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Christmas Group photo of children at St Helen's Playgroup - 1970

Here are two photos of Jean and Glenys with their families outside the back door of 26 Westbourne Avenue in July 1971.

In the first photo are Jane, William, Mary, David, Peter (held), Daniel and Helen

Here is the Fellows family posing for a professional photo (by Terry Piper) in Christmas 1971. From left to right we have Daniel 6 years, Brian 35 years, Mary 2 and a half years , William 7 years, Jean 35 years and Peter 1 year.

In 1977, I was allowed by Maureen, our next door neighbour, to cultivate the end of her garden which she did not use. I could hop over the wall to work there. I think I just grew potatoes as the ground was very rough. I recall Mary also growing vegetables there for a Brownie project.

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Danny with his new steam engine in his bedroom in 26 Westbourne Avenue with Peter and Mary - 5 November 1975

Glenys, Jane and Helen leave 2 Abbey Close Keynsham for Canada - 1975

Jean off for her first day of teaching at Emsworth Infants School with Mary - September 1975

We always stopped off at Keynsham on the way to our annual holiday in Poppit Sands.
Jean, Ma (Olive), William, Mary, Danny, Peter and Pa (John) in the garden of 2 Abbey Close


Mary's 7th birthday party - group photo - 23 April 1976

Danny, Peter and Richard Wileman on Hayling Beach (photo by Keith Wileman) - 1976

Will and Danny in scout uniforms with Mary and Pete outside the back door of 26 Westbourne Ave - 1976


Where we had our family holidays for the 5 years from 1975 to 1979.

August 1975

Jean tending to Danny with Will looking on in disdain. Outside the coottage in Poppit Sands where we used to stay


Brian, Jean and Mary on Poppit Sands beach

Peter, Mary and Danny playing cricket on Poppit Sands - Summer 1976

All the family outside Pembroke House in St Dogmaels - August 1975

Will, Dan and Mary on the beach at Poppit Sands - August 1975

Mum, Dad and Daniel outside the pink cottage at Poppit Sands - August 1975

Peter, Mary and Danny playing cricket on Poppit Sands - August 1976

All the family in the garden at Keynsham on the way home from Poppit - August 1976

Peter at his favourite lookout from the cottage over Poppit Sands - August 1976

William and Daniel taking a drink from a stream on the slopes of Cader Idris - 17.08.76

William and Daniel on top of Cader Idris - 17.08.76

Leaving from Poppit Sands in the reliable Maxi DOT650K - August 1979