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Here is a selection of photos from the Fellows family archives over the past few years. The photos are in reverse chronological order. Click on the blue underlined link to bring up the picture. Then use your BACK button to come back to this page.


The Fellows family split up for the main Christmas period, a necessity these days, considering its ever-increasing size. However, we did all get together in Emsworth after Christmas. Jean and Brian spent Christmas with William, Rachel, Freddy, Nell and Reggie and Rachel's Mum, Ruth, at Highgate. On Chirstmas Day, William cooked a splendid turkey dinner, which was followed by Jean's plum pudding (traditionally flaming!). Peter, Julia and Lily spent Christmas with Mary, George and Lola at Kingston. Meanwhile Danny, Karen and Lisa went down to Lyme Regis to spend Christmas with Karen's parents, Wendy and Graham.

Will organised a walk on Hampsted Heath where Nell rode her new bike and Freddy got stuck in mud.

Nell struggling a little with her new bike on Hampsted Heath - 25.12.06

Freddy exploring a hollow tree on Hampsted Heath - 25.12.06

Freddy with a plastic bag on his leg, having lost his shoe in the mud! - 25.12.06

Opening presents on Christmas Day in Highgate

Nell opening presents on Christmas Day - 25.12.06

Reggie took a fancy to Nell's new bike - 25.12.06

Freddy with his new binoculars from Papa. All set for birdwatching? - 25.12.06

Brian with some of his presents - 25.12.06

Christmas dinner at Highgate

The Christmas dinner at Highgate - 25.12.06

The Chirstmas pudding - 25.12.06

After Christmas, Jean and Brian called in at Kingston on the way home from Highgate.

All having lunch at Mary and George's place - 26.12.06

Lola at home with Lily, her Mum and Grandma - 26.12.06

The family get together at Emsworth after Christmas where yet more presents were opened.

Freddy shows Danny his treasured football card collection - 29.12.06

Karen reads to Lisa and Nell, with Reggie watching - 29.12.06

Reggie, Nell and Lola having fun at Emsworth - 29.12.06

The whole family (but for Lily) at 11 Bridge Road, Emsworth - 29.12.06

Nell taking special care of her presents at Emsworth - 29.12.06

Rachel' s surprise at receiving a "Jackson Pollock" painting - 29.12.06

Lily with her Papa at Emsworth - 24.12.06

December 2006 - Lola and Lily

Lola sitting up in Grandma's big chair - 18.12.06

Lisa in her new ski suit - 14.12.06

Jean, George and Diane in Mary's studio in Brighton - 07.12.06

Lola with a cuddly carrot in the studio in Brighton - 07.12.06

Lily standing up with her Dad - 02.12.06

All the family with Lily and Lola - 02.12.06

Lisa investigates Lily - 02.12.06

November 2006 - Manchester

Peter and Julia's new house in Manley Road Manchester - 13.11.06

Lily with her Mum in the new house in Manchester - 13.11.06

Lily with her Grandma and Papa in Manchester - 13.11.06

Pete and Julia outside the new bird hide (funded by the HLF) at Martin Mere - 13.11.06

Jean with Hilary and Gill at the 50th Wedding Anniversary lunch in Shifnal - 12.11.06

October 2006 - Lily and Lola in Emsworth

 Lily looking happy in Emsworth - 14.10.06

Lily meets Lisa in Emsworth - 14.10.06

Lily meets Lola in Emsworth - 14.10.06

Family on Hayling beach - 15.10.06

Lola with Julia in Emsworth - 14.10.06

August 2006 - Freddy in Emsworth

Freddy 10-pin bowling Chichester - 15.08.06

Danny gving Lisa her first try at 10-pin bowling - 15.08.06

Papa the champion 10-pin bowler! - 15.08.06

A new statue at Gunwharf in Portsmouth - 14.08.06

Freddy edges onto the glass floor in the Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth - 14.08.06

Freddy and Jean in the Spinnaker Tower overlooking Portsmouth Harbour - 14.08.06

Lily with her Grandma in Emsworth - 14.08.06

Lily with her Dad in Emsworth - 14.08.06

Lisa and Nell in the big chair with their Papa in Emsworth - 13.08.06

Lily meets Di Wileman in Emsworth - 13.08.06

Lola with Freddy in Emsworth - 13.08.06

12 August 2006 - Brian's 70th Birthday

Family group photo (with Nell prominent) in the garden at Emsworth - 12.08.06

A family group photo in the garden (with Nell in place) - 12.08.06

Everyone in the kitchen at 11 Bridge Road - 12.08.06

Lola with Rachel in Emsworth - 12.08.06

All go for a drink to the Lord Raglan in Emsworth - 12.08.06

Jean and JJ have a chat at the Lord Raglan - 12.08.06

Gareth and Helen with their new car and Helen's broken finger - 12.08.06

Will serves up the pavlova - 12.08.06

5 August 2006 - Lola in Emsworth

Mary and Jean out for a walk along Western parade, Emsworth - 05.08.06

Lola with her Mum and Grandma at Flinstones Cafe, Emsworth - 05.08.06

Lola with her Papa in the garden at 11 Bridge Road - 05.08.06

Lola standing in garden - 05.08.06


Lily Gwen Fellows was born on Saturday July 22nd 2006 to Julia and Peter in Stockport Hospital. Here are a few photos of the new arrival with her proud parents taken in Glossop during a visit by Jean and Brian when Lily was just over 1 week old.

Lily with her Mum - 30.07.06

Lily with her Dad - 30.07.06

Lily awake in her pram - 30.07.06

Lily with Mum, Dad and Grandma - 30.07.06

Toasting the arrival of Lily at Glossop - 30.07.06

POPPIT SANDS - Family holiday July 2006

Most of the Fellows family (except for Mum and Dad who could not manage it and Peter who was having a baby) gathered in Poppit Sands for a holiday iowards the end of July 2006. Will, Rachel, Freddy, Nell and Reggie stayed in a farmhouse up the hill while Danny, Karen and Lisa rented a chalet on the beach. Mary, George and Lola joined the group in the farmhouse for a few days during the week. Here are a few snaps from the holiday provided by Will.

Freddy and Reggie on the beach - 07.06

All the family descend on Sian - 07.06

Nell and Lisa on the swings at the Netpool - 07.06

During the holiday Will and Rachel climbed Cader Idris in north Wales with Freddy (aged 8) and Reggie (aged 1 and a bit). Will carried Reggie for much of the way on his back!

Rachel, Freddy and Reggie at the lake on the way up Cader - 07.06

Will and Freddy reach the summit - 07.06 


Here is a selection of photos taken during a lovely family gathering at Gareth and Helen's place in Stangers Lane, Canterbury. Glenys, Jane, Bronwen and Rebeca were staying there. Jean and Brian came down from Emsworth and stayed a couple of nights in a B&B. Danny, Karen and Lisa also came down from Emsworth for the day. William and Rachel came down from London for the day with Freddy, Nell and Reggie. Mary brought baby Lola on the train from Lewes to Ashford where she was met by Gareth and Gareth's Mum and Dad were also there for the day. What a crowd. Helen and Gareth laid on a spendid lunch and a chilli in the evening for everyone. Gareth also organised a very popular bouncy castle which the kids adored. William also celebrated his 42nd birthday on this day and Rachel made a delicious cake for him which we all enjoyed. Finally, Will and Rachel brought their chocolate fountain which was a yummy yummy success.

Mary, Lola, Jane and Rebeca - 16.07.06

Nice one of Helen with Rebeca - 16.07.06

Jane, Bronwen and Rebeca pose for the camera - 16.07.06

Freddy gives Lola a tickle - 16.07.06

The family group (minus the photographer!) - 16.07.06

Reggie offers Lisa some of his ice lolly - 16.07.06

Rachel cutting Will's birthday cake - 16.07.06

Lisa having a sample from the chocolate fountain - 16.07.06

Bronwen tucking into the chocolate - 16.07.06

Freddy and Nell enjoying the chocolate fountain - 16.07.06

HIGHGATE 1-2 July 2006

Jean and I spent a mini-weekend in Highgate helping Will with the kids while Rachel was away in Bath at a friend's 40th birthday. The weather was scorching hot though we managed to do a few nice things despite the heat. We had a walk through Highgate Woods where Freddy (and Will) had a go on the high swing. We also went to the Summer Fayre at Freddy's school where Freddy had a go at various things including panning for gold and Nell had her face painted.

Reggie having a drink in Highgate Woods - 01.07.06

Freddy panning for gold at Highgate School Summer Fayre - 02.07.06


We had a big family gathering at 11 Bridge Road over the May Bank Holiday weekend. First to arrive were Peter and Julia from Glossop on Friday, with Julia expecting her baby in July. Then on Sunday the rest arived. Rachel was in New York, so Will came down with Freddy, Nell and Reggie. Mary and George came over from Kingston with little Lola. Danny, Karen and Lisa also came. In the afternoon Danny cooked a splendid BBQ in the garden. I managed to organise a group photo.

Lisa and Nell playing nicely together - 28.05.06

Nell and Jean having fun - 28.05.06

Danny helps Freddy and Lisa to food at BBQ - 28.05.06

Nell meets Lola - 29.05.06

The big group photo in the garden - 29.05.06


Freddy in charity race. He came 66th out of 151 runners (many bigger than him) - 21.05.06

Freddy in his Pompey kit on his 8th birthday - 01.05.06

Freddy hanging up his wishing star in Brook Meadow - 01.05.06

Freddy's 8th birthday tea in Emsworth - 01.05.06

Nell, Lisa and Reggie in the bath at Emsworth - 01.05.06

Freddy reading the local newspaper - 01.05.06

Lisa out for brisk walk with Danny and Jean on Harting Down - 17.04.06