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Here is a selection of photos from the Fellows family archives over the past few years. Photos are in reverse chronological order. Click on the blue underlined link to bring up the picture. Then use your BACK button to come back to this page.


Christmas 2003 - dinner with Danny and Karen - 25.12.03

Lisa with Brian

Karen and Danny with Lisa

Boxing Day at 11 Bridge Road

Freddy and Will giving the presents out from under the tree

Freddy with Danny

Jean with one of the handpainted bird dishes from Will and Rachel

Lisa and Nell with Danny

George with Nell

Freddy acting the fool


Freddy and Danny puzzling over some Lego - 13.12.03

Lisa with Nell, Freddy and Karen - 13.12.03

Freddy fooling around with Nell - 14.12.03

Freddy and Will playing footie in the garden - 14.12.03

Mary's Open day in studio in Brighton - 11.12.03


Peter and Hannah's new house in Glossop with cheap champhers - 28.11.03

The Tredcroft St house from the front (note Pete's new car) - 7.11.03

The back of the house - 27.11.03

Sunday walk in the beautiful countryside at Hathersage - 28.11.03

Pete and Hannah at Hathersage - 28.11.03

Where Mary and George are living on Brighton seafront - 2.11.03

Closer view of the outside of Mary's flat in Brunswick Terrace - 02.11.03

Mary and Jean on a breezy Brighton promenade - 2.11.03

Danny's bonfire party - the Guy - 08.11.03

Danny and Will preparing the fireworks - 08.11.03

Angus and Freddy lighting sparklers

Freddy and Danny arm wrestling

Nell meets Lisa for the first time

Freddy and Peter arm wrestling


Jean with flowers - 13.9.03

Jean with more flowers - 13.9.03

Jean and Freddy on Hayling beach - 7.9.03

JUNE 2003

Freddy and Len - 15.6.03

Freddy, Nell and Rachel - 15.6.03

Freddy and his Dad - 15.6.03

APRIL 2003

Brian celebrating Pompey's promotion to the Premiership on 15th April 2003

Danny and Will on the pitch after the game

Will and Peter celebrating Pompey winning the Div 1 championship on 27th April 2003