching at Titchfield Haven Nature Reserve on Friday . On Saturday we all went shopping in Emsworth and the kids played on the playground apparatus. In the evening Freddy and I went to Fratton park to see Pompey draw 0-0 with West Ham. The three children stayed with us overnight while Will and Rachel went to a party. On Sunday Mary, George and Lola arrived from Kingston. Lola is now walking everywhere (no more bum shuffles) and also has a small but growing vocabulary. It rained solidly all day, but we had some fun indoors.Here are a few snaps from the weekend.

Freddy enjoying his bacon sandwich at Titchfield Haven - 26.10.07

Freddy and Nell walking to the shops in Emsworth with Jean (Reggie was with me) - 27.10.07

Freddy, Nell and Reggie having fun on the bars outside the Pastoral Centre in Emsworth - 27.10.07

Will with the kids on the climbing frame in Westbourne playground - 27.10.07

Freddy, Nell and Reggie in bed together on Sunday morning - 28.10.07

Lola with Reggie in the backroom of 11 Bridge Road - 28.10.07

Lola with her Grandma in the kitchen - 28.10.07

Reggie having a story with his Auntie Mary - 28.10.07

Reggie with his Uncle George - 28.10.07

Lola with Freddy on the sofa in the front room - 28.10.07

Lola with her Papa in the front room - 28.10.07

Nell, Reggie and Lola on the kitchen worktop with their Auntie Mary - 28.10.07

Reggie and Lola enjoying a fingers in the mouth session with their Papa - 28.10.07

Freddy has become very skillful with the diablo. Here is a You Tube video link to the "diablo master" in action . . .

Lily in Emsworth - 18-20 October 2007

Pete brought Lily down to Emsworth for a couple of days. Jean and I had a nice time looking after Lily while Pete went to London for a meeting, shopping in Emsworth and going to the library. We had a lovely lunch in the Stansted cafe garden. Lily is walking everywhere!

Lily playing her tin whistle - 18.10.07

Lily in a sleepy mood with her Grandma - 18.10.07

Lily with her favourite "toy" (ie the washing machine!) - 18.10.07

Lily in Emsworth library with her Grandma - 18.10.07

Lily looking through the crayons box in the library - 18.10.07

Lily helping herself to yoghurt in the cafe garden at Stansted - 18.10.07

Lily with her Grandma and Papa in the Stansted arboretum - 18.10.07

Lily walking through Brook Meadow with her Grandma - 18.10.07

Lola in Kingston - 6 October 2007

Jean and I spent the day in Kingston with Mary, George and Lola. Here are a few snaps taken during a visit to the playground in Kingston park. Lola is looking well and is now walking with some assistance.

Lola on the see-saw with her Mum in the playground at Kingston - 06.10.07

Lola on the climbing frame in the playground - 06.10.07

Lola determined to get through the caged tunnel in the playground - 06.10.07

Lola walking home from the playground with her Grandma and Papa - 06.10.07

Will, Nell and Reggie in Emsworth - 12-23 September 2007

Nell and Reggie having breakfast at 11 Bridge Road - 22.09.07

Reggie fancies Nell's bike - 22.09.07

Nell walking the chains in Emsworth playground - 22.09.07

Nell and Reggie on the climbing frame watch anxiously by Grandma - 22.09.07

Nell the cool dude on the skateboard park in Emsworth - 22.09.07

Reggie making friends with a local horse - 22.09.07

Nell and Reggie come into bed with Ma and Pa for a morning story - 22.09.07

Nell and Reggie enjoying biscuits on hayling Beach - 22.09.07

Reggie and Jean on the beach - 22.09.07

Will giving Nell and few lessons in tree climbing on Brook Meadow - 22.09.07

Pete, Julia and Lily in Emsworth - 15-16 September 2007

Pete and Julia came down to Emsworth with Lily for a couple of days, one of which they left Lily with us while they went to a wedding in London. Lily was a good little girl and was no trouble at all! Julia also celebrated her birthday on the Sunday.

Lily having fun with her Grandma in the garden in Emsworth - 15.09.07

Lily with her Papa in the garden in Emsworth - 16.09.07

Lily helping her Mum to open her birthday presents in Emsworth - 16.09.07

Pete and Julia all dressed up to go to a wedding - 15.09.07

Wakehurst Place - 13 September 2007

We had a trip to Wakehurst Place in Sussex for Jean's birthday outing where we were joined by Mary, George and Lola. Mary made a nice picnic for us all which we had in front of the mansion. We then walked round the extensive gardens and had a quick look at where the seed bank is maintained.

Picnic at Wakehurst Place with Mary, George and Lola - 13.09.07

Lola having fun with her Mum and Dad at Wakehurst Place - 13.09.07

Lola walking with her Grandma at Wakehurst Place - 13.09.07

Lola and Lily visit Emsworth - 25-28 August 2007

It was lovely to have a visit from our two youngest grand children. Lola with her Mum and Dad was here from Saturday Aug 25 to Monday Aug 26. We had lots of fun, including a walk through Brook Meadow, a trip to see the wonderful Goodwood Scuptures and an afternoon at the annual Emsworth Show. Lily was here with her Mum and Dad from Tuesday 28 Aug to Wednesday 29 Aug. They were on their way for a camping holiday at Swanage. Both children are now standing and walking with a little help and are developing their vocabularies.

Lola having some fun at lunchtime at Emsworth - 25.08.07

Lola picked a flower in Brook Meadow - 25.08.07

Lola with her Papa at the Goodwood Sculptures - 26.08.07

Lola inspecting one of the exhibits at the Goodwood Sculptures - 26.08.07

Lola having a sit down with her Mum and Grandma at Goodwood - 26.08.07

Lola getting to grips with a shiny sculpture at Goodwood - 26.08.07

Lola and her Dad having a close look at a large sculpture at Goodwood - 26.08.07

Lola smelling a red rose at the Emsworth Show - 28.08.07

A nice snap of Lola and her Mum - 28.08.07

Lola having her first ever fairground ride at the Emsworth Show - 28.08.07

Lily having fun in the garden at Emsworth - 28.08.07

Lily having lunch with the family in the garden at Emsworth - 28.08.07

Lily closely inspecting the information board on Brook Meadow - 28.08.07

Lily walked the whole length of Brook Meadow - 28.08.07