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Here is a selection of photos from the Fellows family archives over the past few years. Photos are in reverse chronological order. Click on the blue underlined link to bring up the picture. Then use your BACK button to come back to this page.



The whole Fellows family descended on 11 Bridge Road over the Christmas period. The weather was mainly sunny, cold and frosty, though not down to Montreal temperatures. Christmas started quietly on Christmas Day with just Jean, Brian, Danny, Karen, Lisa and Peter at 11 Bridge Road for the main meal and presents. Things hotted up considerably on Boxing day when Will, Rachel, Freddy, Nell, Reggie, Mary (with baby on the way), George and Julia (Peter's girl friend) arrived. So we had 14 to feed and 11 to accomodate in our Tardis-like bungalow. The four grandchildren all got on well together, Freddy, Nell, Reggie and Lisa. Jean was a hero. I had a morning's birdwatching with Freddy in Emsworth and was kept busy with my camera.

Lisa and Nell have fun with their brollies - 26.12.05

Mary and George opening present - 26.12.05

Brian reading to Lisa and Nell - 27.12.05

Freddy, Reggie, Nell and Lisa with Danny - 27.12.05

Freddy at the pantomime at Kings Theatre - 27.12.05

Freddy reads story to Lisa and Nell - 27.12.05


Coal Exchange FC Team photo - 11.05 . . Go to their web site . .

Danny's 40th Birthday - 04.11.05

Lisa and Jean having a quiet read before the meal - 04.11.05


Karen, Jean, Freddy and Lisa in Emsworth - 30.10.05

Freddy in the playground in Emsworth park - 30.10.05


Peter and Jean between the two Oaks in Stansted Forest - 30.09.05

Lisa and family on the steam train in Stansted - 25.09.05

Mary and George in the garden at Stansted - 25.09.05

Danny shows Freddy some photos on his digital - 19.09.05

Will and Reggie - 19.09.05

Freddy with his guitar - 17.09.05


Brian at Mitchelham Priory on his 69th birthday - 12.08.05

Mary and George on their stall at Mitchelham Priory - 12.08.05

Jean in front of Uppark House - She fancies it! - 11.08.05

Brian among the flowers on the woodland walk - 11.08.05

JULY 2005

Jean and Nell in the playground at Highgate - 10.07.05

Nell having fun with chocolate ice cream in Highgate Woods - 10.07.05

Nell inspecting the "bat" in Highgate Woods - 10.07.05

Freddy giving Nell some instruction on the scooter in Highgate Woods - 10.07.05

Freddy with his scooter - 10.07.05

Freddy and his Dad practising his guitar - 10.07.05

JUNE 2005

Freddy watching the birds with Papa at Arundel WWT - 01.06.05

Freddy and Grandma making the Bumblebee head-band at Arundel WWT - 01.06.05

Freddy with his Bumblebee head-band - 01.06.05

MAY 2005

Lisa having fun with Jean with her "special hat" - 26.05.05

Now, Grandma tries it on - 26.05.05

Hilary and Viv Pratt on the bridge in Brook Meadow - 26.05.05

APRIL 2005

Jean and Brian looking after Nell and Freddy in kitchen at Highgate - 14.04.05

Welcome back home for Mum and Reggie from hospital with balloons - 15.04.05

Danny surrounded by kids - 10.04.05

Will, Freddy and Danny captured at Fratton Park watching a Lua Lua cartwheel - 09.04.05

MARCH 2005

Jean and Peter striding out in the New Forest - 28.03.05

Brian in New Forest - 28.03.05.

Lisa and Jean - 03.03.05


Freddy showing his skill on the dodgems at Hayling Fair - 13.02.05

Danny and Jean walking to Emsworth park with Lisa - 05.02.05

Danny and Lisa ride the horse - 05.02.05


"Rough Down" from the front - 23.01.05 . . . .

The proud owners and Jean out front - 26.01.05

Roughdown from the back - 26.01.05


Reggie with Freddy - 21.01.05

Freddy playing football- 23.01.05

Reggie with his Mum - 23.01.05